How to hide the number of likes — a step-by-step guide for Instagram

Julia Moore
Over the past few years, the addiction to Instagram has significantly increased, especially amid teenagers. The desire to obtain a huge amount of likes and despondency when a new photo hasn't got many "red hearts" negatively influence the mental health of young users. To depressurize the user experience and remind people that it's not the number of red hearts that matters, but the quality of your content, in the spring of 2021, Instagram launched a new function to hide like counts. Now, instead of a certain number of likes under users' photos or videos, people see the username of one person who liked these posts and the word "others". If you're caught by this feature, continue to read our article further!
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How to hide likes

So, how can you make invisible the total number of likes? Below, we offer a complete step-by-step guide for those who wish to disable likes on their new or old posts, as well as instructions for those who want to stop seeing likes on the posts of other users.

How to turn off likes on a new post

01. Add a post and before tapping Share scroll down till you find Advanced settings.

02. Move the slider to the right next to Hide like and view counts on this post.

03. Tap the Back icon in the top-left corner for sharing a post.

04. Then, hit Share.

Done! Please note: you can revert like counts whenever you want. For that, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and choose Unhide like count. Don't worry! The likes that you obtain won't disappear anywhere. Their total number will be kept.

Remember that if you disable the likes count, then you won't know their number either, unless you have a business profile. In case you have it, just tap View Insights under the post to check the total number of likes.

By the way, if you're about to add a photo to the Instagram Feed, then first study at what time it's better to post it so that as many people as possible see it.

How to turn off likes on an existing post

If some of your photos or videos in the Feed have gained not so many red hearts, or you merely want to run an account where the amount of likes doesn't play a pivotal role, you can turn off their total amount in a couple of steps.

01. Select the post where you want to hide likes and tap the three dots in the top-right corner.

02. Hit Hide like count.

That's it! The like counts are turned off on this post.

Please note: there is no function on Instagram that's able to make invisible likes on all posts at once. So, you need to work with each publication separately.

How to turn off likes on users' posts

You can hide likes not only on your posts, but also on other users' publications too. In other words, if you use this feature, your Instagram Feed will look like this:

6 steps for turning off likes

01. Tap your profile photo in the lower-right corner.

02. Then, find the three dots in the top-right corner.

03. Move to Settings.

04. Choose Privacy.

05. Select Posts.

06. Move the slider to the right next to Hide Like and View Counts.

Done! Now instead of the number of likes, you will see Liked by [username] and others.

If you want to know who exactly liked a photo or video, just tap Others to get the full list of users.

In case you wish to get the information about the full number of likes on the contrary, then do all the steps above, but at the end move the slider to the left next to Hide Like and View Counts.

Can I hide like counts on a computer?

No, you can't. This feature isn't available on the desktop version. In case, you want to turn likes off in the app, so you won't see them from the Instagram website too.

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Let’s recap

The function of hiding the number of likes on your existing or new posts, as well as on other users' publications, is available on Instagram.

This function was added by the developers to decrease the unfortunate consequences on the mental health after using the social network. Instagram is trying to remind us that it's crucial what we add to the Instagram Feed, not the number of likes we get.

If you wish to make invisible like counts, then it may be interesting for you to read another article about how you can hide your list of Instagram followers.

Write in the comments — do you think it's a useful feature or not to hide likes?