How to repost on Instagram - Posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, Tweets. Reshare posts in other social media

Julia Moore
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Repost on Instagram is provided only for Stories. But there are some tricks on how to reshare someone else’s posts, Stories, Reels and event tweets. Considering this, you might want to limit others from sharing your content. Whatever side you're on - original poster or reposter - there are solutions for you.

The social media restricts reposting deliberately. The app developers add masks, stickers, IGTV, Reels, everything you want, but not the opportunity to share other users’ content in your posts. This is done for copyright protection.

Instagram app features

Officially, the social media gives the opportunity to repost:

  • Stories and posts with some restrictions
  • IGTV
  • Reels
  • Content to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and from them

When you repost pics and videos, the original poster is noted automatically. An interested user can navigate to the origin page.

Reposting a Story 

Others’ -> Yours

You can repost Instagram Story added by another user only if you've been mentioned on it. Then a notification comes through in Direct. In the dialog with a user, who’s tagged you, appears the Story and a button “Add to Your Story” under it. Tap it to repost the IG Story to your profile. There is one more way - go to the Story you’ve been mentioned on from the authors’ page. You’ll see the line Add This to your Story at the bottom.

You can add stickers, text, or tag a person, place before reposting a Story. Business account owners can tag a Business Partner. Then the user will be able to promote the reposted Story.

Continue with tapping Send to. Choose Share near your avatar to make the photo or video appear in your Stories. Below is the “close Friends” feature, which sends the content only for the users you choose.

After you’ve succeeded to repost on Instagram Story, you’ll see the option to save it in Highlights. And in the dialog with the original poster you”ll see your repost.

Yours -> your posts

Reposting on Instagram to posts is easier.

  • Open your Stories.
  • Disclose the “More” menu below.
  • Choose Share as Post.

A regular interface for adding pictures and videos will appear. Edit the photo, type some text, add emoji and hashtags. Share with your subscribers.

Posts reposting

Others' -> your Stories

You can repost a post only to your Instagram Stories. Open a photo or video. Tap the paper plane icon under it and choose the option “Add post to your Story” at the top.

A regular Stories menu will open. The author’s link is under the post. Edit the picture or video and tap “Send to” to continue. Share it in Your Story and then, if necessary, save to Highlights.


IGTV repost on Instagram is possible both for your or someone else’s video. In the first case, you can add a video preview to the feed or Stories. In the second - only in Stories.

Reposting your IGTV

Make the button “post a Preview” active when uploading an IGTV video. A 15 seconds video will be shown in your subscribers’ feed, it allows to go to the full version.

Tap the paper plane under the preview-post or while watching the IGTV to add the video in your Instagram Stories. 

There is one more method to add your IGTV to your Stories. There is a button for adding a link at the top of the Stories editing menu. Choose IGTV and then one of your uploaded videos.

Reposting others’ IGTV

Others’ IGTV repost is possible from the author’s preview-post. If they added it, you can repost it the way described above, like a regular Instagram post. Open it, tap the paper plane at the bottom, choose the “Add video to you Story” option. 

The only bad thing is that a user has to go from page to page twice in order to watch the full video. First is to navigate to the original preview, second is tapping View IGTV or Keep watching to get to the full version. 


You can repost Reels to Stories. Add your or others' videos. Tap the paper plane under the video and choose add in Stories. Unfortunately, Reels repost to the feed posts is not possible.

Sharing Reels, like when sharing IGTV, you can add the video in the feed. The button “Post a Preview” is active by default. The full video will be shown in feed posts. After that, you can repost it to your Instagram Stories as a usual post. 

Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook

It’s possible to share Instagram photos and videos to other social media. It will bring more users, increase the audience, likes and comments number.

Posts and IGTV are to be reposted to Facebook while adding them to your IG profile. Turn on the “Make visible on Facebook” button when uploading a photo or video. Instagram posts can also be shared on Twitter and Tumblr. Tapping the button of a social media, you’ll be redirected to an authorization page or to select a linked page. After publication, the post or IGTV appear on Instagram and the social networks.

