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How are payments accepted at Taplink?

Payments are accepted through payment systems. In fact, you make a button (block "Form and payments"), and we redirect to the payment system, where the customer makes the payment. According to its results the payment system sends us a notification. On the basis of this notification, we change the status of the order to "paid".

Taplink does not operate with money, all payment and withdrawal fees are on the side of the payment systems. You can request the current list of supported payment systems from our technical support (via the "Ask a question" button).

In addition, there is a "manual payment" mode (payment outside of Taplink with the possibility of providing the customer with the appropriate instructions), in this option you change the status of the payment to "paid" manually.

How do I make changes to the payment settings?

To enter the mode of editing payment settings, you need to confirm the entry through a one-time code that comes to the email address linked to the account.

What is "manual payment"?

If payment is made outside of Taplink, for example, to courier or cash on pickup, cash on delivery, by invoice to a legal entity, etc., you can choose "Manual payment" mode (Settings - Payments - Add payment system - Manual payment), configuring it to your needs. Here you can also create several methods of "manual payment".

What is "Test Mode" in payments?

This is the mode that is used to test the integration of the site with the acquiring bank or payment system.

In the test mode you can make purchases from yourself using the data of the test cards (information on them can be obtained from the bank / payment system), without real money transactions and the corresponding commissions.

What payment systems are supported?

The list of payment systems currently supported can be seen in Settings - Payments - Add payment provider:

What information must be added to go through the approval process with payment systems? Where is the legal information posted?

In order to pass the approval of the payment systems and to comply with the legislation on personal data, I would recommend:

1. Add an internal page to the home page (add a block - page). The name of the button is "information".
2. On the inside page place the text with your details (name of the legal entity, TIN, etc.).
3. Add another internal page to place an additional copy of the offer agreement and the privacy policy.
4. You can add logos if the bank requires it.

For forms: Add-ons - Legal information.

For the store: Settings - Goods - Legal information

I have set up a payment system. Why doesn't the test purchase show the payment options?

Two main reasons:

1. The payment system does not support your currency.
2. The amount of payment is less than the minimum or more than the maximum amount that can be paid through this payment system.

Why doesn't the status of the request change to "Paid" when payment is made?

Most likely notifications are not enabled on the side of the payment system: the corresponding checkbox is not checked and the URL where these notifications should be sent is not specified.

After making corrections for new requests the status will change automatically, for earlier requests you will need to change it manually.

How do I set up Paypal to accept payments?

To set up Paypal:

1. Go to Settings - Payments - Add payment provider - PayPal
2. Enter the email address of your corporate Paypal account. Note - the e-mail address, not the link to the account!
3. Choose the available payment options. 
4. Select the operating mode (test mode or live mode).
5. Copy the notification page URL to the clipboard
6. Click the "Save" button.

In your personal Paypal account, turn on payment notifications (to change the status of the request and trigger the necessary events, such as sending emails):

1. On the PayPal site, select "Settings". 
2. Select the "Account settings" item.
3. In the form that opens, in the "Notifications" section, click "Refresh".

In the dialog box that appears, click "Select IPN Options".

Then enter (paste from the clipboard) in the Notification URL field. Enable IPN messages.

Click "Save." It will show the current IPN status.