Taplink vs Linktree comparison: which is better?

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 31 May, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Taplink and Linktree are the two giants among link in bio tools. Both of them help users build their brand on social media and on the internet as a whole. They are known for their flawless service, various features, and outstanding page designs. Here we compare Taplink and Linktree so that you can choose the best option.
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Here is the long story short. Taplink is better than Linktree because it gives more opportunities for a lower price. It has more marketing, sales, and design tools, and provides page templates. And it keeps its pricing for all these reasonable. You may also be happy to know that Taplink is a tool that doesn't take any fee when your items sell, unlike Linktree.

Here is an example for comparing Linktree vs Taplink design features. We created similar pages on Linktree and Taplink. We tried to make them as similar as possible and use all the available features. Still, the pages look different, check them out in the screenshots below. 

The Linktree page is on the left screenshot, and the Taplink page is on the right.

Samanta’s page with a small photos and texts, and a button on LinktreeSamanta’s page with a large photo and texts, and a button on Taplink

If the screenshots were enough to prove Taplink is the link in bio tool for you, then sign up for free and create your page.

If you need more reasons, here are Taplink's advantages over Linktree:

  • Customizable design. Taplink provides various content to add to your page like links, photos, videos, and other media, Linktree provides mostly links. Taplink has more than 300 ready themes, while Linktree has only about 38 themes.
  • High rate on Product Hunt. Taplink got to honorable #3 Product of the week and #3 Product of the day. As a comparison, Linktree is only #5 Product of the day. 
  • Localizations for 15 languages. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian are among them, this is more than on Linktree. It has only an English version of the website.
  • Good users' reviews. In the screenshots below, you can see what users write in AppSumo and Capterra about Taplink.
A review saying Taplink is better than Linktree on AppSumoA review highlighting Taplink pros and cons in comparison to LinktreeA review comparing Taplink and Linktree on AppSumo
A review with Taplink advantages on CapterraA review on Capterra saying that Taplink is the best link in bio toolA review on Capterra saying Taplink is the best for building a bio page

Taplink and Linktree page design

We don't expect you to just take our word as it is when it comes to choosing Taplink or Linktree. That's why we give you a detailed comparison. Here we highlight the most significant differences.

The number of pages

On Linktree, you can create only one page. If you want to make another one, you have to give up the page you have now.

On Taplink, you can create an unlimited number of pages. All of them remain in your account.

If you want to make money online, then you certainly need several pages. You need to create landing pages for all your commercial offers or campaigns. You can put one of these pages in your bio. Choose the one that is the most relevant now or that brings more customers.

Ready themes

A variety of ready theme options may be crucial. A ready theme makes a regular page look astonishing in one click. Even better, if a theme makes your page match your brand's style and vibe.

Both Taplink and Linktree provide ready themes. 

As for Linktree, it has 38 ready themes. They differ in buttons and background colors. 

Unfortunately, you can't edit ready themes. You can't change anything, even their fonts or colors. You can edit only your custom themes.

Here are some of Linktree's ready themes.

Linktree bright colorful themesLinktree modest black and white themes

Taplink has more than 300 ready themes for pages with multiple links. They differ in buttons and backgrounds. 

You can edit any theme, either your custom or ready theme. You can change colors, fonts, and pictures, and upload a photo as the background. 

Buttons have a lot of settings. If you want, you can set colors, fonts, and animation, and make them different for each button. 

Look at some of Taplink's ready themes.

Taplink bright green and pink themesTaplink dark black, green, and blue themes

Page templates 

Templates allow you to create a page quickly. You only need to replace default content like texts and pictures with your custom. Then, you can share your page on Instagram and other social networks.

Linktree doesn't provide page templates. 

Taplink provides 60 page templates for various niches. They were made by marketers and designers. So you can be sure your page looks great and it is set to increase your sales. 

This is one of the biggest Taplink advantages over Linktree. What's more, no other link in bio tool has such a great variety of page templates.

You can edit pages you make with templates. Adjust, add, or delete the content.

Taplink page template for a cafe with order buttons and photosTaplink page template for a pet grooming salon with a dog photo and a call buttonTaplink page template for a musician with a photo and a quote

If you like the pages above, follow these links to get the page templates after a quick sign-up:

Page content

On Linktree, you can add links that lead to a web page, song, video, your online shop, social profile, messaging app chat. Besides links, you can add headings, opt-in forms, contact information, and some other things. Also, you can collect tips and donations, and request payments.

The links have settings. You can set the schedule for their visibility on the page, or hide them. You can also set an icon or image, and animation. 

Clothing brand’s page with a list of links on LinktreeMusician’s page with a list of links on Linktree

On Taplink, you have 19 kinds of elements that you can add to your page. They are called blocks. Links, Video, Music, Messaging app, Social networks, Form and payments are only some of them. 

Taplink, unlike Linktree, also allows you to add texts of different formats, single images, photo sliders, digital products, FAQ, countdown timers, maps with tags, and HTML code which covers all the rest of the things you may need. In the screenshots below, you can see how they look on a Taplink page. 

