Instagram profile picture:
what is the ideal size?

Julia Moore
The size of an Instagram profile picture is one of the main requirements of this social network. The image, amount, and engagement of your followers depends on the right photo because it's a face of your account. In this article, we reveal information about the optimal profile picture size and give you a couple of tips on how to make it catchy.
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What is the size of a profile photo on Instagram?

The first thing that we see visiting someone's page is a profile picture. It has to be high quality to draw users' attention. The minimum size of the profile picture is 320×320 pixels. 

In 2021, the resolution of 1080×1080 pixels is considered optimal.

The format can be JPEG or PNG. What is the maximum size of the profile image on Instagram? You can choose any picture as the main on your page, but it must be square. When uploading it to Instagram, the social network will automatically cut off the major part of it. The profile photo will be in the form of a circle, so the user can choose the part of it that will be shown in the account. Therefore, the ideal aspect ratio is 1:1.

Please note: in the app, the size of the profile image will seem small, but in the Instagram browser version, the picture will be bigger.

Manual editing of the Instagram profile image

Choose and add a picture as an Instagram profile photo. Look for the full guide in our article. At the editing stage, pay attention to the image size. If it differs from the minimum dimension, then zoom in, zoom it out, or move it to make it look better. You can see a highlighted circle-shaped frame that shows the position of the visible area.

This is how an area placed in a circle looks like, which is visible in your profile.

What to avoid:

For instance, the snapshot below was taken from a long distance. It's unacceptable to add something like that as a profile photo. It's difficult to understand who exactly is depicted in the photo.

If you want to be recognizable so that more people follow you, avoid using such pictures. Don't forget that a profile image makes a first impression.

If you use a profile photo like it's shown in the example below, then any user will easily recognize your page amid millions. 

The profile picture where only you are depicted is considered ideal. If you don't have one, then add a photo where you are with someone, but focus on you by placing you in the center.

If you want to save a profile picture, you can't do that directly from Instagram. Still, we found a tool that can help you to save any profile photo on Instagram. Read about it here.

Let's recap

The profile photo, though small, is vital for promoting your Instagram page.

  • The optimal image resolution is 1080×1080 pixels. 
  • The minimum size equals 320×320 pixels.

Pay enough attention to choosing the perfect image. It should attract the attention of people who just scroll through their Instagram feed.

Write in the comments — Do you prefer to add an image where only you is depicted, or do you like to add an image where you are with someone?