How to delete business account on Instagram

Social Media Specialist
Updated 24 May, 2024
Lauren Taylor
Social Media Specialist
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All businesses want to have a long life in social media and make accounts there. It's trendy and gives many opportunities to communicate with their customers. But sometimes they face problems and need to know how to delete a business profile on Instagram.

This can change your mind about deleting your business account on Instagram

Don't jump to removing your profile page. Here are common reasons people decide to delete their business account on Instagram and the alternative solutions to them:

  • Their business has failed. Use the 5 tools for growth on Instagram. They will help to build your brand on Instagram without much effort. Start with Taplink, where you can create landing pages for your bio, Stories, ads. Use the pages to gain followers and increase your sales. 
  • Bots and cyberbullies have become a real problem. You don't have to delete your Professional Instagram account to escape the negative experience. You can block users or make your Instagram account private.  
  • Personal reasons like when you need a break from Instagram. Use the features for digital wellbeing. You can set reminders to take breaks or set a daily limit for the time spent in the app. 

If you think none of these solutions can solve your problem, read the instructions below. There, we describe how to delete your Instagram business account.

3 ways to turn off an Instagram business profile

Whatever is the reason you decided to delete your business account on Instagram, use one of these ways:

  1. Switching to the personal account instead of business.
  2. Deactivating a profile until you need it again.
  3. Total permanent removal using Instagram web version.

But before making this dramatic step, give your business another shot with Taplink. We know you may be tired after all the attempts to make your business meet your expectations without results, but creating a business website on Taplink is a matter of minutes thanks to its templates for 20 niches. Worth trying!

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Those, who determinedly decided to delete their Instagram page, will find the instructions below.

1. Switching to the personal account

This is the easiest way to undo your business account on Instagram if you're not sure about permanent canceling. After switching the account from Professional to personal and making it private, you've got some benefits:

  • you can make your account private so it shows only the contacts you want, giving them permission;
  • no need to bother about posts and your Instagram followers’ engagement, you can leave a profile for months with no fear of being punished by algorithms.

How to undo your business account on Instagram to make it personal:

To make a personal account private:

Done! You have removed your Professional account on Instagram. Later, if you want, you can switch your Instagram account to Business again.

2. Deactivating a business profile

If you're not sure that you want to delete your business account on Instagram and just need a pause, you are able to temporarily deactivate your account. But this is available only on the desktop website.

Keep your email address updated to be able to access your Instagram account from any device. 

How to deactivate your business account on Instagram temporarily until you decide to activate it again:

The benefit of this way to remove a Professional account in Instagram is the possibility to reactivate your profile whenever you need it.

3. Permanent removing a business profile

If you're ready to get rid of your account forever and ever, you need a permanent Instagram account deleting. It's not a case of one click.

Go to the Instagram account deletion page from a computer or mobile browser. Fill in all the forms and press the button to delete. Your Instagram account won't disappear immediately, you will find the accurate date on the page.

Goodbye, profile! 

This is an irreversible step. Once your Instagram account is deleted permanently, none of the account recovery ways work to get it back.

Which way is better

Each way to remove a business profile depends on one's circumstances. People usually regret that they deleted their Instagram account. Permanent undone is dangerous when you follow emotions because there is no way to turn back a deleted profile. So don't hurry up! 

Firstly, use Taplink to save your business. If there is no dice to keep it going, you can switch your page from business to a personal one and make it private. Or you can easily deactivate the business account for some time to make a clear decision later. Save these ways not to make a mistake when you're done with your business account.