Posted Stories, posts, IGTV, Reels, both yours and someone else’s, can also be reposted from Instagram to other social media. Open a photo or video you need, tap the three dots, choose Share to...In the appeared interface you can choose an app to repost content - Facebook feed, Tumblr feed or publications, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram Direct, Gmail and others.

Your old posts can be reposted one another way. Open a post you want to share, then the three-dot menu, choose Post to Other Apps...Instagram app will offer to repost in Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Repost from Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook to Instagram is possible in Direct Messages.


Users can send a clip in Direct Messages, but the social network does not provide for repost to feed posts, Instagram Stories, IGTV or Reels. One can’t add video from Instagram to YouTube or the other way around without third-party apps and services. They have to download it first and then upload to the other social media in order to share it with all subscribers at once.

YouTube -> Instagram

An easy way to download a video is to add “ss” to the address line in a browser. Do not separate the letters with a dot, comma or other symbols. 

Working on a computer, type the letters before the word “youtube”.

In a mobile browser, replace “m” and the dot with “ss”.

If your phone automatically opens YouTube app to play a video, tap the share button and copy the link. Transform “” to “” to make it look like this:

Press Enter, you will be navigated to a download page. There you can choose the quality and file format. 

YouTube video can also be downloaded directly from the service website. Do not change the link from the Instagram app or browser. Just paste the copied address and press Enter. 

The download service website:

IG video length is limited to a minute for posts, and to 15 seconds for Stories. Reels give users up to 30 seconds. That’s why you better cut long videos or upload them in IGTV. The maximum length of the latter is 15 minutes when uploading from a phone and 60 minutes when uploading from a computer.

Instagram automatically divides a long Story into 15-seconds parts when you upload it. A user can cut video for posts and Reels when adding them, but considering the time limits.

Here you can cut a video online:

Don’t forget about video format. Instagram doesn’t restrict its users, but recommends mp4 and mov for posts. Use a video convertor. YT1 is one of the options, it downloads and converts a video in one go. 

You will probably want to edit a video before reposting. Spark Adobe allows to add stickers and text, and to make a video from separate footages. It has alternatives. In Lapwing you can add audio and pictures, record the screen and work with layers. Clipchamp, apart from editing features, has ready templates including options for vertical Instagram videos. 

Those, who post merely from a phone, will find the following app more convenient:

Upload an edited video to Instagram. Don’t forget to mention the original poster or the channel.

Instagram -> YouTube

Videos to be reposted from Instagram to YouTube are downloaded the same way using Savefrom or Igram services.

Your own Instagram Stories you can download by tapping the “Save” button in the three-dots menu. After that you can upload it to YouTube as usual. 

Repost without reference to the author

Repost without reference to the author is prohibited on Instagram. 100% identical photo and video copies without a reference to the author are against the network’s Terms of Use. The miscreant might be banned or, at their best, the post or Story will be blocked. 

Secure yourself by asking the original poster whether you can share his or her content before posting or reposting it in your profile. To make the subject clear from the beginning, tap the paper plane under a post or in Story and start typing the author’s username. Tap send to go into Direct Messages. There appeared a new dialog where you can ask the permission. If you’ve got the one, don’t forget to put a link to the author when repost. 

Respect the copyright and mention the author or source. Very often stolen content remains unnoticed by the social media administration. The authors themselves are unaware someone has posted their photos as original content. But your conscience will notice and be aware, and it will remind you about it with every new like, that another person actually deserves.

Though it is prohibited to repost on Instagram without mentioning the original poster, it is still possible. You can download users' Stories, both photos and videos, directly from Instagram, but only if you’ve reposted them to your profile. For all the other content, editing it and placing it on your page you have to use additional apps or services. 

Default mobile or computer programmes may be enough. Make a screenshot or screen recording. Use a pre-installed media viewer for editing. Its basic tools are enough to cut or paint over all the unnecessary. 

The great advantage of screenshots and screen recording is that they, unlike the services and most of the reposting apps, allow to save content from the Private Instagram accounts if you subscribed to them.


