Create your Instagram business bio + examples & ideas

Julia Moore
Reading time — 14 minutes

Instagram business bio takes a small part of the page. But it is that very conspicuous section by which people judge the whole profile. If it doesn’t pique interest, a visitor won’t view the rest of the page. Learn from this article how to tell about yourself and your product in a short and concise way, so that visitors don’t leave your page right away.

Before making bio

Profile photo, username, profile name allow to tell about yourself no worse than bio does.


If your business already has social media accounts, use the same name. Thus, users will find you on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter using search engine.

Choose your brand or shop name as a username setting up a new business. Shorten long names or use abbreviations.

The maximum login length is 30 symbols. Try to remain with up to 15. Choose a bright word associated with your business. Short and remarkable login is easier to find.

For small and local business use keywords. You can get them from GoogleAdwords or checking competitors’ profiles. Adding keywords will attract new customers who are looking for particular goods but don’t know about you. If you sell pies, think up a name involving this word, tasty_pies — to give just one example.

Profile name

A profile name is also limited with 30 symbols. Here an entrepreneur can give a full shop name or decipher username.

A profile name is indexed by a search engine. The keywords help to be higher in the search results. A new business should avoid generalization and names. Clients will search you using goods and services naming, not brand or personal names. Users look for “winter hats“, not “Susie’s shop”.

Local business should add city or district in its profile name. When a user searches for a place to have coffee, he or she is more likely to choose a profile named “Best coffee in Glendale”, because they know the place is somewhere nearby. And when users are looking for a coffee place by a search engine adding local keywords, the business will get one of the top positions.

Keywords are important for initial brand development. For a successful business its brand name takes precedence over the keywords. When people know about you, they search for the business precisely by its name.

You can emphasize advantages in your profile name. A coffee shop owner can write “Brew coffee since 1984” to show the long-time experience.

Stand out over competitors with creativity. The coffee shop can write “Blessed and coffee obsessed”. An example for a clothing store – “Our clothes highlight your colorful life”. A fitness coach can draw attention with the phrase “Hustle for more muscle”.

Profile photo

Choose a photo with big details and clear lines. Then the miniatures will be discernible and distinguishable. Upload pictures no less than 180x180 pixels.

If you already have an account for business in a social network, use the same photo on Instagram. Subscribers will easily recognize you with it. For a new business make a logo and use it both online and offline.

If you don’t have a logo, choose a photo associated with your goods or services. Using your pet’s photo as an avatar for an account selling honey is a bad idea. Instead, set a good picture of your product. The most popular good is an option for shops with a large assortment, or choose a product you want to sell more.

You can use a photo of your shop as well. If it stands separately, an entrepreneur can take a photo of the beautiful facade. An interior photo will do for a small business. Set a photo of a homey café table or a pickup point as an avatar.

There is no necessity to choose solemn photos even for a business account. Social networks help to be closer to the audience. Do not push people away with “a passport photo”, schematics and blueprints. A serious boss’s face or an electric pipe bender would scare the visitors.

In medicine and juristic field, on the other hand, it’s better to exhibit competence. A photo of a specialist in an office pictures serious attitude and reliability. People entrust their lives to doctors and lawyers. And they do not want to joke with their own health, money or freedom.


You can add category in Instagram business bio. It is displayed under your profile name. Light gray font color highlights the line over the rest of the text. Having looked at these couple of words, users know about your business without reading the remaining bio text.

Open edit profile menu and choose “Category” to add the attribute. Choose the right one from the offered list. Start keying a word and Instagram will suggest options.


Website link is displayed under Instagram business bio. This line is the only one where a link will be active. Links in bio or post text are not clickable.

You can add only one link in “Website” field. Account owners have to choose whether it will be an official site or Facebook shop, a page with sales and discounts, a product from a post, or a link for immediate communication in a chat app.

Use advanced link-in-bio tool Taplink if you want to add several links. It allows to place any number of links to your products, services, special offers, chatting apps and accounts on other social networks.


Business accounts can also add buttons with contact information. To do this, choose “Contacts” or “Contacts Options” and fill in the telephone, e-mail and address fields. Then save changes and go back to the edit menu. Open the “Profile display” menu below. Tap the button on the right of the “Display contact info” to turn it blue. After saving the settings there appear “Call”, “E-mail”, “Address” buttons in your profile. As they are clicked, a smartphone opens a dial, mail app or a map.

Shop button

Apart from contacts one can notice a “View shop” button in business profiles. It can be added in “Action Buttons” menu. Whatever option you choose further it requires linking with Facebook shop. The feature is available not in all countries, you can check the list here. Instruction for adding the button is here.

What to add in bio

Having seen a profile photo, the names and category, users have got some idea of what your business is. Instagram business bio gives more detailed information.

You have 150 symbols, but no necessity to use them all. Keep in mind that Instagram shows first 3-4 bio lines. The rest of the text is hidden behind the three dots and the word “more”.

