How can we help you?

Is it a paid service?

We have free and paid subscriptions. You can obtain additional information about the rates and functionality here:

What is included in the basic free plan?

The free plan is activated automatically upon registration. Also after the end of the paid period of PRO/BUSINESS plans or the test period, the free plan is automatically activated.

You can get a promo code for the test of all functions in the technical support chat.

All features are listed in the plan description:

Available Blocks:

- Text
- Links
- Delimeters
- Media and text

Why am I supposed to pay for a minimum of three months?

We have very reasonable prices. Most services charge more per month that we do for three.

How do I pay for Taplink?

Go to the "Pricing" in your avatar menu -> Choose a plan, duration, and click "Pay for ..."

How to pay from a legal entity?

At this time, it is not possible to pay by invoice as a legal entity. We only accept bank cards and other online payments. If you have a bank card linked to your current account, you can make a payment from it. Reporting document is a check from the online cash register, which comes in the mail after the payment.

So you offer discounts?

Yes. If you pay for 6 or 12 months right away, you will get 30% of 50% off respectively.

I want to switch from PRO to BUSINESS, why does it not show the surcharge / does not recalculate?

Our system shows the surcharge in the plan's cost column. The number you see when you pay for the plan is the amount of surcharge.

Our current prices for BUSINESS plan are: 
3 months = $27
6 months = $37.8
12 months = $54

How do I know my plan and its expiration date?

This information is available on the "Pricing" page

What happens after the end of the paid period?

Functionality is provided for the duration of the plan payment (3,6,12 months). At the end of this period, you are transferred to the basic (free) plan and paid functions are turned off. After paying the plan extension they are activated again. There is no need to set it up again.

We do not have automatic charges (subscriptions), only advance payments for the chosen period.

If you do not plan to extend the plan - delete (send to archive) blocks of paid plan in advance, then there will be no inactive items and messages about unpaid subscriptions on the page.

Do you have support for amoCRM, Jivosite and other services? Are their services included in the price of the tariff?

We have integrations with these services, but these services are paid for separately.

Can I give the rate to another person?

Yes. Write us the nickname of the desired profile (it must be registered in Taplink), the desired plan, and the desired payment period. We will prepare a separate invoice for you.

How do I move the plan to another Taplink profile?

To transfer a plan, both profiles must be connected to the same account. If the profiles are in different personal accounts you need to merge them into one. To do this, click on the avatar and enter "My profiles", click on "Connect new profile" and enter Instagram under the desired account.

To transfer the plan, click the "Transfer plan" button and specify the profile from which you want to transfer the plan and the profile to which you want to transfer the plan, selecting the names of the profiles from the drop-down lists. If both profiles have paid plans, they will be switched.

How do I make a refund?

Write a free-form refund request to [email protected].

Attach the receipt (which came in the mail after you paid for the fare). According to the offer agreement the refund will be made within 10 working days.

What is "Map" for the PRO plan?

You can place a location map on your Taplink page. You can use the map to show the location of your office, store, warehouse, or any other information.