How to add a link to Instagram bio

Julia Moore
If you have been registered on Instagram over the years, then the phrase "link in a bio profile" is familiar to you. Either you say it, or you hear it from influencers and online shop owners every time when you open Instagram. In this article, we'll tell you how to add a link to bio, reveal information about its nuances and how to use it correctly. Moreover, you will also learn how to circumvent constraints without violating the rules of the social network.
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The link in bio and its nuances

The link in bio is a clickable URL that users place at the top of the Instagram page. In general, it's vital information that people want to share with others: personal website, link to a shop or event, etc.

Adding a link to bio became available to all Instagram users in 2017. Before that, only accounts with a verified badge could use this feature.

If we compare Instagram with other socials, then its users have two significant restrictions in the use of extraneous links.

  1. You can add a clickable link only to the profile bio. Twitter and Facebook users can place links as in bio, as well as in posts and comments. 
  2. Another restriction is that you can add only one link to the Instagram bio. On Twitter or Facebook, you can add as many links as you need.

Read on to find out how you can bypass the specified limits.

How to put a link

Adding an extraneous link to bio is very simple. You can do it only in 3 steps. We will reveal how to make it from the app or PC.

App version

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile. Tap Edit Profile.
  2. Add a link to the Website field.
  3. Hit Done.

PC version

  1. Open the Instagram website and sign in to your page. Tap Edit Profile.

02. Add a link to the Website field.

03. Tap Submit.

How to use the link in bio effectively

If you are an influencer or entrepreneur, you should know that the more effectively you organize page promotion, the higher results you get in conversion and sales. Instagram bio is a part of promoting, therefore it's crucial to make it catchy. We want to give you 4 examples when a profile link can influence positively on your business.

  • Promote discounts and special offers. For instance, a link on the screenshot leads to the official website of Tarte Cosmetics. In the description we can see that now they have 50% discounts. So, this link opens the section with products at a reduced price.
  • Add a link to a new YouTube video or to the release of the new track. Thus, the more visitors of your Instagram page will click on the link, the more views, downloads and comments you will get.
  • If you promote an online shop, then by putting a link to bio, you can make clients click on it for purchasing or for receiving a service.
  • Add a link to your website where users can find information about you and your courses.

Put Taplink in bio tool

Restriction to make only one link in bio isn't for everyone. A bulk of users want to direct the audience not only, for instance, to the main page of an online shop, but also to share their socials, YouTube channel, etc. That's why Taplink comes to the rescue. It's an advanced link in bio tool that works in the way that you add all the necessary links to this tool and put a link to it in the Instagram bio. Besides links, you can add different blocks such as photo, video, location, form, payment, etc. Choose one amid more than 300 pre-made design templates for creating a Taplink page. If you don't find one you like, add your own. It takes you a couple of minutes to create a stunning Taplink page without help of programmers and designers.

Who is Taplink for?

  • For online shop owners. Make shopping convenient for your customers. Use various blocks and design templates to run online sales in a few minutes.
  • For bloggers, musicians and influencers. Boost the popularity by telling about yourself. Add the necessary links: YouTube video, Spotify, ticket purchase, registration for participation in events, etc.
  • For Business owners. Tell people about your company and its products. Let your clients choose the handiest way to contact you, find out your location and working hours, as well as pay for goods and services directly from Instagram.
  • For everyone. Even if you consider yourself as a non-media person, we're sure that you have something to tell this world. Add information about yourself, your hobbies and achievements. 
Taplink is a must-have for people who regard themselves to be in the online sphere. It will help you to share all your links by merging into one URL. 

Where else can you post a link?

Instagram Stories

An opportunity that is given only to accounts with an audience that exceeds 10 000 followers is putting a link to Stories.

The advantage of such links is that followers watch stories more often than visit profiles. Create Highlight, so that stories with links don't disappear after 24 hours.

It doesn't matter whether you save stories in Highlights or let them escape in 24 hours, pay attention to the design. Use stickers, add text, highlight important in color so that followers notice that a link is attached to the story. Read more about links in stories in our article.


Additionally, you can promote a link by placing it in the posts if you're an owner of Business account. Publish the post and add a link to it. The link will be clickable till you pay for the post promotion.

Read about ways of post promotion on Instagram here.

Shoppable posts

Shoppable posts were released in 2016 to make it easier for customers to navigate prices, and for stores not to answer questions "How much does it cost?" in the comments. Just by tapping on the smartphone screen, users can see the price of your product.

If you're thinking about creating a shoppable post, first of all, you need to create a catalog on Facebook. When you place all the items and add links and descriptions to each photo, you can start attaching tags to posts. On the main Instagram page, you will see a special icon for posts with shoppable tags.

If the user is interested in the product, then he/she can tap on the screen. Go to the shop button will appear. Hitting on that, a person will be led to the offical website with all the information and the opportunity to make an order.

Action buttons

Not all accounts have a 10 000 audience to add links to stories. However, any Business profile can place clickable buttons. If you add your phone number, email or a button for ordering, booking or reservation. Moreover, you're able to put your location. Buttons help you to increase customer conversion and, as well as they can be a convenient way to contact you.

Buttons are displayed only in the app.

Let’s recap

In this article, we've considered in depth ways to add links to the Instagram bio using the app and website.

If you know how to use a link in bio effectively, then using this feature, you can easily tell your followers about a new video, track or product release, give them a link to your shop or share news about a special offer.

If you want to make more than one link, then use Taplink.

Try out various ways of promotion, don't dwell only on the link in bio. Add links to stories, promote them through posts or call-to-action buttons.

Do you use the multilink service? Write in the comments!