Best apps to find your unfollowers on Instagram

Julia Moore
In today's world, Instagram is the most sought after service with more than 1 billion users. If you are one of these people, just for once, when you saw that the number of your followers decreased, you thought "Who unfollowed me?". Of course, if you have two dozen followers, it's easy to check manually. For that, you need to go to the profile of each person whom you follow and search for your account in his or her "following" section. The scene is absolutely different if you have at least two hundred followers. Sitting and comparing these lists can drive a sane person crazy! Instagram is a social network which sticks to the highest level of users' privacy. That's why you can't automatically get a notification about followers losing. In this case, third-party apps come to the aid to track your followers activity.
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A little bit about instagram follower trackers

Apps showing Instagram followers activity give you full information about users who unfollowed, people who you unfollow and who don't follow you, your activity on Instagram, new followers, ghost followers, users who banned you and your secret admirers. 

All apps work according to the principle of a one-size-fits-all approach. All you need is give your IG login and password to the application for allowing it to show you all the statistics. 

We recommend it!

We tested and compared a lot of trackers that can reveal you lost followers. In our view, FollowMeter is the most decent app, as it easily copes with claimed functions. 

  • New Followers
  • Unfollowers
  • You unfollowed
  • Not following you back
  • You are not following back
  • Analytics of likes and comments on your stories and posts
  • Activity feed

All the functions listed above are available for free. 

In-app purchases allow users to see:

  • Who blocked you
  • Story viewer stats
  • Top story viewers
  • Activity meter breakdown
  • Dark mode
  • Ads removing
  • Multiple accounts
  • Ghost Followers
  • Secret admirers
  • Top Likers
  • Top Commenters

FollowMeter is the hottest app in the world for tracking instagram page statistics. More than 5 million people use it! 

It's important to highlight that the app starts showing your unfollowers automatically after installing. Just get into the application using your IG login and password, and FollowMeter checks the statistics of your followers. For example, if you want to check the lost part of your audience, just press on "Unfollowers" to see these accounts and unfollow them in retaliation. 

You can see all the people who had unfollowed you before you installed this app in the "Not following you back" section. 

You can buy access to all the features for 1,6 or 12-month plans. Available for iOS and Android.

Try similar apps, if FollowMeter doesn't suit you. Here we offer you 4 more services!

Don't forget that Instagram constantly makes some changes in its policy, trying to save users' confidentiality. It tangibly influences the way how third-party apps work. So, if you notice that the app that you use stops showing the account statistics, simply try to install another one. 

Stop dwelling on! 

It often happens that after we get to know that someone stopped following us we start dwelling on this fact and asking ourselves "Why?". In this case, someone writes this betrayer an infuriating message. Another one can simply hold a grudge and unfollow in response. Still there are people who drive by the "forgive and forget" idea. And what is "getting right" in a case like this? The answer depends on you! We advise you don’t pay paramount attention and absolutely don't think about stirring up some animosity. Continue developing your Instagram account no matter what. Sometimes, unfollowers start following you again. 

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