Instagram video formats — a full guide with all requirements

Julia Moore
Instagram is a social network where people can run their personal blog. Users upload photos, videos, as well as start live streams. When adding a video, its format automatically converts for Instagram. You can make videos on any type of gadgets. In this article, we talk about requirements for publishing video on Instagram feed or Stories and what parameters to choose.
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Requirements for uploaded videos on Instagram

When you add a video via your phone or tablet, there won't be any problems. Instagram supports most of the common formats of mobile devices. If you use professional shooting equipment, you have to follow some rules of the format, resolutions, bitrate, and shooting quality.


It's preferable to post a vertical video in Instagram Stories. No doubt, you can upload a horizontal video, but it will take only the center part of the screen.

These are the video parameters for Stories:

  • total length: no more than 15 seconds for 1 Story or 60 seconds for the video that will be cut off in 4 parts.
  • file type: MP4, MOV;
  • audio parameters: 128 kbit/s, stereo sound; 
  • dimensions: 1080 x 1920 pixels; 
  • aspect ratio: 9:16;
  • video codec: H.264;
  • video size: up to 2.3 GB.
Please note: a video in a good quality positively influences your Instagram account and attracts new followers. Don't post blurry videos, check the sound quality before publishing.

In-feed videos

In 2021, Instagram stopped using its IGTV feature. Instead, the time limit of in-feed videos was increased up to 60 minutes.

No matter what video format you choose — horizontal or vertical. Both of them are suitable for the Instagram feed. The app allows you to choose the appropriate type, add filters, and work with the music.

We recommend you to opt for a horizontal orientation as followers can see captions at the same time. This format is pleasing to the eye. The video isn't cropped or compressed.

A vertical video occupies almost the entire display area. Part of the video is cut off. The caption is partially saved and looks unfinished. On small displays, such a video may not be displayed correctly, completely covering the like button and the publication text.

Requirements to consider before posting:

  • total length: up to 60 minutes;
  • file type: mp4, MOV;
  • audio parameters: 128 kbit/s, stereo sound; 
  • dimensions: from 1080 x 608 pixels (landscape) to 1080 x 1350 pixels (portrait);
  • aspect ratio: from 1.91:1 to 4:5;
  • video codec: H.264;
  • the size limit depends on the length of the video. If the video runs for less than 10 minutes, its size should not exceed 650 MB. If the video takes 60 minutes of time, the size is limited to 3.6 GB.


Reels are a new feature on Instagram that was launched around the world in 2021. Developers of this social media were inspired by TikTok, so they decided to implement short multi-clip videos as a new format of posting videos. Reels look like Stories with the same dimensions and aspect ratio.

Parameters for Reels:

  • total length: no more than 60 seconds;
  • file type: MP4, MOV;
  • audio parameters: 128 kbit/s, stereo sound;
  • dimensions: 1080 x 1920 pixels; 
  • aspect ratio: 9:16;
  • video codec: H.264;
  • video size: up to 4 GB.
Please note: all videos are converted via Instagram. If the requirements are met, the video will be published in high quality and without errors.

Optimal video parameters

Video dimension for Instagram is a vital parameter. When shooting videos, set the optimal settings or convert videos using programs:

If the video file doesn't fit the set parameters, Instagram will automatically compress it. After the conversion, the sound and picture quality will deteriorate.

Please note: if the video requirements are violated, an error will be displayed when loading the video.

Let’s recap

High-quality videos have a positive effect on the reach of your Instagram blog and its popularity. Publish video files in the optimal format, monitor the quality, and check the sound. Follow the requirements for different ways of adding videos to Instagram, use third-party conversion applications. This will help to increase the level of your account and attract new users. Moreover, read this article to learn how to create stunning videos.

By the way, you can easily upload a video from Instagram. Use Instagram Downloads.

If you're too busy for reading the whole article, this is the table with all the Instagram video parameters.

StoriesIn-Feed VideosReels
Length<15 seconds for 1 Story or <60 seconds for a long video.<60 minutes<60 seconds
File typeMP4, MOVMP4, MOVMP4, MOV
Audio parameters128 kbit/s, stereo sound128 kbit/s, stereo sound;128 kbit/s, stereo sound
Dimensions1080 x 1920 pixelsfrom 1080 x 608 pixels (landscape) to 1080 x 1350 pixels (portrait)1080 x 1920 pixels
Aspect ratio9:16from 1,9:1 to 4:59:16
Video codecH.264H.264H.264
Video size<2.3 GB<10-minute video — 650 MB; <60-minute video — 3.6 GB<4 GB

What is your preferable type of video content on Instagram — Stories, posts, or Reels? Write in the comments below!