Taplink helps to Instagram business

Taplink solves the critical problem of traffic optimization and loss of sales through Instagram

How it works

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To begin with, you set up many links instead of one in bio

There is only one active link in instagram, and it is inconvenient to change it frequently. By using taplink, you can set up as many links as you need to your products and projects instead of just one, which keeps you from losing customers and sales

After, you add messengers so your customers can contact you in one click

Customers will no longer need to remember your number, save it, go to messenger, search for you and write a message. you see, the harder it is to contact you, the greater the probability the customer will become distracted and will forget about you or just not feel like trying
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Also, you can insert text, pictures or video

Add text or an introductory video about yourself or your product. Insert buttons to other social networks so customers can easily find you on other social media

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Setup takes 5-10 minutes and increases your revenue at times