10 best Linktree alternatives in 2024 — comparison

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 14 February, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
When trying Linktree, you may find that it is not as amazing as you expected. Whether you are disappointed with the feature limitations, the pricing, or something else, there are Linktree alternatives for you. We made a list of tools that are better in this or that way, so you definitely can find an option according to your priorities.
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If you are too eager to create your link in bio page and don't want to read the whole article, then just go for Taplink: sign up here to start.

This Linktree alternative is number one on the list. It has more advantages over Linktree than other similar tools. What's more, it has useful page-building features that neither Linktree nor most alternatives have.

Why did we choose these Linktree alternatives?

Linktree is a link in bio tool, so we googled "link in bio tools" and "link in bio tool list" to see what tools Google suggests. So we've got a list with Linktree and 19 alternatives.

Top Linktree alternatives according to the Google search results

We explored the Linktree alternatives' features and tried to create pages with them. Then, we compared the experience with Linktree. We focused on the things that are important for creating a link in bio page:

  • Page content. Content variety makes your brand and offer presentation more comprehensive. On Linktree, you can add mostly links.
  • Page theme. If your page appearance is relevant to your unique brand's style, people remember and recognize your brand. On Linktree, you can choose one of the 38 ready themes, adjust colors and fonts. You can set a picture or video as the background.
  • Making money. Your link in bio page is the best tool for monetizing your brand if it gives users a way to order and pay. On Linktree, you can collect paid requests, donations, and tips. Also, you can generate leads and show your products from platforms like Shopify.
  • Payment providers. More providers means you can sell in more countries. On Linktree you have two options: PayPal and Square.
  • Transactional fee. When expenses increase, it's always a bit frustrating. If you make money with Linktree, add the 0.5–10% transaction fee to your expense calculations.
  • Pricing. Creating a page often requires buying a paid subscription. This is another expense that cuts your revenue. On Linktree, you can create a page with links on a free plan. Also, you can choose a paid plan for 5–24 USD per month to get more content, design, and monetization features.

If an alternative tool was better than Linktree in these regards, it got points. Also, if a tool had a feature for building a link in bio page that Linktree didn't have, the tool got a point.

The research took almost 15 hours. Some tools required more time than others. There were also tools exploring which took almost no time since their websites just didn't work. This was a worthwhile use of time — we've got a list of the best Linktree alternatives.

We ranked the Linktree alternatives and picked 10 best ones. These are tools that got more points than others. You can see the results in the table. The points are marked as ✔️.

Comparison table for the best Linktree alternative tools

 Below you can read a detailed comparison.

Taplink beats Linktree in all the fronts: from page content to pricing. That's why it takes the first place on the Linktree alternatives list and is highly recommended.

The only possible disadvantage is that Taplink doesn't have its own app, unlike Linktree. But you will like its browser version, which is as convenient as an app. Besides, apps are not common among link in bio tools. And there is a reason for this — you save spare phone memory without an app.

Page content on Taplink

Page templates are one of the main Taplink advantages over Linktree. They make web building a matter of minutes. There are templates for 20 niches, including those for shops, musicians, beauty salons, and many other ones that are absolutely amazing.

Page content on Taplink is more varied. It includes opt-in forms, pictures, music, videos, maps, timers, and many other things besides links.

Taplink themes

Page themes are more flexible on the alternative than on Linktree. You can choose one of the 300 ready options, besides, you can set up your custom theme. Set a color or picture for the background, fonts, etc. Theme settings are very detailed. If you want to make every link look different — you can do this.

Digital artist’s Taplink page with Discord links and photosMarketer’s Taplink page for selling a courseMusician’s Taplink page with buttons and videos

Making money with Taplink

Taplink is the best Linktree alternative for a business that makes money on Instagram, TikTok, or other social networks.

The alternative tool site gives more opportunities for making money online than Linktree. For instance, you can sell digital products right on your page. Secondly, the variety of payment providers is much wider — 50. PayPal and Square are among them, and also Stripe, Paddle, etc.

Of course, you can also add forms like on the Linktree. They allow you to generate leads and accept paid requests.

Taplink's transaction fee is 0%. You don't give anything to the tool from a sale that you make on your page, unlike Linktree.

Taplink pricing

The prices of the alternative tool are lower than on Linktree. There is a free plan. Choosing it, you can create a page with links, texts, and choose a ready theme or set up your custom one. There are two paid plans, the cost starts from 3 and 6 USD per month. Choosing one of them, you multiply the variety of content you can add and the theme setting you can adjust.

Read a more detailed Taplink and Linktree comparison, we wrote a special article about it.

2. Beacons

Beacons is another good Linktree alternative, it is for those who take their brand marketing on Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks seriously. You get the page builder tool together with lots of marketing tools. And you should actively use all of them so that the prices, which are higher than on Linktree, become reasonable to you.

Page content on Beacons

Beacons has more variable content to add to your page. Besides links, you can add pictures, YouTube videos, opt-in and request forms, and other things.

Beacons themes

Theme customization is a disadvantage of this Linktree alternative. There are only 8 ready themes. They have different background and button colors. If you want to adjust a theme or create a custom one, you have no more settings than on Linktree. You can set a color, picture, or video as the background, and choose the button color and font.

Blogger’s link tree on BeaconsBeacons page of a graphic designer with a list of linksSongwriter’s link tree on Beacons

Making money with Beacons

The Linktree alternative tool has an advantage when it comes to making money. You can connect to a payment provider to accept payments. But you are limited to the two options: PayPal and Stripe. You can let users buy your products, book appointments, and give donations right on your page. Also, you can generate leads and collect orders.

The translation fee is almost the same as on Linktree. You have to pay up to 9%.

Beacons pricing

Calculating expenses is where you may doubt choosing this Linktree alternative. The free plan is enough for creating a page. But you have the highest 9% transaction fee on it. The two paid plans cost 30 and 100 USD per month. The cheaper one reduces the fee and gives marketing tools. The more expensive one gives all these, and also expert advising and priority support.

3. Milkshake

Milkshake costs less and has fewer features than Linktree. But if you need only a simple page for now, you should try this Linktree alternative and see if its features are enough for you.

A Milkshake page consists of cards that one should swipe. This format is not a usual thing, and it can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some users get caught by this format and stay on the page. But others may not understand there is more to what they see on the first card.

Also, Milkshake is the only Linktree alternative on the list that has an app and no browser version for creating a page.

Page content on Milkshake

When you want to add something to your page, you add a new card. You have to choose a card template for this. You can't create a card from scratch. You can add as many cards as you want.

This Linktree alternative has 5 card templates. They differ in the layouts and types of added content. They can contain links, pictures, texts, and YouTube videos.

Page customization is poor when compared to Linktree. When you edit template content, you are limited in what you can add. For example, when you edit a Link card, you can add only links.

Milkshake themes

The choice of themes is fewer than on Linktree. There are 16 ready themes, you can choose the same or different themes for each card. The themes are customizable, you can change the colors of the background, texts, buttons, and also set fonts.

Blogger’s Milkshake page with affiliate linksYoga instructor’s page with a bio text on MilkshakeTextile shop’s links on Milkshake

Making money with Milkshake

Milkshake pages are not for making money. The Linktree alternative doesn't allow you to connect to a payment provider, add an opt-in form for generating leads or a request form for collecting orders.

Milkshake pricing

Milkshake pricing is the main advantage over Linktree. There is a free plan with all the features available. There is also a paid subscription, which removes the Milkshake brand card from your page. It costs 2.99 USD per month.

4. Lnk.bio

You can say Lnk.bio is head and shoulders above Linktree in regards to the page content and theme, making money, and pricing. Its themes make it stand out among Linktree and most alternatives.

Page content on Lnk.bio

The content you can add to your page is different from what you can add on Linktree. So, it's up to you which tool is better in this regard.

This Linktree alternative allows you to put links, products, timers, images, maps, and some more things on your page. Also, you can add audio players for tracks from some streaming services: for example, Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Lnk.bio themes

Themes are the advantage of this Linktree alternative. Lnk.bio has more than 300 ready themes, which is more than Linktree has. The theme adjustments include the button style and the background picture — not more than on Linktree.

Blogger’s page with links on Lnk.bioLnk.bio page of a blogger with featured linksLnk.bio page with links and IG posts

Making money with Lnk.bio

Lnk.bio also has several advantages over Linktree when it comes to making money online. You can add product cards to sell digital products and booking calendars to sell services right on your page.

The payment providers that you can connect are the same on Linktree and the alternative tool: PayPal and Stripe.

The Lnk.bio's transaction fee is the same on average. It is always 5% while on Linktree it can be both more or less.

Lnk.bio pricing

You can save a lot of money if you choose this alternative instead of Linktree. There are a free and two paid plans. You pay once for the plans: 9.99 for Mini and 24.99 USD for Unique. Then, the plans' customization settings, content options, and also tracking tools become available to you forever.

There is also a subscription option for the Mini plan, which costs 0.99 USD per month.

5. Feedlink

Feedlink is another Linktree alternative to consider before making a choice. It has its competitive edges like diverse content on your page. But there are fewer features for making money, and most theme settings are available only on paid plans, which are more expensive.

Page content on Feedlink

This Linktree alternative has page templates. There are 48 templates divided into 12 categories.

Content variety is no less than on Linktree, your page can contain links, an opt-in form, etc. Unlike on Linktree, here you can also add dynamic social media feeds, pictures, long texts, maps, and some other things.

Feedlink themes

This Linktree alternative has 15 ready themes. They change the background and button colors on your page. You can also set a custom theme: choose the background, text, and button colors.

Investor’s Feedlink pageFeedlink page with links and social postsFeedlink page with social posts

Making money with Feedlink

Feedlink is not a Linktree alternative for business. It gives you no features for monetization. You can't connect to a payment provider. So, you can't sell right on your page or collect orders. What you can do is add a single opt-in form for lead generation.

Feedlink pricing

Generally, you can say Feedlink is more expensive than Linktree. There is a free plan which allows you to create a page with multiple links, pictures, etc. Paid plans cost 6, 19, 29 USD per month. Mainly they differ in the number of pages you can create and the number of accounts from the same social networks that you can connect to.

6. Shor

Shor is the alternative to Linktree that is as simple as it can be. You don't need much time to get used to it, and you can create your page probably quicker than anywhere else. But you should know that this simplicity also means few settings and features. So, the tool is only good for a quick brand launch, you will need another page as your brand grows.

Page content on Shor

You can add links, pictures, and dynamic social media feeds to your page. Not much variety, but still more than on Linktree.

Shor themes

Theme customization is not among the advantages of this Linktree alternative. You can choose one of the 30 ready themes, they only differ in background colors. You can also choose the button color.

Shor page with a social feedShor page of a health coach with links and a photoEcommerce entrepreneur’s links on Shor

Making money with Shor

This Linktree alternative is not for making money. You can't accept payments on your page, you can't even add an opt-in form to generate leads.

Shor pricing

Shor is more expensive than Linktree. It doesn't have a free plan. You have to pay from 12 USD per month to publish your page and to keep all the features working.

7. Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio is a good Linktree alternative for TikTok and Instagram marketing. You get the page builder along with the marketing tools like scheduling calendar, comments manager, analytics, and collabs.

Page content on Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio doesn't have great advantages over Linktree in page content. It allows you to create a simple page with links, pictures, and a newsletter opt-in form.

Linkin.bio themes

Theme customization is not among this Linktree alternative's advantages. There are 11 ready options, and you can also create your custom theme. You can choose the background and button colors, and fonts.

Food blogger’s Linkin.bio page with links and photosInfluencer’s Linkin.bio page with links and videosTailor’s Linkin.bio page

Making money with Linkin.bio

This Linktree alternative is not for making money online. You can't connect to a payment provider and sell right on your page. You can only generate leads.

Linkin.bio pricing

Linkin.bio is a part of Later's tools, you can't buy it separately from other tools. There is a free plan which is enough to create a page with multiple links, pictures, and an opt-in form. If you want to unblock all features, you need a paid plan.

Later's paid plans are at least twice as expensive as Linktree's plans. The pricing starts from 16 USD. If you think you can benefit from marketing tools, the price is reasonable.

