How to add a location on Instagram + lifehack

Julia Moore
After visiting an interesting place, you want to show your subscribers not only what it was like, but also how to find it. At this point, you may find out the place is unknown to the social network. Learn how to add a location on Instagram. At the end, we will tell you how to create several geotags at a time.
Reading time — 11 minutes

How to create a new location 

You can add a location on Instagram only by using Facebook. You create a geotag there, and it becomes available to all users in both social networks. 

Create a custom location on Facebook

A geotag is added from your FB profile page. Let’s see an example with a recently opened store, which hasn’t got its location tag on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Tap What’s on your mind?.
  2. Choose Check In in the opened window.
  3. Choose Add a new place
  4. Fill the Place name field. 
  5. Tap the map.
  6. Move the red tag across the map to have it in the right place. 
  7. Tap Save.
  8. Tap Save Custom Place.

You will see a map widget in the creating post interface. You don't have to publish it. 

You can’t delete a geotag on Facebook, but you and other users can report it. If you provided wrong information, or your location tag violates the terms of use, it will be deleted by Facebook.

Post with the new tag on Instagram

Now you can go to Instagram and publish a post or Stories with the tag you added. You can add only one tag to a publication. 


When you create an Instagram post, you add a location on the last page.

  1. Tap Add Location
  2. Type the name of your custom location in the search box.
  3. Choose the name.

If you write a unique tag name when creating it, you find it on Instagram quickly. To make sure you choose the right tag, tap it in the post adding menu, or under your username after publishing. You can see the exact position of the tag in the opened Google Maps. After publishing a post, you can see the tag you add on a map too.


You can add the location sticker to your Instagram Story. The list of the available locations is the same as you see in posts. 

  1. Tap the stickers icon.
  2. Choose the location sticker
  3. Type the name of the place in the search box.
  4. Choose the custom place you created. 

The sticker with location will appear in your Instagram Story. You can tap it to change it. 

Why you can’t create a new geotag

When you create a location, it usually becomes available on Facebook and Instagram right away. Let’s see what to do if your tag doesn't appear on one or both social networks.


Sometimes tags appear not so fast. Our geotags appeared on Facebook and Instagram in 4 days when we wrote this article. Though, it might be not your case, so, if your custom location hasn't appeared on the lists, you can try the solutions below. 

Location on your phone

Facebook may prohibit adding new places that are far from your real location. Turn off location on your phone, if you need to create a tag removed from your current place.

On Instagram, you see locations that are close to you. Turn on location on your phone if you can't see a location near you.

Post something with your tag

You don't have to post with your tag to add it to the locations lists. But it may be a solution if your geotag doesn't appear on the lists on Facebook and Instagram.

Specify a category

You can add a category to your tag while editing. It will help users to find you. For example, you wrote a shop name "Pinpay" in the tag name, then you better specify that you sell clothes in the category. Thus, a user finds you when searching for clothes.

Geotags without a category are often rejected. To specify a category, first make a tag and post something with it.

  1. Tap the created location
  2. Disclose the three dots menu.
  3. Choose Suggest Edits.
  4. Tap +Add category in the Category section.
  5. Tap Add category in the new window.
  6. Type a word related to your field in the search box
  7. Choose a category from the suggested list
  8. Tap Save.

What are other ways to add a location

The methods below allow you to add a location on Instagram without Facebook.

Photos and videos

Post a location in a carousel or by posting several Stories. Add a map with the tag after photos and videos of a place you want to show. Or you can record a video of how to arrive at a place from a popular spot in your city. 

Map in Instagram bio

You can use your link in bio to add locations. Create a Taplink landing page and put a link to it in your Instagram bio. You can create one or more maps on the landing. And you can put one or more location tags on each of them.

Geotags are created using precise coordinates or addresses. You can copy the coordinates in Google Maps. Use the format with dots and without other symbols. For example, 40.741469, -73.988478. You should type the full name of the address. For example, 89 Bleecker St, New York.

You can zoom in and out the maps, move it and the tag. Thus, you can place a tag manually, or clarify its place after adding. For example, show exactly where the entrance is.

To add a location on a Taplink page:

  1. Open blocks on a landing page.
  2. Choose the Maps block.
  3. Add coordinates or a place address
  4. Tap Add marker
  5. Type any name and description you want.

Repeat steps 3-5 if you need more locations on this map.

06. Tap Save changes

You can add text, pictures and videos near every map. For example, you can explain how to get to a place. It will also be useful to explain what users will find at every address you add. 

In a personal Instagram blog, it may be a list of your favorite places, shops or cafés. On a business page, you may show all your offices.

Here are examples in the creator interface.

A user is redirected to Google Maps when tapping the buttons. They get to the location you tagged. 

Sign up for free to add locations using your link in bio and share them with users.

The bottom line

The only way to add a location on Instagram is by Facebook. The place will be available for all users in both social networks. But there are more ways to share a precise address with users.

Post a map with a geotag or a video to show your subscribers where a place is. This is a good way if Facebook hasn’t confirmed your location yet.

Create multiple locations on a Taplink landing page. You can place them on one or different maps. You can add a description, photos and videos to each of them. 

Which way to add a location on Instagram do you like most? Write in the comments!