How to post on Instagram from a PC or Mac. 6 easy ways (Step-by-step guide)

Julia Moore
Post on Instagram with no phone at hand. There are 6 easy ways both for a PC and Mac OS. Step-by-step guide for everybody.
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Initially Instagram was designed to post from a phone. It still causes troubles to add a post to Instagram from a PC or Mac.

Using a browser you can sign in or edit your profile. It is also possible to scroll feed, like and comment posts, search them by hashtags in browser. Users search for each other and subscribe with no difficulty. You can also chat in Direct messages.

But one of the most important features - posting - is still missing in the website interface. Browser tools allow to post photos on Instagram from a computer. Third-party apps and services help to post videos, share them and pictures to Stories.

How to post pics on Instagram from a PC

You don't need any additional application for this cost-free method. You can’t add Stories, carousels or post video. But after turning on a mobile interface you’ll see the photo editing and posting menu from the application. Supported for uploading files are restricted to “jfif”, “pjpeg”, “jpeg”, “pjp”, “jpg” formats.

You can change a webpage interface in Firefox, Microsoft and Google Chrome browsers. Steps are the same for all of them. Whatever browser you use, first open Instagram website and authorize.

Step 1 — Open “Developer tools”

  • Press “F12”.

There are three more ways to call the menu.

  • Press the key combination Shift+Ctrl+I.
  • Click a webpage with the right mouse button, choose “Inspect” in Edge and Chrome browsers. In Firefox it is called “Inspect Element”.
  • There are  three dots in the top right corner. Click them to open a menu. Choose “More tools”, then “Developer tools”.

Step 2 — Switch to a mobile device interface

Click the second icon in the top left of the appeared window to open “Toggle device toolbar”. It can also be opened with the key combinations:

  • In Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers — Shift+Ctrl+M.
  • In Firefox browser — Ctrl+Alt+M.

The view of the page will have changed. A drop-down list starting with “Responsive” appeared at the top. Click an arrow near the word to see mobile devices. Click the “Edit” menu to get more options. Select any from the offered list and refresh the page.

Step 3 — Posting to Instagram from a computer

After that, you will view Instagram as if it was opened in the app. Add a post as you usually do from a phone - press the plus button at the bottom to upload a file and edit it. Try filters, add hashtags, text, tag people and a place. Share the photo with your subscribers.

How to turn the browser view back

Switch to the regular page interface after you shared a photo. 

  • Press “F12” one more time.


  • Open the “Toggle device toolbar” in the  “Developer tools” menu. Refresh the page to view Instagram in browser interface again. 

Posting on Instagram from a Mac (Safari browser)

You can’t post videos, carousels and add Stories in browsers. But you can use Firefox and Chrome the way described above to post pics on Instagram from a Mac. The only difference is key combinations:

  • To call the “Developer Tools” window press  “⌥”+”⌘”+”I”.
  • “Toggling Responsive Design Mode” interface appears after pressing the “⌥”+”⌘”+”M” combination.

If you usually browse with Safari, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1 — Open the “Develop” menu

Sign in your Instagram account. 

The settings window is called with the keys “⌘” + “,”.


  • Click “Safari” in the top right corner.
  • Choose the “Preferences”.

In the opened window choose the “Advanced” tab.

Put a tick in the square near “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.

Step 2 — Choose a device interface

A new menu “Develop” appeared in the upper line. Open it and then go for “User Agent”.

There appears a list of devices. Choose a phone and refresh the page to change the interface. 

Step 3 — Posting photos

Click the plus below to post on ig. After you upload a photo you will see the app editing menu.

Get the browser view back

To see the initial interface, open the same menu “Develop” -> “User Agent”. Select the second line which is Safari and the number of the most recent version. Refresh the page to see a computer interface.

Services and applications - 5 more methods

If you are one of those to work on a large screen, or find posting to Instagram from a PC or Mac more convenient, use one of the 5 apps and services below.

Setting up and signing up in them once, you will quickly post and add Stories without a phone. Unlike the first method, services and apps allow to work with photos and videos of any format.

Blue Stack App Player

A cost-free app was to start mobile games on a computer. Other applications are also possible to be set up with it. Open the Blue Stack App Player, install Instagram. Log in and use it as the usual app. Post and add Stories using photos and videos of any format. 

The last fifth version is available for Windows.The service for posting on Instagram has announced the update for Mac OS, which will be released in the near future. For now, users can download the fourth version.


Another cost-free app gives the opportunity to post on Instagram from a PC or Mac. Hootsuite does not limit users in photo or video file type, or their amount in one post. You can use the service from a browser, set up the app on a Mac or Chrome extension on a PC. 

It’s necessary to link two of your social media accounts. They can be from one or different social networks. Click “New Post”, state social networks for posting, add some text, location and upload a photo. 

Paid tariffs start from 19 USD per month. Adding Stories, delayed posting, including those on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Direct messages are also in the packs. There is a 30-day trial version.

Hootsuite for Mac OS. (First install Blue Stack App Player, then set up Hootsuite using it, beacause the app only works on oPhones and iPads)

Creator studio

The service is cost-free and is made to post on Facebook and Instagram. Switch to the Business or Creator account on Instagram before using the Creator studio. 

You can add IGTV, post photos, videos and carousels, delaying them. Creator studio does not provide for file editing or adding Stories. Video length in posts is limited to 3-60 seconds, aspect ratio is restricted to between 4:5 and 16:9.

To start posting on Instagram from a computer, navigate the link and switch to Instagram by clicking the second icon in the top middle of the page. Watch the video with detailed instructions and sign in on the same page. You can add posts and Stories right away or plan them on a future date.


The Uplet application offers a free demo. Then you have to buy a license to use the app. The prices start from 19.95 and are to be paid once. Migration discount allows to save 50%. 

The app should be downloaded and set up on a computer.

Uplet automatically converts video in MP4 or mov for Stories regardless of the original format. It is possible to upload several photos and videos at a time. The app allows you to change the size and proportions of a photo before posting. 

Now you know what to do with no mobile device at hand. Change the interface in a browser, when you need to share a photo or video with the subscribers immediately.

If you spend more time working in social networks from a computer, install third-party apps and services. This allows to save money and gigabytes of mobile memory. There is no more necessity to transfer processed on a computer files to a phone before you post them.

BrowserBlue Stack App PlayerHootsuiteCreator StudioUplet
Delayed posting--++-
Free/demo++++demo up to 30 days
Minimal paid tariff--19$-19.95$

Which method of posting on Instagram from a PC and Mac do you want to try first?