Text and links setup

Getting Started

After logging in, you will be given your own address that looks like http://taplink.cc/your_name. You can specify it in your Instagram profile. Now let's fill the page with links and welcome text. Taplink automatically pulls up your username and user image from Instagram. If there was a link in the profile description, it will appear on your page.

User Image

Click on the user image to edit it. You can change its size, hide your username, or completely delete this block. If you have changed your user image in Instagram, it will be automatically updated in Taplink within 24 hours.

Adding a Text Block

Add some welcome text to your page. Click "Add New Block", select "Text Block". Type the text. You can change the font size, alignment, insert any kind of smiley (emoji). Click the "Save" button.

Adding a Link

You can add a link to your page or, even better, several links. Click "Add New Block", select "Link". Then specify the link title and enter the website address. Repeat the action as many times as the number of links you want to add.

Links can lead not only to other websites. You can create a link that visitors will be able to use to call you or write an email. To do this, select "Call" or "Email" in the "Action" field.


To visually separate blocks on your page and make it more clearly arranged, you can use delimiters. Click "Add New Block", then "Delimiter". Choose the suitable indentation size (small, medium, large) and click "Save".

Placing and Editing Blocks

You can change the position of any blocks on your page using the sliders on the left. To edit a block, click it once more. After making the changes, click the "Save" button.

What else: