Instagram limits and restrictions:
like, follow, unfollow

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Kos Morris
Head of Content managers
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If you intend to keep your Instagram profile secure, be mindful of the platform’s rules and regulations. For instance, there are certain limitations for likes, comments, and mentions per day and hour. In this material, we will talk about Instagram restrictions in 2020, their fundamental principles, reasons, and ways of avoiding them.

Why Instagram Implements Restrictions

This social network has over a billion active users monthly. Every day, many of them upload new photos and videos. Statistically, the website gets more than 500 million Stories per day. Being such an overcrowded community, Instagram can’t help but restrict its users in terms of their everyday activity. If it doesn’t, it will unavoidably plunge into chaos.

There are many businesses in this social media. They try their best to promote various goods and services, get new subscribers, and increase revenue. Like any marketplace, Instagram requires specific regulation and limitation, so that it could work like a well-oiled machine, without interruption and fraud. And account owners must help the website achieve this goal.

Vital Factors that Determine Instagram Restrictions

The platform’s rules and requirements tend to change from year to year. In 2019, for instance, the site tested the system of hiding total like counts on posts, introduced checkout, and launched new post types. Nevertheless, its core algorithms of operation remained the same. Let us consider the primary factors that influence the network’s abridgment such as likes or follow limitations.

Account’s Activity

It is crucial for the platform to have robust, enthusiastic users with lots of high-quality content. Thus, the oftener you apply to Instagram services, the more freedom you have, and vise versa. If you visit the site several times per day, chat with your friends, share new posts, and comment on other users’ stories — the network is sure to ‘love’ you. Provided, of course, that you do not trespass on this freedom.

Age of the Account

In accordance with the app’s policy, every profile that was created more than three months ago is considered as old. The older it becomes the more posts, followers, comments, and likes it has — this is quite logical. But when a two days old page gains hundreds of photos or videos, it looks suspicious. And the platform’s algorithms cannot fail to pay special attention to such tremendous activity on the background of the profile’s comparatively young age.

Number of Followers

This follows logically from the previous two factors. The older your profile and the more you use it, the higher the number of your Insta-friends. Therefore, users with more followers are permitted to do more activities in the app. It is different if your page is just a couple of weeks old, but you have already sent thousands of friendship requests. It seems strange — and the network will, by all means, remove your page as a bot.

Account’s Engagement

It is a basic criterion that reflects the volume of activity you take on the app over a specific period. Instagram engagement is calculated based on multiple factors, but the most essential of them are likes, comments, shares, and saves. In other words, if you interact actively with other people via this service, your engagement is high. But if you share stories without any further communication with people, the network will hardly ever consider you as an engaged person.

Instagram Stories Limit and Other Limitations

Let us go through the most frequent restrictive guidelines present in this service in 2020. It is worth noting that there are no formal discourses concerning these restrictions. The website does not share this data with users for its own safety and security. However, that does not imply people who are unable to evaluate these figures. In essence, they check them manually, at risk to their own Insta profiles. In this material, we will share these figures with you. Note that they are off-the-record and may change at any moment.


In 2020, users are allowed to like up to 1,000 photos per day. This amount is average: some accounts are blocked after 800 likes, while others have more freedom in this regard. Anyways, if your Instagram page is comparatively young and you have few followers, it is better to limit yourself to 300-500 likes per day, gradually increasing this range.


The number of comments you can write per day is from 180 to 200. The longer you use the app, the more freedom you have in this respect. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to post the same comment again and again. Instagram distinguishes duplicate texts and tries to delete them. Besides, it punishes the users who publish such content. When you leave an Emoji without even a couple of written sentences, it looks like spam too.


Typically, people are permitted to follow or unfollow up to 200 users per day. If your page is comparatively new, this figure may be limited to 150. Besides, your following/unfollowing activity must look natural. If you make the cup run over, the app can block your account without waiting for the borderline value of 150-200 follows/unfollows. 

Cheering news is, the number of users that follow you is unlimited. This is why celebrities gain such impressive amounts of followers in a short period. And they are never blocked for that.

To protect your Instagram profile from any risks, try to shy away spamming. It means your following/unfollowing activity should be not aggressive. Try to increase it gradually, week by week, starting from 50 follows. Besides, you are recommended to send up to 10 friendship requests per hour.


It is interesting to note that the platform does not restrict its users in terms of new Stories. On the contrary, it encourages them to share high-quality, unique content as frequently as possible. Thus, it is a good idea to be an active member of this network, providing, naturally, that your Stories worth looking at.

Direct messages

The safe zone includes from 50 to 80 new chats a day. For new accounts, this limit can be narrower, so do not hurry to write messages to all your contacts.


Hashtags help Instagram users arouse people’s interest and obtain more likes. But it is a bad idea to add hundreds of them to each of your photos or videos. Generally, people are recommended to use maximum 30 hashtags for a post. If you use more — think about deleting some of them.

Tags and mentions

If you like to tag and mention people in your posts, you should remember that the volume of tags is limited to 20 per post. As for mentions, their number should not exceed 10 users.

Instagram Restrictions and How Long They Last

Along with likes and follows limiting, there are certain restrictions on this app. They are related to the following content:

  • Advertizing of firearm, alcohol, and tobacco;
  • Advertizing of illegal RX drugs;
  • Selling or purchasing animals;
  • All sorts of sexual content;
  • Advertizing online gambling;
  • Content, stirring up national hatred;
  • Blackmailing or harassing people;
  • Calls for extremist and terrorist acts;
  • Calls for self-injuries and suicide, etc.

No one is allowed to use the forbidden content in this app. If Instagram detects such materials, it removes them and blocks the author’s account. 

The great news is most of the blocks are temporary. The system bans users once for all in very rare cases. An inevitable reason for such a punishment is drug selling or sexual solicitation. More frequently, accounts are banned for 24 hours.

After the block removal, try to use it at a ‘lower speed’. Think over the content you share, check your comments, and, naturally, do not overuse likes and tags. Try to show the app that you are a law-abiding and right-minded member of the network.

How to Bypass Instagram’s Limits

If you want to escape the platform’s limitations and restrictions, use the following tips:

Go Targeted

Define your target audience and focus on them, avoiding all unnecessary communications and interactions. For instance, if you run a healthy-eating page, try to interact with people who are interested in dieting. These users like and share healthy recipe posts, nutritionist’s stories, weight loss ideas, and so forth. Try not to waste your ‘Insta limits’ to the people with other preferences and targets, as it is risky and reasonless.

Be Organic

Do your best to make your marketing activities as natural as possible. If necessary, increase the number of your daily messages and comments gradually, step by step. Besides, you should act like a ‘normal user’ — watch videos, share new stories, visit accounts, etc. Do not neglect these activities even if they are beyond your marketing strategy.

Use Smart Tools

One of them is Taplink — a user-friendly, versatile instrument for Instagram sales. With this app, you get the chance to seize all the opportunities of the network without the risk of being banned. Taplink allows Instagram users to place multiple links in one location, increase the audience interest, add links to other social networks, and much more.

Let's consider some of the app’s functions:

  • Define your clients’ objectives and preferences;
  • Create a compelling market offer;
  • Control your business messaging and posting;
  • Use application forms for receiving leads;
  • Accept payments;
  • Check all types of statistics.

With Taplink, you have more time to keep full control over your Instagram profile — monitor the number of users you followed/unfollowed over a certain time, the number of stories posted, and the comments you need to remove. All of this will help you avoid being shadow-banned or action-blocked.

Use the application wisely

Instagram like limit and other restrictions are not an issue, providing you do not misemploy the platform. Do not hurry to send hundreds of friendship invitations and messages, like everyone’s photos, and comment on every post you see. Use the application wisely and adhere to your purposes. If you want to gain more leads and increase sales, try to promote your account in a non-aggressive manner. It is the best way to achieve your goals without the risk of being mistaken for a spammer.

It is also a good idea to use Taplink — the service for easy, fast, and profitable Instagram promotion for all sorts of businesses and private users.