8. Tap Bio

Tap Bio pages are nothing like pages on Linktree and most of the alternatives. They consist of cards that a user should swipe to the side. You can think of it as a feature for catching attention, but remember that your followers are not used to such pages. They may not understand they are supposed to swipe, and so they won't see all your page content.

Page content on Tap Bio

Your Tap Bio page consists of multiple cards. You can add links, pictures, and opt-in forms. Note, that one card can contain only one type of content. If you create a card with links, you can't add pictures to it. You need to create another card for your pictures.

Tap Bio themes

This alternative to Linktree doesn't get a point for its themes. There are no ready themes. You can set a custom theme: the same or different for each card. You can choose the background colors or photos, and the button colors.

Tap Bio link tree of a stylistTap Bio page of a cookbook authorNutritionist’s Tap Bio page with social posts

Making money with Tap Bio

This Linktree alternative doesn't give you features for monetization. You can't make money right on your Tap Bio page. You can't accept payments on it. You can only generate leads.

Tap Bio pricing

Tap Bio pricing is generally less than Linktree pricing. There is a free plan, which allows you to create a page with one visible card. So, it may be enough if you want only links or only an opt-in form on your page. But sooner or later you will need more, and you will have to switch to a paid plan. There are two of them, they cost 3 and 8 USD per month. The plans mainly differ in the number of cards you can make visible on your page.

9. Campsite

Campsite is designed very close to Linktree. Once you log in, you see the familiar interface, and it takes no time to understand where to start. And still, there are small differences in the page building and pricing that make the alternative better.

Page content on Campsite

You can add links, headings, opt-in and request forms, just like on Linktree. The alternative's advantage is that you can also add pictures, dynamic social feeds, opt-in forms, or long texts.

Campsite themes

There are 23 ready themes, which is less than on Linktree. You can also set custom background color, button color and style, layouts, fonts, and many more.

Influencer’s link tree on CampsiteMusician’s link tree on CampsiteCamp spot’s links on Campsite

Making money on Campsite

Campsite is a good Linktree alternative for business. You can receive donations and payments, and collect orders. But you can only do this through the PayPal provider. You can also generate leads. Still, you can't sell products right on your page.

Campsite takes a transaction fee. The only information is that it's 0% for a limited time. But there is no information on the tool's site about the exact period of time and % that you will have to pay after it. The support chat powered by AI was no help either. This Linktree alternative doesn't get a point for this criterion due to the lack of important information.

Campsite pricing

Campsite has a free plan. It is enough to build a page with links, pictures, and a form for collecting orders, and apply a ready theme to it.

Paid plans cost more than on Linktree. If you choose to pay 7 USD per month for the Pro plan, you can have more variable content on your page like opt-in forms, and also use tracking tools and see analytics. If you pay 24 per month for Pro+, you get deeper analytics data.

10. Bio.link

Bio.link is another good Linktree alternative. It has fewer features, but still, they are enough for creating a stylish page with links. So, consider this tool if you want to launch your brand on social media quickly.

Page content on Bio.link

The variety of content you can add is a bit smaller than on Linktree. You can add all sorts of links, opt-in forms, etc. You can also add long texts.

Bio.link themes

Bio.link themes look like Linktree themes. But there are fewer options, 23 themes, and fewer customization settings: you can only choose the background and button colors.

Link tree of a camp equipment shop on Bio.linkCreator’s Bio.link page with linksVideographer’s Bio.link page with multiple links

Making money with Bio.link

Bio.link doesn't have features for making money. You can't connect to a payment provider or collect orders. You can only generate leads.

Bio.link pricing 

The Linktree alternative has a free plan, all the features for creating a page are available to you on it. There are two paid plans that cost slightly more than on Linktree, they start from 5.8 and 15.8 USD. Both paid plans give you the tool for building email lists and some other things. The plans differ in the number of pages you can create.

The bottom line

Taplink appears to be the best Linktree alternative. It has advantageous features for all page-building matters: content, theme, and making money. And all these for lower pricing. Sign up and create your Taplink page now.

If you have time, read about other alternatives to Linktree before making a choice. You may want to create a page using another tool because you like the content that you can add or its themes.