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What is the HTML code block for?

The application of this tool can be very different. For example, to add text with non-standard formatting, tables, etc. Also through the HTML-code you can integrate forms from third-party sites, widgets, etc.

Check the compatibility of the integrate code with Taplink should be experimentally, in this matter there are nuances, depending on the characteristics of the inserted code.

For adding JivoSite and other services we have Add-ons, due to which the HTML code will be placed in the recommended place on the page. To integrate Facebook Pixel it is enough to specify its ID

Where can I put HTML code in Taplink?

The HTML code in Taplink can be placed in two places:

1. Through a block of HTML code on the page. Usually used to place visual elements, such as tables or forms. To add a new block, click "Add new block" and select "HTML code" from the list.

2. Through Settings - General - HTML-Code. This option is used to place code that does not have a visual part. For example, Pixel or different services. On BUSINESS plan this code will be added to all Taplink pages.

Please note: incorrect HTML code may cause your Taplink to fail.

Posted the HTML code. Taplink stopped working. What to do?

You need to remove this HTML code by removing this block or removing it from Settings - General - HTML code (depending on how you placed it).

If you can't do it, write to us, we will remove the incorrect code from your page.

I inserted a frame through the HTML code. But its height is not chosen correctly. What to do?

Use styles. For example

<iframe src="***" width="976" height="549" style="border:none;height:549px !important" allowfullscreen></iframe>