You can fit up to 125 symbols in the displayed text. Special symbols take place of 1-2 symbols. Emoji take 2-3 symbols.

Try to use first lines for the most important information. Hardly anyone opens the full caption.

Bio text

Tell people why they should buy exactly from you and how to do it.

·         Describe your business in a couple of words. If you’ve done it above, give more details.

·         Outline specifics.

·         Note advantages.

·         If the assortment is small, you can add it in bio.

·         Another option is to mention connected accounts.

·         Provide links to the team.

·         Add address if run business offline.

In bio text you introduce yourself to the audience. It’s your call whether it will be jokes and friendly tone or a formal writing. But, as it has been said, social networks are to get an entrepreneur closer to customers. Look at the reeses’ funny and a bit sarcastic example.


Hashtags in bio are clickable unlike links. Tapping one, a user sees posts tagged by the same tag. Put the number sign (#) before a word to mark it as a hashtag.

Use your own hashtags to engage users and promote your account. Clients will post photos with your tags. Publishing and bloggers use hashtags for reviews. You and your potential clients will find real people’s opinions on the products and services quickly.

Call to action

You have a chance to encourage users to follow only one link. Draw the audience attention to it using creative phrases, fonts, symbols and emoji. Specify where the link navigates. People will be more inclined to tap it if they know where they’ll get.

Advice for a stand-out text design

·         For instance, Instagram business bio should be simple and understandable. Make it possible for a user to get the idea just looking through.

·         You don’t have to use all the space in bio. Include only useful information.

·         Structure information. Divide it into lines to make it easy for readers to find information they need.

·         Special symbols and emoji make bio delightful and appealing. It is another way to divide information. Don’t be afraid to use them. Even big serious brands decorate their Instagram business bio.

·         The blue tick increases credibility. This verified sticker indicates your profile as official. It’s easier for customers to decide to make purchases seeing it.

Fonts for bio

Fonts make Instagram accounts more appealing.

Use services and apps to change fonts in bio.

·        IGFonts offers hundreds of options including fonts combinations and emoji. The service also allows to make up your own fonts.

·         There is Fonts & Texts Emoji for Instagram for iOS.

·         Android has worthy analogs – Cool Fonts for Instagram or Stylish Text Fancy Font.

You should first key text in any of it. The service or app will offer options. Find the one close to your brand font, or choose any other you like among them. Copy the text and paste it in bio field.

Examples and ideas

Look at the examples of Instagram business bio below to inspire and create your own design. There are multiple Taplink links in the profiles. Navigating them, clients can choose a chat app to reach a seller, find links to products and current offers. You can make a landing page with all necessary links too.

The bakery is specialized on cookies and uses the keyword in its username and profile name. It uses emoji to make bio more beautiful. There are awards mentioned to show the mastery. The bakery uses Taplink. At the top of the page one can see a carousel with pictures-invitations to the website. There are useful links and explanations to them given below. Instagram and Facebook buttons for chatting are added to the page. The landing also has links to a YouTube channel and personal Amazon collections.

Muremure baking has changed the font and added emoji in her Instagram business bio. She set her own photo as an avatar to be closer to the visitors. There is a call to order in one click above the link. Navigating it, a user gets to a page with short product caption and chat apps to choose and make an order.

The clothing shop has chosen its logo as a profile photo. Six white lines are distinguishable even on a small screen. Instagram business bio is quite simple. There is a blue tick on the right of the username. The shop added hashtags in bio making its posts easy to find for customers.

A short link at the bottom leads to a fully-worked-out landing. The Cuts uses a plain background which is the brand’s color – black. At the top of the page one can see a logo and a dynamic video. There are links to the most recent collection and the Facebook page below. At the bottom of the page users can find links to other collections and social networks.

Logo is set as a profile photo. The Vits uses the keyword “clothing” in its username and profile name. The seller also included an advantage which is prices under 160 thousand Indonesian rupiah. Category clarifies the store is a brand. Bio is divided with lines and dashes.

There is a call to action for link in bio. Navigating it we can see the two buttons – to go to a web shop and to text in WhatsApp. On the same page users can get answers to frequent questions by opening the one they need.

Samovar on avatar is a logo and a reference to the business – Russian tours – at the same time. The word “tours”, which is the one that users will look the service for, is used in the name and category. Travel agency shows its offers in bio text. The third line also provides more information for the link in bio.

Information about the nearest departure dates and WhatsApp button are placed on the landing. Below one can find more options for particular types of tours.

Potential clients will find the travel agency by the “travel” word in the profile name. Business type is marked in category. The agency described its tours shortly in bio text. Information is separated into lines with emoji. There is a call to action in the form of a question before the link. Interested clients will tap the link to get answers.

Going by the Taplink link users get to a stunning page. Bright background and emoji make the page engaging. Animated buttons refer to the pages with frequently requested information.

Now you can make your best Instagram business bio.

Write in the comments below which of the examples you like most of all.