How to download Instagram Stories — your and someone else’s

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Updated 21 May, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Instagram has overcome all other social media apps in terms of usability and popularity. Stories are one of its most popular features. This is disappearing content. In 24 hours since posting, users won’t be able to see it. No wonder that they often want to download Instagram Stories. This is the feature many people keep asking Instagram to add. But the developers don't show willingness to do it. Still, there are ways to save your or someone else’s content.
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How to download your Stories in the Instagram app

In the Instagram app, you can save your Stories. You can do it while editing or after posting.

Save your Story in the editing menu

You can create different variations of a Story and download all of them from Instagram. Whether you do it to compare the variations or add them to a post then, for example when you want to add music to a post on Instagram, you do it the same way.

Just tap download, and the Story will be saved to your phone.

Highlighted download button in the Instagram Stories editor

After that, you can change and download your Instagram Story again.

Download your published photo and video Stories from Instagram

You can save Instagram Stories that are already added to your profile. But you have to download them one by one in the app. This is also applicable to your Highlights. It’s a bit different on iOS and Android. 

On iOS, you can download a whole Instagram Story, or a single photo or video from it. 

To save a whole Instagram Story, you:

  1. Tap More.
  2. Choose Save.
  3. Choose Save Story.
Tapping the three dots button in the instagram storyChoosing Save.. in the Instagram story menu on an iPhoneChoosing Save Story in the menu on an iPhone

To download only photos and videos from an Instagram Story, you: 

  1. Tap More.
  2. Choose Save.
  3. Choose Save Photo or Save Video, depending on what you made your Story of. 
Choosing Save.. in the Instagram story menuChoosing Save Story in the menu on an iPhoneTapping Save photos in the story downloading menu

If you added multiple photos on your Story using stickers, they are downloaded all together as a collage on iOS in both cases. 

On Android, you can save only a whole Instagram Story.

  1. Tap More.
  2. Choose Save Photo or Save Video. It depends on what you added. 
Tap More in Instagram Stories on an Android-powered smartphoneChoosing Save Photo in the Instagram story menu

Download your old Stories from Instagram

After 24 hours, Instagram Stories disappear from your profile page and go to your Archive automatically. Be aware, if you delete the photos and videos manually, they don't get there. These old photos and videos can be downloaded.

Instagram Stories Archive feature is turned on by default, but you can change this setting. And Stories are not deleted from the archive until you do it yourself. 

When you download your old Insta Story, you do it almost the same way as on your profile page.

  1. Open the account settings
  2. Choose Archive
  3. Tap a Story
  4. Tap the three dots.
  5. Choose Save Photo or Save Video.
Opening Instagram Archive in the app on a smartphoneTapping a Story in the Instagram Archive
Tapping More in the Stories in the Instagram appChoosing Save Photo in the Instagram story menu

If you don't see your old Stories in the Archive, check the Instagram settings, you might have changed them. 

  1. Open the account settings.
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Go to Privacy
  4. Open Story.
  5. Check the button near Save Stories to Archive. It should be blue, if you want your Stories to get automatically to Archive. If it’s gray, tap it to make blue. 
Opening settings on an Instagram profile page in the appChoosing Settings in the Instagram menu in the smartphone appChoosing Privacy in th eInstagram settings
Choosing Story in the Privacy settingsActivating the Save Stories to Archive feature in the Instagram settings

How to save your or someone else's Insta Stories using online downloaders

If you need to download Instagram Stories from someone’s profile, InstagramDownloads will help you. You can also save published photos and videos from your profile using it. In any case, a profile should be public.

IG Stories are not the only content you can save using InstagramDownloads. You can download any content in high quality including posts, Reels, IGTV, and profile pictures. 

Here is how you can download Instagram Stories with the online saver. 

  1. Enter a username in the search box.
  2. Tap Search.
  3. Open Stories.
  4. Tap Download on a video Story or Tap and hold to download if it's a photo. 
Searching for an Instagram page of a user on InstagramDownloadsDownloading an Instagram story on InstagramDownloads

If you want to download an IG Story from a private profile, we recommend reading our article about reposting on Insta. There you can find more ways to save other people’s photos and videos or repost them to your profile and then get them to your device with one of the ways we described here.

The bottom line

You can download Instagram Stories both from your or other people's profile pages. If you want to get your photos and videos, you can do it right in the app or using an Insta saver. If you want to get a Story of another user, use the online savers. 

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