How to add a link to Insta Story. Swipe-up, sticker, IGTV

Julia Moore
15-seconds video is enough to interest a user. If you do it, they want to learn more. We will tell you how to add a link to Insta Story, which will be good in this case.
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How to add a link to Story

There are three types of links in Stories — a swipe-up, sticker and a link in IGTV description. The social media limits users’ possibilities to add links to external resources, that’s why swipe-up and sticker links are not available for everybody. But there are no limits for IGTV.

If you have troubles adding a Story, read our article on how to post an Instagram Story. 

you have troubles adding a Story, read our article on how to post an Instagram Story

Swipe-up links

Swipe-up links allow you to navigate users to any page on Instagram or on other websites. At the bottom of an Instagram Story, users see an oval with the words See More. They need to tap it to go the link. 

Instagram announced that swipe-up links are retired from August, 30, 2021. This is what top digital marketing websites say. For example, The Verge. But at the time of publishing the article, September 2021, the link still works. Probably, it is disappearing from the Instagram app gradually.

You can add the link too if you have a verified account or more than 10,000 followers. 

  1. Tap the link icon at the top. 
  2. Choose Web Link.
  3. Put the address.
  4. Tap Done at the right corner.

Link sticker

There are the same requirements for adding the sticker link. You need to get the blue tick or at least 10,000 subscribers. Then, in the sticker menu you will see the link sticker. 

You can add only one link sticker.

  1. Open the sticker menu.
  2. Choose the link sticker.
  3. Enter the address.
  4. Tap Done.

You can place the sticker anywhere on the screen. To do this, tap it and move without releasing. You can also change the size of the sticker. Hold it with two fingers and move them towards or apart from each other. 

Use IGTV links

Put a link in IGTV description. You can add as many links as it may fit in 2,200 characters of the description. Repost the video to Instagram Story. Users go from it to the IGTV page and tap the link in description.

How to add a link in IGTV

Put links in the description when publishing the content. 

  1. Tap the plus from your profile page.
  2. Choose IGTV.
  3. Choose a video.
  4. Decide on a cover and tap Next. 
  5. Fill the Title field, write a description with a link. 
  6. Tap Post to IGTV. 

You can also put links in the description of a published IGTV. 

  1. Open an IGTV.
  2. Open the three dots menu. 
  3. Choose Edit. 
  4. Fill the fields, add links in description. 
"https" and "www" in the addresses are not necessary. For example, a link of "" type will be clickable too.
Make sure there are no additional characters or emoji before a link, except space. Otherwise, it will not be active.

Here is how users see your link in IGTV. 

How to post IGTV in Stories

You can add IGTV to Instagram Story with any photo or video on a background. After you uploaded them as usual:

  1. Tap the link icon at the top.
  2. Tap a plus with IGTV. 
  3. Choose a video. 
  4. Tap a tick on the right.
  5. Tap Send to.

In this case, the link appears at the bottom. The same place where swipe-up links appear.

Or, add IGTV to Stories from the video page. 

  1. Tap the paper plane icon under a video.
  2. Choose Add video to your Story. 

In this case, IGTV video is in the center of an Instagram Story. To go watch it, a user should tap it and then tap the appeared link Watch IGTV Video. 

How to encourage users to go links

If you just add a link to Insta Story or the IGTV text, users won’t pay attention to it. That’s why:

  1. Give short explanations where it leads to.
  2. Think up and write a call to action.
  3. Add arrows, and other GIFs. 
  4. Make the link stand out from the rest of the text. 

Besides, work on the design. It should look neat, be short and consist of understandable words.

You don’t have to upload a picture or video to add a link. If your call to go the link is good, it works on a regular color background of the Create mode.


IGTV video should be relevant to the topic of the page where the link navigates. If you sell pet food, add a video about cats and dogs, or images, GIFs with them as a background. If you organize events, there should be musical instruments or a stage in the shot. 

Remember, the video should motivate users to follow the link. Promote your brand in a couple of words. At the end, you better say again where users can find the link. 

More ways to share a link in Stories

If you can’t add a link to Insta Story, or you doubt users will go the long way from Stories to a link in IGTV description, use one of the following methods.

Inner links

If you want to share a link to someone’s profile, choose the mention sticker. After that, you type a username. 

To repost your or someone’s Instagram posts to Stories, tap the paper plane icon under it. Choose Add post to your Story. 

Both mention and post links are active in your Instagram Story. 

DM links

Inform your followers they can get a link by asking you in Direct Messages.

Make a poll. Not all users are initiative enough to ask for a link in DM. Post a poll in Stories whether users want to get a link in Direct. Send it to everybody answered Yes.

Link in bio

Send users to the link in your bio. It is easy to find, it is situated at the bottom of a profile page and stands out from the rest of the text. You can add your website or create a multiple link in bio using Taplink.

Why Taplink

Link in bio is a universal option. Even instagrammers without the tick or 10,000 subscribers can add the words "link in bio". And their followers won’t get lost searching for it, they will find it quick. 

Refer to a Taplink landing page to have your link in bio always relevant and up to date. You can place everything that may be useful to your subscribers on the page. Refer to the link in bio from any Story or post. Users will always find what you promised them.

Information can be added using blocks of pictures, videos, texts, timer, messaging app buttons. You can also add a block for payments on your landing page.

Create several pages to divide information. For example, make pages with a catalog and frequently asked questions. And then place buttons leading to them on the main page. 

Create a functional and beautiful mini website for a couple of minutes. Start from signing up for free.

The bottom line

There are two ways to share a link on Insta Story. They are the sticker and swipe-up. But not everybody can use them. Users without the verification badge or 10,000 followers, instead, may add an IGTV video with links in description to their Stories, send links in DM, or place multiple links in bio.

Share in comments what method to add a link to Insta Story you will try.