Public relation campaigns. 5 examples that inspire

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If you are looking for examples of public relation campaigns that can inspire you, here they are. Have a look at these five stories where brands are main characters doing righteous thigs. Some of these are touching, some of them are fun. But they all are absolute success.
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What is a public relation campaign? 

A public relation campaign refers to marketing activity aimed to improve brand awareness and reputation, and customer loyalty. You may well know it as a PR campaign. 

Initially, PR campaigns are not about money, but in the end, they contributes to the revenue increase. You build a close connection with your audience rather that making them buy your product. And this connection is an investment that pays off well.  

At first, you show that you care, and you do it in a very creative or smart way. That makes people love you. 

Then, since people loves you more, they will choose you instead of your rivals more often. They may even buy your product just to be a part of your brand culture even when a campaign is over.

5 inspiring examples of public relation campaigns

Here are 5 good examples of public relation campaigns from big brands. They were successful and will inspire your great ideas. 

Care counts by Whirlpool

The first example of a public relation campaign was launched by Whirlpool. It is a US manufacturer of home appliances. It used its products to touch the hearts of its audience.

The idea of the PR campaign came from the concern that American students were skipping classes. 4,000 couldn't attend school regularly. And the brand found out why. It was because their families were out of means to wash their clothing. 

Whirlpool started a great public relation campaign. The brand installed washers and dryers in more than a hundred of schools in the US. And they intended to make this number bigger.

The PR campaign allowed thousands of students to have their clothing clean. And it did improve the situation. A few weeks later, it was found that about 90% of the monitored students improved their attendance as well as performance. 

Whirlpool's proved to be thoughtful with its research, reasons and motivations, and the actions. This made the brand a favorite among the bigger audience.

No baby unhugged by Haggies

Huggies' successful example of a public relation campaign was inspired by the intention to outperform Pampers. They realized the brand needs to be presented as something more than just a nappy producer to make it possible.

Huggies found a way to convince parents to prefer them over Pampers in their own name "Huggies". It has a strong association with hugging and babies, which they could use. The project got the No baby unhugged name.

The idea was to emphasize the importance of hugs for babies. Studies proved that physical touch and skin contact increase the development of babies’ brains, improve their immune systems to make it able to fight illnesses.

The brand started a public relation campaign and actively promotes this idea. It funds hospitals, purchasing the equipment and materials necessary for baby care and nursing. 

The hugging part of the campaign is what touches people's hearts most. Thanks to Huggies, trained volunteers give hugs to babies who need this. The volunteers also rock, cuddle, and sing to them. 

The No baby unhugged campaign gave the brand better reputation and awareness. For example, in 2016 the brand showed a 30% increase in sales and its engagement rate exceeded an industry benchmark by 300%.

Build a home America by Maxwell House 

Another campaign example that strengthen brand's relation with its audience was started by Maxwell House. In 1996, the brand had troubles holding it position in the target market mainly because a lot of coffee shops sprang out. People drank coffee at home more rare, and they buy less coffee from the brand.

Maxwell house decided to draw people's attention to the importance of home and family. It started a public relation campaign that helped people to get their own house. And this hit the spot, because it was a real problem in the US at that time, and people could relate whether they had a house or not.

The goal of the public relation campaign was to build 100 houses for 100 people, and the set term was 100 days. The brand cooperated with Habitat of Humanity who attract volunteers to building houses for people in need. 

Maxwell House donated $2 millions to the organization and run a commercial inviting people to volunteer and donate. 

 As a result, 100 houses were built and given to families. Additional $3.2 millions were donated for building the houses and more than 7,000 volunteers participated in the constructing.

This public relation campaign was a success. The brand reported 2.4% sales increase. Besides, almost 60% of the rivals' customers decided to try Maxwell House coffee, which is two times more than the average number in the previous campaigns.

Do not disturb by Moxy hotel

The touching public relation campaigns above probably made you cry with tenderness. Let's look at different examples to make you smile again.

The PR campaign was started by Moxy Hotels. The millennial-focused boutique-hotels represent a fashionable balance of luxury. If you preferer super-comfortable accommodation no matter what is cost with all kinds of entertainment, and staff who is always there to assist, you must have heard about them.

Moxy Hotels started a series as a public relation campaign. It is called Do not disturb. Each episode is a short interview with a celeb in decorations identical to a Moxy Hotels room. Taryn Southern asks celebs juicy questions, they also gossip and discuss traveling.

All this resemble a slumber party with a celeb, and the viewers can feel like a part of it. That's why it was a success. Almost in-person experience of having an honest heart-to-heart conversation with a popular person can't leave you indifferent.

You can watch Do not Disturb on the Moxy Hotels YouTube channel

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