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What are "Form and Payments"?

The "Form and payments" block allows you to collect data (contacts, emails, etc.) and accept payments (for services or when selling your digital products).

Collected data goes to the "Leads" page.

If payment acceptance is enabled for a form, all methods specified in Settings - Payments will be available.

You can receive notifications about form filling by email, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

If email marketing services are connected, people who have filled out the form can receive pre-configured letters (done on the side of the newsletter service) to e-mail.

How do I make a customer registration form?

Use the Form and Payments block to create a registration form. 

1. "Add new block" - "Form and payments".

2. Specify the set of necessary data by clicking "Add field". Arrange the fields in the right order by sliders on the left. Any form should have at least one obligatory field for contact details (fields like Email or Phone).

3. Go to the "Settings" tab, specify the text on the button below the form, and the action after filling out the form. 

4. If you want to accept payments: go to the "Payments" tab, turn on the "Accept payments", state the amount and the purpose of payment. There can be only one amount in one form. You can also set the status, which should be set for the request after the payment.

5. If necessary, connect legal information modules (contract-offer or other data collection agreement should be placed there, Add-ons -> Legal information) and notification modules (to be notified of new orders, Modules - Notifications).

9. Click the "Save" button, to create a form.

How do I send an email to a customer after filling out a form or payment?

To ensure that the client after filling out the form information came to the e-mail (for example, a copy of his digital product) must be set up a system of mailings (mailchimp, getresponse, unisender, sendpulse), through the "Add-ons".

The services of the mailing system are paid separately.

"Double-opt-in method" means using address confirmation, which means that the email first gets a confirmation to put the customer on the list. You need to configure this email on the side of the mailing service.

Mailings themselves are configured inside the mailing service. You should set up the letter in the mailing system as an event-driven one, for adding a mail address to the list. You can learn more about this from the help system of the mailing service.

The selection of lists where the mail address will be added is done in the form properties, on the "Add-ons" tab. For each form, you can set up your own mailing lists.

The first line (new request, 2 ) - data will be sent to the mailing system after filling in the contact data (filling in the form).

The second (successful payment, 3) - after successful payment.

Can the form field data be sent to an automated mailing service?

Yes, this feature is supported for Mailchimp and SendPulse. The list of fields and their correspondence to variables on the service side is set in the "Add-ons" tab of the custom form. The names of the form fields on the Taplink side are selected from the list.

How do I get notifications of new applications on the form?

You can receive notifications about new requests to email, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger

To enable notifications, go to Add-ons -> Notifications, select a convenient notification method and follow the instructions on the screen to connect notifications. Notification settings are the same for the entire account.

If you use email notifications, it is recommended that you add [email protected] to your email address book. This will prevent emails from ending up in the spam folder or being filtered by the anti-spam system.

How do I set up notifications on another person's Telegram/Facebook Messenger?

You need to find the desired bot/chat from this person's phone in the Telegram/Facebook Messenger application, then send a notification connection command in the /start [your code] format.

This command has the form /start cb849fe220a6f, it can be copied from Add-ons -> Notifications, after selecting the appropriate method.

How do I add legal information to the form (offer agreement, privacy policy, consent to personal data processing)?

To add a consent to process personal data for the "Form and Payments" block, select Add-ons -> Legal Information and enter the text of the relevant documents there.

Once the Legal Information module is enabled, it must be enabled for the required form, which is done in the "Add-ons" tab of the corresponding form. After checking the "Legal Information" do not forget to click "Save".

Once the Legal Information module is enabled, its title and a link to the text of the document will be displayed below the button for uploading data of the corresponding form.

I can't enter text into the Legal Information module. What to do?

Refresh the page in the browser, then click on the Тх button, then click on the input field and add (paste from the clipboard) the desired text.