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Why is my account blocked?

We prohibit: online casinos and links to them, 18+ content in any form (including sex dating), as well as phishing and other dubious activities. Restricted are links to similar sites, fake news, and any illegal use of trademarks, logos.

Blocking is done automatically.

In addition, we block spam and anything that violates Facebook's rules. You can check the eligibility of your links through the Facebook service:

If the blocked account had a paid rate, then to make a refund write a request to [email protected] attach to it the receipt from the online cash register (it came after the payment to the post) and within 10 working days according to the contract-offer the rest of your payment will be refunded.

How do I transfer my Taplink profile to another account?

Go to "My profiles" in the avatar menu and click on the profile you want to transfer to another personal account (the transferred profile must not be the current one). Click the "Transfer profile" button and specify the email address to which you want to transfer the profile.