Configuring Instant Messengers

Adding Messenger Buttons

Click "Add New Block", select "Messengers". Enable "toggle switches" next to the messengers that you want to place on your page (it should turn green and read "Yes").

Customizing Buttons

Click the gray bar with the messenger's name to customize the button. Here you can specify a title (e.g., "Contact me in Viber"), as well as your number or login.

There is an interesting feature for WhatsApp - entering the "Text Message Template". After clicking it, the user will open the messenger with the prepared text, e.g.: "Good day! How much does your course cost?".

You can swap the positions of the messenger buttons by pulling the gray sliders on the left.

Select the type of buttons

Now look at the topmost line that allows you to select the button type. You can choose from the most compact versions to the large ones that take up the entire width of the page. Select the most suitable one.

Don't forget to click "Save" after making changes.

Additional Settings

Go to the "Settings" tab. Here you can enable or disable the messenger block (the "Block is visible to all visitors" item). You can also configure it to be displayed according to schedule.

What else: