Catch up with Instagram trends in 2022

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 16 February, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Looking for ways to create a perfect online space, Instagram scrutinized the nature of modern teenagers and young people aged 13 to 24 years. The results were gathered in the Instagram trend report. Let's take a closer look at what to expect and do on the platform in 2022.
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Gen-Z forms new Instagram trends

In an attempt to understand the interests of young people and predict the trends of 2022, Instagram conducted its research. 1,200 users aged 13 to 24 in the United States (in other words, representatives of generation Z) were surveyed. 

Why did Instagram choose them? The reason is that people born between 1997 and 2008 are the users who form modern trends. Additionally, it's the largest aged group of the entire audience. 

"These future-focused audiences are consistently creating the reality they want to live in," Instagram representatives said.

The Instagram trends report have the following categories:

  • music;
  • fashion;
  • influencers;
  • beauty;
  • education and career;
  • social justice, etc.

The study reveals to the world what young users want to see on Instagram. The report is presented in a PDF file. Its cover looks like a 1980s VHS, but it actually has a reference to the trends of 2022.

Fashion & beauty trends on Instagram

Generation Z can be described as the tolerant. Now naturalness, body positivity, and the self-expression with no fear are the priority. Representatives of this generation aren't afraid to show their interests and accept the life vision of other people.

What does it mean for Instagram fashion trends? Teenagers and young people now prefer comfortable and free clothes in pastel shades. And they are also interested in retro-style clothes. And these are what you will see more and more on the platform. You should post more of these too if you run a blog about clothing and style.

As for cosmetics Insta trends, the tendency is similar. About a third of respondents pay more attention to the environmental friendliness of care and decorative cosmetics. Teenagers and young people prefer to apply fewer care products and look at their composition. The products must be natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. These are the trends to catch up with in 2022.

Check these trending fashion and beauty accounts that Instagram recommends: lexsonator, troydylanallen, beepybella.

What about Instagram shopping?

Another Gen-Z feature is sustainable consumption and eco-conscious living. Approximately 23% of teenagers and young people are ready to buy clothes in online second-hand stores. And 24% plan to sell their clothes too. Conscious consumption and environmental protection make fashion more eco-friendly.

Online shopping is going up in trends and Instagram supports it. If now for online purchases it is most often necessary to go to the brand's website, then in 2022 a quarter of respondents expect the platform to introduce new features that will allow them to buy things directly in the app.

Instagram also presented a list of popular hashtags in 2022:

  • #shopsmall;
  • #shoplocal;
  • #shopsmallbusinesses;
  • #shopsmallfirst;
  • #sustainbalefashion.

Pay attention to these Instagram profiles: roguegarms, funnyprettynice, tiredthrift.

Instagram Reels trends

Reels have become a trend almost as soon as they appeared on Instagram. The short video format will continue to gain popularity in 2022. More than a third of teenagers want to see even more dance challenges

Furthermore, over 70% of teenagers are planning to find lit songs and singers using Reels.

24% of Instagram users expect to see a visual music experience. In addition, a quarter of respondents want to attend an online concert directly on Instagram.

If you're about to start making Reels, pay attention to these accounts: red418, boymeetsale, charlizeglass.

About celebrities & creators world

The trend is that creators are becoming popular among Instagram users in 2022. 80% of young people surveyed are sure that online influencers already have more bearing on the formation of culture than actors, singers, etc.

Nowadays, Instagram is full of different kinds of bloggers. That's why, teenagers and young people look at the content that influencers create, but not at the number of followers.

Bloggers who are preferred: axaila, officiallydaitime, wafiaaa.

Will career & education remain the same?

COVID-19 pandemic made us look at education from another angle. And this was bound to determine the trends in 2022. Let's see what to expect from Instagram.

When lockdowns started around the world, online education became the only way for getting knowledge. That's why it is trending now, and we'll see more of it on Instagram soon.

More than 66% of young people have reconsidered their attitude to a college education. First, it's quite expensive. Then, a diploma doesn't guarantee a prestigious job at all. 90% of respondents are sure that vital knowledge comes in real life, and not in classrooms.

The attitude to work has also changed. 63% of Generation Z respondents claim that their career goals have become different with the arrival of COVID-19. Now a high salary isn't a priority for them.

For the younger generation, success is not about money, but about finding the life mission. They are willing to work for less money in a job that will please them. 

Instagram food trends

Cooking will remain a trending topic in 2022. There are plenty of foodie blogs on Instagram. You should also know that according to the trends report, young users now want to see more complex recipes

The interest in cooking is so high that every sixth respondent would like to arrange at-home molecular gastronomy. If you are in doubt what topic to post about, choose this trend, and you'll succeed on Instagram!

One in five of the young people over the age of 21 plan to learn how to make cocktails or learn new ways to get ingredients for them.

Trendy hashtags on Instagram in 2022:

  • #food;
  • #comfortfood;
  • #veganfoodie;
  • #foodblogger.

Here are some food blogs you can follow: chefjoshr, morganlynzi, pierceabernathy

Look at these amazing ideas for a food bio on Instagram!

Holistic Wellness 

Teenagers and young people pay considerable attention to their mental and physical health. More and more people are engaged in meditation, yoga, and attending group training. Instagram users aren't afraid to try themselves in new fields and find new hobbies. For instance, one-fourth of all respondents plan to start drawing, writing music, etc. Thus, this trend contunues to gain popularity.

It's worth noting that in 2022, home workouts will be more popular among Instagram users. So, 48% of users of the social network will prefer training at home. At the same time, only 34% of people who don't use Instagram will be ready to replace gym training with home ones.

Instagram invites you to follow these trending blogs: emilyodesser, ariellegeismar, sadgirlsclub

Gaming trend

Coronavirus brought us another Insta trend, which is video games. Attention to video games has increased over the past couple of years. 40% of teenagers and young people expect more gaming content from Instagram in 2022.

Users would like to see branded clothing for virtual heroes or watch streams directly through Instagram.

Here are some blogs for you: windowsen,, mavisdeluna

Memes are a classic

Memes have always been popular on Instagram. This is an ever-present and undying trend since the dawn of the Internet. Now, when there is so much negative news in the world, memes help to keep a positive spirit

In 2021, every fifth teenager or young person paid great attention to memes, and in 2022, the number of people with a stake will increase even more.

Social Justice

Instagram users are the most active participants in various sociopolitical events. Thus, they are more likely to vote in local, regional, and state elections. Thus, these topics are a new trend that we will watch developing this year.

It's more effective to spread social or political news on Instagram than, for example, in newspapers. Therefore, more young people will see the information.

In 2021, 32% of users donated money to social events, and in 2022, this amount, according to the report, will increase to 37%.

52% of Instagram users follow accounts about social justice. And in 2022, this figure will rise. 

If you also want to be where the action is, then look at these blogs: dejafoxx, phiawilson, nadyaokamoto.

Want to become a successful blogger too?

Now, absolutely everyone can become an Instagram blogger, but not everyone can achieve popularity. And every year it becomes more and more difficult to find your audience. Users are already fed up with the huge number of Instagram bloggers sharing trends' popularity, who are constantly teaching something, entertaining, posting photos and videos. 

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Let’s recap

Every year, influencers and owners of online stores on Instagram are concerned about how to call the attention of a young audience. To keep the lights on and help online businesses to promote, Instagram presented the trends for 2022.

Here are a few insights that we can draw from this report:

  • Gen-Z prefers natural cosmetics. They also opt for clothes in a minimalistic and comfortable style.
  • Sustainable consumption is another trend of the modern generation. Therefore, in 2022, more people will be more conscious about buying clothes on Instagram.
  • Instagram Reels will gain popularity and become a source of new music and musicians.
  • Gen-Z pays attention not to the number of likes and followers, but the quality of the content.
  • Getting a diploma and a high salary is no longer the goal of the younger generation. 
  • In 2022, Instagram users will share more complex food recipes to get in trends.
  • Home workouts will be more popular than gym training. More teenagers and young people would like to try themselves in new activities. 
  • A young audience would like to buy clothes for virtual heroes and watch streams directly through Instagram.
  • Memes will still be trending.
  • In 2022, even more representatives of generation Z will follow sociopolitical blogs. The number of people willing to participate in charity will increase either.