TikTok marketing strategy for your brand

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated May 17, 2022
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
TikTok is no more a platform for kids. It’s another tool for brand promotion on social media. If you also have to admit to it after being in denial for long, you probably want to know how to use this tool. Now we will explain TikTok marketing, getting all social media ducks in a row.
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Switch to business account

The first thing you need to do in order to promote your brand on TikTok effectively is to switch your account to business. It gives you:

  • Additional fields in the profile settings. You can add an active link in bio, e-mail, and set your page category.
  • Additional audio to add to your clips, that a personal account doesn’t have.
  • Ads tools. We’ll tell you about them later. 
  • New sections with popular videos. They will help you to understand what TikTok clips get more reach and engagement currently. 

Here is how you can switch to business:

  1. Tap the three lines.
  2. Choose Manage account.
  3. Tap Switch to Business Account.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Decide on a category and tap the circle near it.
  6. Choose Next.

Fill out your TikTok profile

The next step is filling out your profile information. Make sure your page tells users about your brand.

Name and username

Your name and username should correspond to your brand’s name. Then, users, who know about you, can find you on TikTok by the name.

Usernames can only consist of Latin letters, numbers, underscores, and dots. If your username is written with another alphabet, use transliteration. If the name includes other special characters, omit them.

Names can consist of any alphabet or special characters. That’s why you can always write the original brand’s name in this field.

Profile photo on TikTok

Use your brand’s logo as a profile photo. If you promote your personal brand, set your photo. Make sure the photo is bright enough, and the objects in it are large enough, to be identified.

250*250 pixels is the smallest size of the profile picture that we succeeded to upload. Though, TikTok support tells 20*20 pixels is the minimum size. For having its best, we recommend setting a pic no less than 1080*1080 pixels, like on Instagram.

There is also a profile video on TikTok, that can last from 3 to 6 seconds. If you add both the picture and video, users see the picture on your page. They can see the video if they tap your profile pic.

TikTok link in bio

Add a link to your bio. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this. You can promote your product in the videos and then suggest following the link in your bio to buy it.

We recommend that you create a page for your bio on Taplink. The service offers all the tools you may need for effective TikTok marketing, from pictures to payment systems. You can create a page from scratch or use ready templates.

Here are examples of the link in bio pages made on Taplink. You can use these templates after free signing up.

Text in TikTok bio

Fill out the text in your bio to give more information about yourself to users. Tell them what you do, what your advantages and distinctions are. It will be good for your social media marketing, if you add a call to action for the link in your TikTok bio.

Write the text in short sentences and structure it. Use emoji and special characters, they help to group information and make the text beautiful.

Here you can read more about composing a good bio.

Learn how marketing on TikTok works

A successful digital marketing plan for your TikTok account is impossible without understanding how the social media platform works. We suggest reading the article How to become TikTok famous. There, we describe what and how to post so that users watch your videos and subscribe.

In short, you need to make content of high quality and expand your audience.

  • High-quality content means both good technical parameters and worthy ideas. Video resolution should be at least 1080*1920 pixels. The ideas should be interesting and comprehensible to your audience.
  • Audience expansion is possible if you use hashtags and apply influencer marketing. Besides, if you have accounts on other social media platforms, you can invite your followers from there to your TikTok account.

Taplink page will be of much help if you are going to invite your followers from other socials. Add a button by which users will be able to get to your TikTok profile and subscribe. Make it stand out by placing it at the top, adding animation, or using contrast colors. Put the link to this landing page to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter bio. In your publications, let users know you have a TikTok account, where you post hilarious videos.

Monitor your rivals on TikTok

To clearly understand how far you can get on TikTok with your brand, and what you should post, go to your rivals’ profiles. You may already know some of your rivals who run accounts on the social media platform, search for them by their names. Searching by hashtags, you may find even more accounts relevant to your field.

Pay attention to what your rivals do. Look which of their videos get more likes, views, and comments. Try to create similar content. Also, pay attention to the clips which haven’t got high reach and engagement, so you will know what is bad for your digital marketing on TikTok.

In your rivals' profiles, you can also find more hashtags that you can use.