Neither from a phone nor a computer you can save an Instagram image in the usual way by the right-click. Make a screenshot to get a picture. You usually should:

  • Press Home + Power or Power + Vol+ on iPhone
  • Press Power + Vol- or swipe with three fingers on Android

Make a computer screenshot to get a pic of the maximum quality. A screenshot made from a big screen looks sharp on a mobile screen. But the shot from an iPhone or smartphone will be blurred on a computer. 

Press to make a computer screenshot:

  • Shift + Command + 3 for iOS
  • “PrintScr” или “PrintScr” + “Windows” for Windows

Edit the picture and post as usual. 

Screen recording

Screen recording is easier on iPhone and Android 11 and later, because they have default programmes for this purpose. Open a video, swipe down from the very top of the screen to open main features, choose screen recording. Watch the video and then turn the record off the same way. 

There are also Android apps that you can use for screen recording. Screen Recorder or Screen Recorder & Video Recorder are good ones. 

Video clarity depends on the screen resolution as in case with photos. It’s better to record a big screen, preferably on a computer. Then the video will be sharp and focused on any screen. 

Use online services like Screen App or Free Online Screen Recorder to record a computer screen.

After the video is recorded, you can cut it, add music and then post in your Insta profile. 

Reposting apps

Apart from content downloading apps and services, there are those allowing to repost on Instagram right in your profile. You can choose whether to mention original poster or not, edit photo and video. 

Repoista is a good reposting app for Android. It is not overfilled with ads and the features are free. There are only two of those - to repost on Instagram feed or Stories and to save on a smartphone. Authorisation is necessary for using the reposting app.

App Store has Repost: For Instagram to install on an iPhone. There it has a usable interface, the reposting app allows to repost a post, Instagram Stories, IGTV. After authorization you can repost from Private profiles if the content is available for your Instagram account.


Use services to download photo and video in the original quality and size online. After you download them, you can post them in your profile., which allows to download videos from YouTube, also gives a link to download content from Instagram. Copy a link of a photo or video post, Reels or IGTV. Paste it in the line and press Enter.

To download content using Ingrammer, you have to sign up. Authorized users can download posts, Stories, Highlights and IGTV. Copy a link from a profile, paste on the page of the online service, choose content to download. 

Photo, video, IGTV and Reels can be downloaded on Downloadgram. The service is fairly simple: you paste a content link — you get a link to download it.

Repost in Taplink

You can repost from Instagram using Taplink. Place downloaded photos in Carousel or Banner blocks, or add a video block. 

HTML block allows to repost your or someone else’s posts as sections with the originally posted text, hashtags and comments. You can also repost IGTV and Reels using Taplink. Copy a video preview-post link to do this.

Open an Instagram post, IGTV or Reels in a browser. Disclose the three-dot menu, choose “Embed”. Remove a tick from the box if you want to repost without text, hashtags and comments. Click “Copy Embed Code”.

Open Taplink, add HTML block, paste the embed code. On your Taplink page appeared the post, it looks exactly like on the author's page. To like, comment or watch the full version of a video, a user will be redirected to the original page.

Use texts, links and delimiters to make a page design, add comment on the reposted content and note the author.

If you haven’t created your social media landing page for Instagram yet, sign up by this link

How to prevent others from sharing your content

There is no guarantee your content will not be stolen. Private Instagram account has the highest chances to avoid copying its photo and video. Repost restrictions are less drastic but still working measures. 

Disallow users to repost your content from feed and IGTV to their Stories. Turn off the second button to keep users from reposting a Story from your profile to others in Direct.  

Turn off the “Reels Remix” button. Users will not be able to create their videos using yours.

If you worry someone will post your photos as their own, limit their access to your profile in Privacy settings. Only Personal Instagram accounts can be made Private. After that your posts and Stories will be shown only to subscribers. If you are mutually subscribed, there are big chances you will know they steal your content. Though, they can post photos and videos on pages you don't know about.

Read here how to limit access to your profile for particular users. 

The bottom line

You can repost others’ and your own photo and video to your Stories. Instagram also allows to repost your content to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Despite emphasis the social media puts on copyright protection, it is still possible to repost on Instagram whatever you want, even without original poster mention. All one can’t do directly in the Instagram app is possible to do in third-party apps and services.