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Is it a paid feature to add messengers?

Yes, the Messengers block is only available on paid PRO or BUSINESS plans.

How to add a WhatsApp button?

To add a WhatsApp button, click "Add New Block" and select "Messengers".

In the "Messengers" block select WhatsApp, then enter the phone number, message template (if necessary) and click "Save"

How do I put the icons of messengers (social networks) in one line?

To place messenger icons in one line, you need to configure all the messengers you want in one block (by clicking the "Add More" button), then on the "Settings" tab select the style "compact links with design", "round links with design" or "application icons".

I paid for the PRO (BUSINESS) plan. Why can't I add messengers and social networks?

You may have an ad-blocking application (browser extension) enabled. For example, AdBlock or adguard. It recognizes buttons of messengers and social networks as ads and blocks their display.

This application (extension) must be disabled (uninstalled) to work with Taplink.

Ad blockers act according to their own algorithms and disrupt the normal operation of websites. Unfortunately, we can't influence their behavior.

Why do I need a text message template in messengers?

Text message template is a feature of the WhatsApp messenger. When it is used in the messenger application, a chat opens with a pre-entered text that the client can send to you in one click by simply pressing the "Send" button.

How do I add a jump to the website?

Click "Add New Block" - "Link". In the dialog box specify:

- Title (the title that visitors can see, the title font is larger), filling is obligatory.

- Subtitle (it is also displayed on the button, but with a smaller font), it is optional. 

- In the Action field select the action "Open website".

- Specify the full address of the desired page (4, entered with the prefix http or https, for example Please note, links with http may not work from the Instagram browser.

Click "Save" to add the block to your Taplink page.

I added a link to the website. Why doesn't the website open?

Check the correctness of the link. Links to the site look like

If you get a certificate error or similar - try to insert a link with HTTP prefix instead of HTTPS - Keep in mind, the site must be opened via https to go from Instagram browser, if it gives an error - check if the SSL certificate is correct on the side of your site (where you put the link).

It could be that your site is too heavy for the built-in Instagram browser. To check, open your Taplink through a full-featured browser (Chrome, Safari, or from your computer) and follow the link to the site. If it opens but doesn't work from the app, the reason is your site. To check, you can paste the link to the desired site to your Instagram profile and see if the jump will work from the app. If the link doesn't work, the reason is on your site.

How do I make a "Call" button?

To make the "Call" button (it opens the "Phone" application with the desired number) add a "Link" block with the "Call" action and the desired phone number. The country code is selected from the drop-down list and is determined automatically by your location.

How do I make a "Email me" button?

Add a "Link" block with the "Email" action, specify the desired email address and subject.

I need to make links to 2 Whatsapp / Viber numbers. Is this possible?

You can make links to any number of Whatsapp / Viber numbers. Add the required number of "Messengers" blocks, in each block specify the desired number.

How do I attach a file (document) to Taplink so clients can download it?

1. Upload the desired file to your cloud storage (Google.Drive, for example) and create a public link for it.

2. On the Taplink page, add the "Link" block, select the "Open website" action, then specify the URL of the public link.

How do I add a WhatsApp chat?

To switch to WhatsApp chat you need to add the "Messengers" - "WhatsApp" block to the page, select "Chat", specify the invitation link*** and save the block.

Please note, any transition by phone number is set up in "Phone" mode, not "Chat". The "Chat" mode is used to switch to WhatsApp groups specifically.

How do I add an icon (thumbnail) to the button?

To add a thumbnail icon to a button, select the "Link" block, then go to the "Thumbnail" tab and select the image or upload your own.

You upload your own images to the system just once, then you can select them for any Link blocks in your Taplink.

How do I make an animated link? (glare, motion, etc.)

To enable animation for the Link, go to the "Settings" tab of this block, turn on the "Animation" switch and select an appropriate effect.

Why does it say "this page is unavailable" when I go to Viber?

Viber Messenger (as well as other messengers) has a feature you cannot write to yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to check the work of switching to Viber from the phone, where the number associated with Viber is different from the one entered in Taplink.

How do I set up Telegram? I get the message "user does not exist"!

How do I set up Telegram? I get the message "user does not exist"!

You switch to Telegram via deep link by nickname, not by phone number. To set your nickname, in the Telegram app on your phone, go to "Settings" and find the "Username" item.

If this field is set to "not set" - you will need to tap this item, enter a unique user ID (e.g. my_telegram99) and tap on the tick in the upper right corner to save the entered value.

To add the Telegram button in Taplink, tap "Add New Block" - "Messengers" - "Telegram", enter the username without @ there and press the "Save" button.

How do I add a link to my Telegram channel?

We recommend using the "Messengers" - "Telegram" block, where you enter the name of the channel without @,, or other add-ons.

Please note that this is not the name of the channel that is displayed to users, but its URL, which coincides with the part of the link after

I can't switch to Telegram from Android, but from iPhone (iPad) it works. What can I do?

The settings of the "Messengers" block should be corrected - a Telegram user's nickname is entered without @. 

How do I make the transition to Direct messages on Instagram?

There is no support for transition to Direct, you can only switch to your Instagram profile via the "Social networks" block. This social network does not approve of automation in terms of sending personal messages.

How do I set up Facebook Messenger?

To set up Facebook Messenger, you must enter the user's ID (nickname), not their first and last name.

Normally, the Facebook nick (ID) is the same as the end of the profile page URL of that social network.

On Facebook, the username is set in the "General Account Settings".