5 best ways how to find Instagram influencers in your niche

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 04 July, 2023
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Quite often, representatives of the business sector resort to the help of Instagram influencers to attract a large number of new customers. This method of promotion is called influencer marketing. It is important to understand that in such a huge flow of bloggers, it is difficult to find someone who could fit both the niche of business and the price, and his audience wouldn't be fake. In this article, we'll discuss different ways to look for influencers, starting from manually monitoring Instagram and ending with special influencer platforms.
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5 tips how to find an Instagram influencers yourself

If you are interested in working with such people on Instagram, then here are some tips on how to find the perfect influencer in your niche.

1. Vet influencers who interacted with your brand

The ideal interaction can be considered when the Instagram influencer was already familiar with your brand and covered it in his or her blog. Look at your Followers or the section with photos on which your account is tagged. In this way, you will be able to find people who are already interested in advertising your business.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Any brand, as a rule, has hashtags either its own or those to which their product thematically relates. It is worth periodically switching to publications with such hashtags to see how much the Instagram audience is aware of your brand. This will help you to find Instagram influencers whose cooperation could benefit you.

For instance, the company @nivea has its own hashtag #nivea. More than a million users who are somehow connected with the beauty industry mentioned the products of this brand in their posts. Go to the Top section, there you'll see the most popular publications (and thus popular accounts) related to your brand. Choose the best for you among them. 

3. Look at your competitors

Learning from your mistakes is good, but they can be avoided if you learn from your own competitors! We are not talking about you copying the ideas of other companies developing in the same industry as you. We advise you to view the publications in which your competitors were tagged.

Go to a rival's profile, click on the first icon on the right. This will help you find Instagram influencers who might be interestd in cooperating with you.

In addition, it often happens that people, wanting to be noticed, write comments under posts. Pay attention to them too. Perhaps they are interested in your brand.

4. Don’t forget about micro influencers

It is not necessary to contact such large accounts as @kyliejenner, @therock, @selenagomez, etc. Do not forget that there are developing blogs whose audience varies from 10 to 100 thousand. You can approach them too!

Usually, the engagement in these accounts is much higher, and the price tag doesn’t make the hair stand on end. We highly recommend to look for such influencers on Instagram. Whatever is the niche of your brand you will find accounts for collaboration.

5. Watch out for fakes

In the pursuit of beautiful numbers, influencers aren’t always honest. It often happens that users, trying to increase the popularity of their account, resort to cheating followers, likes, comments, thereby creating an image of a popular blog.

In order not to fall into this trap when you are looking for influencers on Instagram, spend a little time analyzing accounts. View the profiles of his/her Instagram followers, if these are accounts without photos and with a huge number of following — definitely, fake followers. The same method can be used to check likes and comments.

Google is your sidekick!

Another way to find popular Instagram influencers in your niche is to simply google them. For example, type "the most popular travel bloggers" or "beauty bloggers of the USA" into the search bar, and Google will give you links to other websites with information about influencers in the industry you need.

After checking the information, you will learn interesting facts about a particular person, his/her country/city of residence, views on the world, participation in any projects, etc. Such data will help you understand whether this Instagram influencer is suitable for cooperation with your brand or not.

Instagram influencer platforms

Many special platforms have been created that allow companies to connect with social media influencers. Such platforms contain millions of influencers in their database, as well as all the necessary information about them: the number of followers, the level of engagement of their audience, interaction with other brands, content analysis, etc.

Below we offer the 3 most popular influencer platforms.


Heepsy is one of the largest websites, where more than 11 million influencers are to promote your product on Instagram, Tiktok and on YouTube. There are both nano-influencers (from 5,000 subscribers) and top Instagram influencers with a multi-million audience.

It is important to mention that Heepsy checks all accounts, separating them from fake ones. The minimalistic design and simple functionality will allow you to easily make a list of suitable Instagram influencers. You can find them by subject, location, number of followers, frequency of posts published, audience engagement level, communication method, etc.

In addition, you can evaluate each influencer, as well as add the most suitable candidates to the favorites folder.

Heepsy offers 4 plans for the following features:

  • Free — $0/month 
  • Starter — $49/month 
  • Business — $169/month 
  • Gold — $269/month


One of the most influential sites in the world is Klear. The entire database is divided into 60 thematic categories for a more accurate search of the necessary niche.

An unusual feature of this platform is monitors. This is an effective search tool that allows you to track the statistics of a particular account: the number of mentions, the number and frequency of posts published, the level of audience engagement and its growth.

For the convenience of analysis, all data is provided in the form of graphs. You can also put monitors on hashtags. This way you will see all the publications with tags. Using Klear, you can filter the search for Instagram influencers by their main social network, location, topic, audience, etc.

Klear’s clients are such global companies as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Ikea, Kayak, Turner. However, this platform has a plan for startups (less than 20 employees), which provides access to all functions for $250 per month. Note that this service has a free access format, but with limited functions. The ability to use the entire range of functions is available on request.


Buzzsumo is a website where you can find both influencers for your business, and the most successful publications on Instagram.

This influencer search engine can show you exactly what content is popular on Instagram, and which blogs are widely known. You can also look for an Instagram account, specifying only the area you are interested in, and look for popular influencers in a certain area.

The ability to see the rating of publications allows you to rely on it and make your content at the highest level!

Just like in Klear, there is a feature for monitoring other business companies in the same niche as you, current trends and interaction with your brand. This way, you will always be aware of all the events.

Bazzsumo provides access to 4 plans:

  • Free — $0/ month
  • Pro — $99/ month
  • Plus — $179/ month
  • Large — $299/ month

When signing up on the influecer platform, you can use the 30-day trial period to understand which plan will be suitable for you.

We collected all the information in a comparison table, so you can easily find the best influencer platform. Check it and choose the most appealing one! 

PriceStarter — $49/month, Business — $169/month, Gold — $269/month.on requestPro — $99/month, Plus — $179/month, Large — $299/month.
Free accesslimited functionalitylimited functionalitylimited functionality + 30-day trial access to paid features
Search categoriesby subject, location, the level of audience engagement, the number of followers, the frequency of publication of posts, the way of communicationby subject, location, the level of audience engagement, the platform for the promotionby subject
Advantagesthe database includes both nano-blogs and millionaire blogsmonitoring, 60 search categoriesmonitoring, analysis of popular content, ability to see the rating of publications

Taplink will help you to attract attention!

If you want to successfully interact with Instagram influencers and attract their attention, then you need to competently approach the management of your profile page. You need to take content management seriously, as well as specify all the essential information about your brand in the bio.

Unfortunately, Instagram allows you to add only one link to an external resource. But Taplink is in a hurry to help you! This is the most advanced service that provides the ability to create a landing page. This service — also called a link in bio tool — will tell customers about your business, give all the necessary contacts, and also contact you for possible cooperation.