How to get on the Instagram Explore page

Social Media Specialist
Updated 25 April, 2024
Lauren Taylor
Social Media Specialist
Going on the Instagram Explore page can be compared with getting the prime time on TV. It is a perfect place to grab the attention of your audience and potential clients. No matter who you are — a personal trainer, a life coach, or a software developer — you would hardly ever miss a chance to improve your reach and to show up to someone else beside your friends from the followers list.
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What's special about the Instagram Explore page?

Instagram Explore page shows posts, reels, stories, which you may like. It is tailored for each user individually, based on their personal interests and preferences. Some people ignore this page, but the smartest ones find ways to get the most out of it. 

The Instagram Explore page aims to show you the content you may get excited about. This is why many people consider this page to be "the most exciting" in the app.

Generally, Instagram Explore page shows the most popular content among the content you may like. These are the post that get to this page: 

  • posted by the accounts that your followers have subscribed to.
  • posts that your friends like and comment.
  • posts that made your friends purchase.

That's why the Explore page looks different for Instagram users, which actually increases your chances to get your posts show up there. 

Going to the Instagram Explore page is a kind of an account promotion. These organic growth tools for Instagram can help you get followers without any commercial implication.

When you get on the Instagram Explore page, you get a lot of new followers. The platform has almost 800 million visitors every month, and they are actively using the application for multiple purposes. And most of them check the Explore tab regularly. You can expand your audience and become a social media influencer if you get on this page.

Brands increase their sales when they get on the Instagram Explore page. Their posts are shown to the people interested in their product. And these are millions of people. Thus, they get a lot of new clients.

How Instagram Explore page algorithm works

If you want to get on the Instagram Explore page, you need to have a clear sense of how the Instagram algorithm works. It tracks the users' daily interactions so that to capture their interests and preferences. Considering this data, the system generates the content, which is relevant to every individual user.

Instagram Explore page is different for users. If you are interested in makeup trends and brand cosmetics, you will never see World Rally Championship videos. But you will surely be offered some stunning makeup tutorials and beauty tips.

Advantages of Explore page for your Instagram marketing

Generally, the Explore page is one of the Instagram tools that helps you to achieve marketing goals. You can increase brand awareness and get new customers when getting on it. And all these without much effort. 

If you are shown up on the Instagram Explore page, you have a good chance to get more leads for your commercial purposes. With the increased number of new followers, likes, and mentions, you gain an opportunity to sell more products investing the same amount of effort and money in your brand promotion.

Getting on the Instagram Explore page is, actually, all about the way you interact with your audience. Ultimately, if your content is worth the users' attention, they will see it sooner or later. All you need to do is to follow our tips below.

Tips how to get on the Instagram Explore Page

These tips will get your posts to the Instagram Explore page. A lot of people will see them. And the more people see you, the higher are the chances they like, comment and buy. 

Interact with your Instagram audience

The content people see on the Explore page depends on what their friends like, comment, and view on Instagram most often. Thus, if you want to go viral on the social network using this tab, you need to interact with users. Subscribe to the users from your target audience, like their posts, chat with them in the comments and DM.

When you interact with users, your posts are shown on their friends' Explore pages on Instagram. And the more you interact, the higher your chances are and the more often your posts appear there.

The good news is that the interaction can be automated with promotion tools. is the one you should try first. It is effective: it finds your audience and interacts with these users. It is safe: it has the app in Play Market. And while it interacts with your audience, you can focus on other ways to get on the Explore page. 

Know your Instagram audience

You have to clearly understand your customers’ interests and needs if you want to get on the Instagram Explore page. Thus, you can create content they like. This is both about the followers and people who don't know about you yet.

If you post what your followers want to see, they like, comment and share your content. These are good signs for the algorithms. When they interact with your content, your posts go on the Instagram Explore page of their friends.

When you post what your Instagram audience wants to see, they open your photos and videos on the Explore page, go to your profile and subscribe. These are also good signs for the algorithms, your posts are shown up to the users more often.

Choose the right time to post on Instagram

This fact is evident: the Instagram algorithm shows on the Explore page the content that gets more reach and engagement. And the right time for posting may help you to increase the rates. If you post stories in the time when your followers are using the app, you have a stronger chance to get noticed in the feed, get more likes and comments.

Know the time when most of your subscribers are online. We wrote a guide about the best time to post on Instagram

Instagram hashtags help to get on the Explore page

Hashtags have proved to be a perfect marketing tool. They help your Instagram posts to get on the Explore page and be discovered by millions users. 

Adding hashtags allows Instagram users to find the content they need on the Explore page, no matter who shared it. This refers to all sorts of hashtags. You can add the mark to your post based on its topic, brand, mood, purpose, location and whatever else.

Think thoroughly about the tags. They must be relevant to the posts, reels, and stories you upload. Otherwise, the effect will be exactly the opposite. People do not like when someone pushes them to see what they don't want to.

One more tip: try to avoid promotional hashtags, even if they seem to be quite "innocent". Instead, you should use your brand tags with whereabouts, topic of the hour, and entertainment stuff that can appeal to your target audience.

Collaborate with Instagram creators

Collaborating with popular creators is an effective way to get on the Instagram Explore page. If you make friendship with a famous brand, you get an opportunity to reach its audience. 

Popular influencers' post has higher chances to get to the Instagram Explore page. And if you are mentioned or shown it in, users will know about you. The audience of the influencer may start seeing your posts on this page.

Choose an influencer from your industry. Then, your will reach your target audience. You may also want to chose a person who is approximately as famous as you are, then you can promote each other. Big influencers are not likely to promote small brands, or they take money for it. 

Make visitors from the Instagram Explore page into customers

If you are interested in how to get on the Instagram Explore page, you probably want to draw attention of potential customers. But getting it is only half of the matter. The other half is to make them buy.

People from the Explore Page buy if you make this prosses as easy as it can be. First, make sure you clearly say what you sell in your bio. Secondly give them a link that gives all the answers. This link should lead to your Instagram landing page.

On your landing page, people who come from Instagram Explore page can learn how to buy and can find the buy button. You can quickly create your page on Taplink and put all the information there. Below you can see a page example. If you like it, use this template to create a similar page after a quick sign-up.

The bottom line

If you want to get on the Instagram Explore page, you should prove you are an impressive and trustworthy content creator.

Interact with your audience, mind the posting time and use hashtags. You should also collaborate with popular influencers from your niche and try to stay sociable, friendly, and helpful. Then, you will be recommended to other users on the page. 

Make the visitors who get to your profile from the Instagram Explore page into customers. Explain in your bio who you are, create a landing page on Taplink and link to it in bio. Come up with a style and use it on your profile page.