A catalog with marketing PDF guides on a Taplink pageMap and location links on a Taplink pageTimer and an opt-in form on an online shop’s Taplink page
A list of tutors on a Taplink pageImage carousel on Taplink portfolio page

Each Taplink block has its settings that allow you to make them look and work exactly what you need. For example, you can set a photo slider to change the slides automatically. You can even set the time interval between the swiping.

Links' settings on Taplink include those you can find on Linktree. And add to them, you can set additional text. It will be displayed under the main text. It may tell users more about where they get if they follow the link. 

Taplink vs Linktree for making money

If you make money online, then your biggest question is probably which of Taplink and Linktree is for making more money. You may have noticed some Taplink benefits for business while reading the comparison above, but let's dig really deep and find out everything.


Selling a virtual product or service is the most popular way of making money online. So let's start with what Taplink and Linktree have for it.

Both on Taplink and Linktree you can sell your services and receive donations. The tools provide adding opt-in forms for collecting requests and accepting payments. The available fields are name, email, phone, message, and country on Linktree, and they are the same plus promo-code, date, drop-down list, and some others on Taplink.

The forms look different. On Linktree (left screenshot), the form looks like a link, and a user has to tap it to see the fields and the pay/book button. On Taplink (right screenshot), the form is always visible on the page.

A list of links on a Linktree pageA booking from on a Taplink page

When it comes to selling products, Taplink has even more benefits over Linktree.

On Linktree, you can't sell anything right on your page. You can only add links to your external shop, though. You can set their custom text and icon to give a hint where they lead to.

Look at an example of a Linktree page. There are only links on it. A user has to follow one of them, add an item to the cart on the external shop site, and then go checkout.

A Linktree page with links to an external shopPlanner description on a marketplaceCheckout page on a marketplace

On Taplink, you can sell digital products right on your page. You add multiple photos to show a product, add the description and price for it. The button for making a purchase is always near them. You can even create an actual online shop since every product has its separate page.

Look at an exmaple of a Taplink page. It has a photo slider that presents digital downloads. A user only needs to tap the buy button on the Taplink to go checkout. That's why more users become customers and do not slip away. 

Catalog of sewing patterns on a Taplink pageSewing pattern’s page with the buy button on TaplinkCheckout Taplink page

Payment methods

If you want to accept payments on your page, you need to connect a payment provider both on Taplink and Linktree. On Linktree, you have two options, they are Square and PayPal. On Taplink, you have more than 50 options. Square and PayPal are among them, and also Paddle, Stripe, and others.

A variety of payment providers is a Taplink benefit because you can add payment methods that are convenient for your audience. You can add several providers for accepting payments from all over the world.

In the screenshots below, you can compare the lists of payment providers on Linktree (left) and Taplink (right).

PayPal and Square payment providers on LinktreeStripe, PayPal, Square, Paddle, and other payment providers on Taplink


Linktree charges a transaction fee. If you recieve a payment on your page, you have to give 0.5–10% of the sum to the link in bio tool. The percentage depends on the plan. The more expensive your plan is, the less the fee is.

Taplink doesn't take any fee. 

Taplink vs Linktree: comparison table

So, we have figured out that Taplink has more features. Now let's look at whether it means higher pricing. Here is a comparison table of Taplink and Linktree plans.

Note, that both Taplink and Linktree suggest saving money with a subscription for a longer period. It means if you buy a subscription for a year, then the cost per month is less than if you buy the subscription for half a year. We wrote the minimum and maximum prices in the table. 

Here is a comparison table of Taplink vs Linktree.

A table comparing Taplink and Linktree

Both Taplink and Linktree offer a free trial. Linktree gives a free trial for its Pro plan. But you have to provide your bank card details to use it. Taplink gives you a free trial for its BUSINESS plan, your card information is not required. 

The bottom line

Taplink is certainly better for creating a link tree for Instagram and other social networks. It gives you more design features. The content on your page is more diverse. What's more, you don't have to manually add it and create a page from scratch. Instead, you can choose a ready template and get a page for selling products or presenting your brand in a matter of minutes.

Taplink is the Linktree alternative that gives you the widest choice of ready themes. This means you can find the one that matches your brand perfectly. So, your page becomes an accurate reflection of your brand in one click.

Taplink gives more opportunities for a business. For instance, you can sell digital products right on your page. You also have several options to describe your offer if you sell training , consultations, etc. and let users book. 

On Linktree, the content is mostly links and you have to add them manually. You have a smaller choice of ready themes and can't sell anything right on your page.

Prices are also an important criterion to compare. Taplink's subscription prices vary from 3 to 12 USD per month. As a comparison, prices on Linktree are from 5 to 24 USD.

You may also want to compare Taplink and Linktree with the Beacons link in bio tools.

Now you can tell which of Taplink and Linktree is better for you. What's next?