How to create a second Instagram account? A guide for adding and managing

Julia Moore
The more interesting content there is on a page, the more actively users subscribe to it, like and comment it. Create a second Instagram account to separate content of different topics and gain for each its own audience. Then your culinary masterpieces will be fairly appreciated, and funny posts with a pet won’t irritate those who don’t like animals.
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You can make as many accounts as you want. According to the information on Instagram website, you can manage up to 5 accounts concurrently from a device. But when writing this article we added 9 accounts on a device and, probably, could add more on the list. 

How to add an additional account from a phone or computer

You can add accounts using an Instagram app or browser.


This method is more for smartphones. The social media doesn’t have a desktop version, but you can download and install BlueStack - a smartphone emulator for Windows and Mac OS. 

Go to the profile page in the Instagram app, tap your username. Or tap gear icon to open settings and scroll down, then choose Add or switch accounts.

Now you can see a list of accounts you’ve logged in. Here you can switch between them. At the end of the list there is the option to add an account. 

Tap Log into an Existing account to add a second Instagram account. Log in on the opened page. 

Tap Create New Account to make a second Instagram account. Fill all necessary fields. After registration you’ll be automatically authorized. 


To add a second Instagram account from a browser, click your avatar at the top of the page. Choose the option Switch Accounts. There appears a list to manage multiple accounts and easily switch between them.

Click Log into an Existing Account to add the one you’ve created before. 

It’s better to create a second Instagram account in a new incognito tab. Otherwise you have to log out all the accounts you’ve authorized to get to a sign-up page. 

In Microsoft Edge and Chrome you can log in under another browser-profile to get to the Instagram sign-up page. Open a guest-tab, or create a new profile in a browser to save Insta login and password. 

Open the website, click Sign up and key in an account data. Save login and password in the popped up window if you are authorized in your browser-profile. 

If there is a necessity to use more than 5 accounts, create more browser-profiles. Save different IG accounts in each of them. Thus, you will be able to open different IG accounts in different windows. Add up to 5 Instagarm accounts in every window.

You might find useful our article How to post on Instagram from a computer. 

How to create a second Instagram account with the same email or phone number

On the date of the article publication, there is the information on the Instagram website that users can’t sign up accounts with one login. But the accounts created before the restriction remain their login data, even if it is the same. You can change it to make different, but there is no way back to one login for multiple accounts. 

Apparently, it doesn't mean there is no way to make two accounts with the same email. We linked 4 accounts to one email address. First we added it for 2 accounts when were signing up, and also changed email to the same one in other 2 accounts after registration. We could have added the same address to more accounts. It works the same with one phone number in different accounts. 

Although you can make two and more accounts with the same email address or phone number, we do not recommend doing it. If Instagram put the restrictions, there were reasons.

Unique account data is also important for those who promote their page. Do not use others’ emails to sign up, and give the login information only to your SMM specialists. Then, unwanted users won’t get access to your page. 

How to delete an Instagram account

The social network provides an opportunity to remove an Instagram account from the list on a device to add other ones. Create lists of different accounts to have quick access to all your accounts. 

To delete an Instagram account from the list, you need to log out. Go to the account you want to delete. Make sure you are in the right profile by looking at the first avatar on the top of the feed page or the avatar on the profile page. 

Open the menu with a gear icon and scroll down. Choose Log out username at the bottom of the screen to remove the Instagram account. You can also clear the list by tapping Log out all accounts.

Note, removing accounts from the list doesn’t mean deleting them from the Instagram website. Read a guide on deleting the profile from the network.

Taplink for several Instagram accounts

You can add all your Instagram accounts in one Taplink account. If you haven’t got to know the service, read about its features here

Open your Taplink to add a new Instagram account. Tap your avatar at the top right and choose My profiles in the drop-down menu. Tap a blue button with a plus. Connect your Instagram account or create a landing page first. 

On the right of the profiles list, you can see the paid plan and the date of creating. It’s easy to switch between the profiles using the button in the same column, or the Action column if you work from a computer.

The bottom line

When you’ve added several Instagram accounts, you don’t have to type email, phone or username and password every time to get into a profile. You get push notifications about new likes, comments, DM messages from all the accounts you’ve authorized. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Personal, Creator or Business account.

In other respects, parallel accounts work independently of each other. You can’t add a post or Story in all the accounts concurrently. Your followers won’t know about your other profiles unless you publish the links. Content of your Private profile is not available for the subscribers of your other profiles. 

You can create a second Instagram account from a phone, Android or iOS, or a computer. Make a new or log into an existing one. Though you can add several accounts with one email or phone number, you better don’t. 

No matter how many accounts you have, all their landings can be managed from one Taplink account. 

Write in the comments below how many IG accounts do you have.