How to turn off Instagram notifications

Julia Moore
The more notifications you get, the more useless they are. When they appear every 5 minutes, they become annoying, or you ignore them. Let’s see how to turn off Instagram notifications, all or some of them.
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Hide all notifications

If you don’t want to get any push messages from Instagram, turn them off in the phone settings or the app settings. In the first case, the messages won't come through only on the device. In the second — they won't come on any device for this account. 

Smartphone settings

Both Android and iOS allow you to turn off all push notifications for individual apps. They won’t come through until you turn them on back. 

On Android

Go to the settings on your Android to turn off Instagram notifications.

  1. Open the Apps section. 
  2. Choose Instagram.
  3. Open the Notifications section.
  4. Tap the button near Block all to make it active.

Here you can also restrict the push messages, if you don’t want to turn them off completely. Let’s see what you can disable. 

01. Activate Show silently to mute Instagram notifications.

02. Tap On the lock screen to set the notifications on the lock screen. Choose Don’t show notifications at all to turn them off. 

03. The Override Do Not Disturb feature should be not active if you don’t want to get the notifications in the Not Disturb mode. 

On iOS

Open settings on your iOS to turn off Instagram notifications.

  1. Open the Notifications section. 
  2. Choose Instagram.
  3. Make the Allow Notifications button not active.

On iOS you can restrict the push messages instead of disabling them completely.

  1. Make the Sounds button not active to mute Instagram notifications. 
  2. Open the Show Preview options and choose Never to disable Instagram push messages on the lock screen. 

The app settings

On Instagram settings, you can turn off all notification messages at once. But only for the time from 15 minutes to 8 hours. After this time, IG push messages start to come through again. 

Go to your profile page to disable all push messages from Instagram.

  1. Open the three line menu. 
  2. Choose Settings. 
  3. Open the Notifications section. 
  4. Tap Pause all to disable all notifications.
  5. Choose time.

Hide some notifications

From your profile page, you can turn off Instagram notifications you don’t need. They are set in the same Notifications section. 

  1. Open the three dots menu from your Profile page. 
  2. Open Settings. 
  3. Go to the Notifications section.

In the Notifications section you see the section for setting specific push messages. 

Lifehack: you can disable all IG push messages for more than 8 hours by turning them off in each of the sections separately.

Push Notifications

Open one of the Push Notifications sections and put a tick opposite to Off in each of the updates you don’t need. 

For example, if you don’t need notification about new likes on Instagram, put the ticks in the Posts, Stories and Comments sections to turn off Instagram notifications. 

After that, the messages about updates won't come through neither when you are in the Instagram app, nor when you close it.

Other Notifications Types

Instagram separated the notifications sending to your mail, and informing about new products in the accounts you follow. 

To turn off Instagram notifications in these sections, make the buttons not active by tapping them.

  • Email and SMS. You get notifications from Instagram to your mail. These are letters about updates and security. 

If you want to get the letters to another email, read our guide on How to change email on Instagram.

  • Shopping. The notifications about added products in the accounts you follow come through as push messages.

A single user updates

You can turn on and off notifications about a user’s new content. You do it from their profile page.

  1. Tap the Bell icon.
  2. Make the buttons near the content you don't want to get not active.
A couple of words about Lives. You disable all notifications about them by tapping Turn Off Notifications. Tap Get Some Notifications to allow only the messages about Lives you may be interested in. But bear in mind, it is Instagram who decides whether a Live is interesting to you. 
If you run an account for your business, you are more likely to be interested in notifications about orders and payments, than in a new neighbor's photo. You already know how to turn off Instagram notifications about a particular user's updates. To turn on business notifications, install the Notifications add-on on Taplink. You will get instant notification about new leads and accepted payments. Start now.

Stop notifications from several of your accounts

This part is for those who have several accounts on Instagram. You can adjust notifications for each of them. For example, turn off your work account’s push messages when you go home, or the ones from your personal account when you get to work. 

By default, you get the update messages from all your IG accounts you are authorized in. When you restrict notifications in your phone settings, you don’t get the messages about updates from any of them.

Use the Instagram app settings if you need to hide notifications in some of your accounts. Follow the instructions we wrote above to set them for each account.

Switch to the profile you want to set. Go to the Notifications section. 

  • Choose Pause all, if you want to turn off all notifications for this account. Choose the time during which they will be hidden. 
  • In the sections below, you can adjust IG push messages about new likes, comments, mentions, and from Instagram for this account, They will not come through to you ever again, or until you decide to turn them on back.
  • Notifications about a specific user you follow are also possible to turn off in a particular account. Tap the Bell icon and set the options. 
If you have the notifications about the user’s updates turned on in other accounts, you will still get them.

Turn off notifications from a web browser

Use a browser if you want to turn off Instagram notifications from a computer, or can’t get into the app from your phone for some reason. 

  1. Click your profile page.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Go to the Push Notifications section and choose Off for every push message you don’t want to get.

From a web browser, you can also turn off Instagram notifications which are sent to you by mail. Go to the Email and SMS to set them.

Where to see the updates

Even when you turn off all push messages from Instagram, you still can find the updates in your account. They are displayed in the Activity feed. All that can or could come through as a push notification is shown here.

Remember, IG notifications from the Email and SMS section do not come as push messages. You won't see them in this tab. 

Open the tab with a heart icon to get to Activity feed. 

What you haven’t seen is displayed in the New section at the top. 

There is the Follow Request section in Private accounts. It appears when someone subscribes to you.

The bottom line

You can turn off Instagram notifications from your phone or the app settings to hide all them at once. In the app settings you can also hide some notifications allowing only those you need. 

Updates history can be found in the Activity feed tab. They always get in this tab regardless of the allowed push notifications. 

The messages about new products, features, as well as replies from Instagram support team are sent to your mail. You can disable them, but we don't recommend it, you may miss an important notification if you do. For example, when someone tries to hack into your account, you know it and react timely with the turned on notifications. 

If your account is hacked, contact Instagram help. Read how to do it in the article.

How many notifications do you receive a day? Write in the comments!