Make a content plan for your TikTok marketing

Content-plan is an important part of your marketing strategy. You need to upload videos to your profile every day. And not just one clip, but three at least. Sooner or later, you’ll face the problem — you don’t know what to show to the users. So you better plan what you will upload ahead.

Include videos about a coming holiday, premier, sports match, or any other significant to many people event in your plan. It’s important to make it relevant to your topic. Then, your TikTok audience will watch it. Even better if you insert an ad in your clip.

Here is an example. Assume, you promote a restaurant on TikTok, and it’s Christmas coming. You can record a video about how people celebrate the main winter holiday at your place. This way you show that your restaurant is so comfy and cozy, that people choose it as a venue for the family holiday.

Don’t forget about your brand’s events. Shoot a video about your company’s birthday, announce the release of a new product, thank your followers that there are 1,000 more of them now.

Spare a room for trends. You never know what will make users go crazy next week. You will know the trends when the week comes, and you open the Discovery page.

Consider ads in your marketing strategy for TikTok

On TikTok, as anywhere on social media, you can promote an account using ads. Then, you gain your audience faster. You can collaborate with influencers or launch ads using tools in TikTok Ads manager.

If you work with influencers, choose those, who post on the topic close to yours, and who would use your product. Then you will reach your target audience. Besides, your advertisement won’t be hard-selling, so you will be considered positively.

For example, when you want to promote your plastic mats for mugs, you better involve interior designers in the campaign, not a breatharian posting on #consciousconsumption or #sustainability.

You can launch advertisements in the Ads Manager to promote your account without TikTok influencer marketing. In the Ads manager, you can choose your target audience parameters and campaign goals. You can also choose where your ads will be displayed — in the feed or on the screen when a user opens the app.

Here is how the feed ads look.

Check your TikTok statistics

After posting several videos, you get statistics. It helps to track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and correct your plan to achieve higher results.

You can get the statistical figures from your profile page.

  1. Open the three lines menu
  2. Choose Creator tools.
  3. Go to Analytics

Analytics gives more understanding of what you should post. On this page, you can see how many likes, comments, and views your videos have. So you can figure out the most popular type of the content in your profile. Post more on the same topic, type, provide information in the same manner.

By analyzing different parameters, you will know how to make your digital marketing on TikTok more effective. For example, you see that the Average Watch Time is several times less than the full video length. It means that you failed to catch users’ attention. Try to make your clips more dynamic and vibrant, interesting, or make them shorter.

If you are a marketer, you will easily understand what corrections your marketing plan needs. If you’ve never promoted an account on social media before, we recommend reading our guide on Instagram Analytics first. Statistics on these social media platforms have much in common.

Know your TikTok audience

You need to understand who your viewers are. Then you can create videos that will be viewed and liked. For example, if most of your viewers are from South America, your advice on how not to freeze in a snowbank will not be relevant. Or, you use slang, but then realize the biggest part of your audience is adults, then you better switch to a more mature vocabulary.

When you’ve just started putting your TikTok marketing plan into practice, there are no audience statistics in your account. But you can use the data from your other social media accounts, or from your website. But don’t forget to edit your plan when you find out that your TikTok audience differs, for example, by age.

If you don’t have any information about your viewers at all, base your social media strategy on the general TikTok insights. Here is what you should know:

  • Most TikTok users are 19-29 years old. Almost the same amount of them are under 18. The number of users after 30 is significantly smaller.
  • As for location, the biggest part of the audience is from South-East Asia, the proportion of North-American users is a bit less. Europeans are in third place.

The bottom line

Promotion on TikTok is similar to promotion on other social media platforms. First, you need to fill out your profile. Then, you need to create a content-plan and correct it according to the statistics you get.

Your profile should tell users about your brand. The name and username should be relevant to your or your brand’s. Your profile pictures should also be associated with you. Don’t forget to add your Taplink page link to your bio, then you’ll turn your viewers into your customers.

Think ahead about what you will post. Upload more videos that are funny and entertaining. You can get more ideas and know what your audience likes from your rivals’ pages, the Discover page, and in your business manager.

Advertisements on TikTok help you to achieve your digital marketing goals quicker. You can work with TikTok influencers, and launch the ads in the Ads Manager.

What is the topic of the videos that you will make on TikTok? Write in the comments!