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How do I change the home page?

To change the main page, you need to enter the list of pages (the gray button next to the Publish button)

Scroll down to the "Action" menu, where you choose "Change main page". Then choose the page you want to set as the main page, and click "Save:

What are internal pages?

The Internal pages feature allows you to add additional pages to your Taplink (up to 512 pages per profile). For example, you can place a data collection form or other elements in them.

Using internal pages allows you to avoid overloading your main page with unnecessary information. All internal pages have a common design theme, avatar, pixel, etc.

How do I create an additional page in one Taplink?

To create an additional page within a Taplink account, click "Add New Block" - "Page" (available on BUSINESS plan)

How do I create another page so it's not immediately visible?

To create an invisible page, click the gray button (next to the Publish button) and then click "Create New Page"

How do I enable different design themes for different pages?

All internal pages use the same design theme set in Settings - Design. It is not possible to set up an individual design for an individual page.

How do I add a jump button to one of the pages? And a back button?

You need to add a new "Link" block, select the "Open Page" action in it, and the desired page from the list.

How do I switch between pages of the same account?

If the page has a link to the desired internal page, it is accessed by clicking on the gray button on the right:

To return to the main page, click the "To main page" link.

To go to any internal page, select the desired page from the list opened by clicking on the gray button with a white down arrow

Where can I find out the URL of an internal page?

The address of the internal page is displayed in the "My Link" line, and is also available when you click on the "Page Settings" button.

I want to change the URL of an internal page. How do I do that?

URLs of internal pages are generated automatically and are not subject to correction.

How do I delete an internal page?

Go to the desired page, click "Page settings", then click "Delete" and confirm the deletion. Note that you cannot restore the deleted page.