How to add a profile picture on Instagram — iOS, Android, PC, or Mac

Julia Moore
A profile photo is the face of your Instagram account. For instance, if you run a private page, then most users can understand that it's your page and follow you. In this article, we're looking at ways to add a profile picture on Instagram.
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How to add an Instagram profile photo on iOS or Android

To make your Instagram page more noticeable, put a profile picture or change the current one. You can do that both from a phone and computer. The steps for iPhone and Android are slightly different, so to make it clearer to you, we will give instructions separately for each operating system.

For iOS

01. Tap on your profile photo in the lower-right corner.

02. Hit Edit Profile under the Bio.

03. Select Change profile photo.

04. You can upload a photo from library or take it right now.

05. Then, zoom or move the chosen photo within circle to crop it.

06. Tap Done.

07. Tap Done again.

That's what we've got:

For Android

01. Tap on your profile photo in the lower-right corner.

02. Hit Edit Profile under the Bio.

03. Touch Change profile photo.

04. Choose New Profile Photo.

05. Select a photo from the gallery or make a new photo.

06. In the top-right corner, hit a right arrow.

07. Edit your photo if you want, zoom or move it within circle to crop. Add a filter, work with colours to make a picture catchy.

08. If the profile image is ready, tap a right arrow.

09. Hit Done.

Please note: You can also import a photo from Facebook if the Instagram page is linked.

This is our result:

By the way, you can download a profile picture from Instagram. Read this article to get more information about it.

How to add an Instagram profile photo on PC or Mac

01. Log in to the Instagram web version. Tap on your profile photo In the top-right corner to open your profile.

02. Next to the username, click on Edit Profile.

03. Choose Change Profile Photo.

04. Look for the best photo amid those that you have on your device. Then, you'll see a confirmation from Instagram in the lower part of the screen that your photo is uploaded. For check how your photo looks like, tap your profile photo in the upper-right corner.

05. Choose Profile.

Perfect! That's how it looks like:

If you choose adding a profile photo via PC or Mac, you can't take a photo or upload from Facebook. Moreover, you can't select the part of the picture that would be installed on your account.

If you want to see the full size version of the profile photo, it's not possible to do via Instagram. Nevertheless, you can download it through a special website, even if the account is closed.

Let's recap

Although a profile pic can't be liked by followers, it can attract other users and affect your image. This is your distinctive sign on Instagram, it must be of high quality, original and catchy. Select the best photo of yours and add it as a profile picture. Now you know two ways to do it at once.

Write in the comments — Is is difficult for you to find a perfect photo amid yours for the Instagram profile photo?