Facebook Pixel setup

Creation of Facebook Pixel

First, you need to create and obtain a pixel code. To do that, go to "Ad Manager → Tools → Facebook Pixel". Click on the “Create pixel” button. Specify a name for the pixel (any name is allowed, it can be the name of your company of product), then click “Create pixel”. After that you will see the message informing you of a successful pixel creation, and its unique ID.

Installing a Facebook Pixel

To install the pixel on Taplink page, go to "Settings → General" and enter the pixel’s ID in the corresponding field, then press the “Save changes” button. You may also specify the HTML code, but it is not obligatory. It is sufficient to enter the pixel’s ID.

Facebook Pixel events

It is not required to set up the events. Just skip this item. Taplink is already set up to send the events to Facebook on each click on a link or a messenger. Moreover, we send all the standard events for electronic commerce, such as "New lead," "Add to Cart", "Ordering Start", and "Payment Successful".

What else: