Could Instagram block my account because of the link to your service?
No, we never use any prohibited techniques. We only use Instagram for authentication. Our service was approved by them when we were connecting the API. To do that, it was required to provide a screencast of the way the service works.
Can I change my profile image?
Both the profile image and the username are loaded from your Instagram account, so the only way to change them is to do that in Instagram. This makes your account more credible for the subscribers.
What is Facebook Pixel used for?
Facebook Pixel allows you to track people who visit your page and therefore launch targeted Facebook advertising campaigns.
How do I delete a block?
Click on the block in the page editing mode in order to open the editing form. In the bottom left part of the editing form you will see the “Delete” button.
I've changed my Instagram username, so how do I also change it in the link?
If you've changed your Instagram username, then you should press the "Install" button in your account again and after that you'll see the "Update information" button. If you press it, the system will get updated information from Instagram and ask you if you'd like to change the link.
How can I swap the position of the blocks?
You can swap the positions of the blocks by pulling the sliders at the left side of each block.
If my account was deleted, can I transfer my subscription to another account?
We can transfer your paid subscription to another account. To do that, add another account to your client area and write to us - we will transfer your paid subscription.
So you offer discounts?
Yes. If you pay for 6 or 12 months right away, you will get 30% of 50% off respectively.
How many profiles can I connect to a single subscription plan?
One Instagram profile — one subscription.
Is it a paid service?
We have free and paid subscriptions. You can obtain additional information about the rates and functionality here: https://taplink.at/en/tariffs/

Setup takes from 5 to 10 minutes and dramatically increases your revenue.