How to get TikTok famous in 2024

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 06 May, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
So, you are signed up on TikTok. Your best friend and your mom have subscribed to you. And, maybe, a couple of your colleagues or classmates. But there is not much excitement in posting for 3.5 followers, and there is not much profit in it. Now we’re going to tell you where to get more followers and how to get TikTok famous and popular.
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Consider the quality of your TikTok content to go famous

Check your mic and camera before you start your way to popularity and get TikTok famous. 

Shoot videos of high quality

Clear and sharp clips without artifacts are way more pleasant to watch. This has become essential on socials. We recommend pay enough attention to it if you want to get famous on TikTok.

The maximum resolution on TikTok is 1080x1920 pixels. These are also the best numbers. Videos of lower quality will not be clear. And if they are of higher quality, they will be compressed to the mentioned parameters anyway. 

Add a good audio

Think about the audio too if you want to become TikTok famous. Quality of sound is as important as the quality of a picture. The audio should be loud enough so that people can identify the words. At the same time, don’t turn the volume up too much to avoid damaging their ears. 

The volume should be even throughout your TikTok video. Until only its changing is a part of the clip's idea. 

Choose what your TikTok content will be about 

Once your account is set up, you've got a cool username and a link in your bio, you can get to a marketing strategy.

You are able to get TikTok famous only if you adhere to one topic. So choose it first. 

The more you post on the same topic, the more you understand how to create posts for getting high reach and engagement. And that’s exactly what you need to become TikTok famous.

You get TikTok famous quicker when you target a specific audience. Users subscribe to you if they like your videos. In the future, they will expect more of the same from you. If you change the topic, they unsubscribe. 

TikTok account dedicated to a single topic with is keto diet recipes

Stand out, show people something they haven’t seen. To become more unique, choose a narrowly targeted topic. Then people on TikTok will want to watch your videos, this is a direct way to get famous!

For example, your TikTok profile is about traveling. How to narrow your topic? You can go to unknown countries, or tell about the locals or national cuisines in where you travel. Narrow topics for this example may also be scams and tricks that tourists typically fall for in a country, or how you can save money exploring a city.

Make content that catches attention

Your must post interesting content to get TikTok famous. It may be dynamic so that one won’t be able to stop watching, or useful, in which every sentence is a unique idea that one hasn't heard before.

Think about the way you will bring information on TikTok, it should be interesting if you want to get famous. For example, if you sing national songs, dress in clothes that suit national holidays. If you sing songs from films, dress like the main characters. Even better, if there are several characters who sing a song, you take all the roles and switch between them during the video. 

Know the talk of the TikTok town

To get TikTok famous, you should shoot videos that raise emotions in users. In order to do so, make them about what interests users in general and your audience specifically.

Peek at the influencers profiles

Influencers with millions of followers sure know what to do to become popular on TikTok. They know what clips to make to get more views and likes. Look at what they do and do something close to it. 

Jump on TikTok’s bandwagons

Don’t miss the opportunity to shoot your own trend or challenge video. Such videos often become viral, thus, this is a good chance to get TikTok famous.

You can see the trends and challenges in the Discover tab. At the top of the tab, you will see the most popular hashtags. There are also challenges among them. Near each name, there is the total number of views for all videos with the tag. 

Highlighted Discover tab in the TikTok phone app

At the same time, try to stay within the profile topic so that your content remains interesting to your followers. Remember, saving your followers is as important as getting new ones when you want to get TikTok famous. And adhering to a topic guarantees you gain followers who are really interested in the topic and that they remain subscribed.

Let’s look at an example and assume the #sporttiktok is currently on the top. But you review smartphones on TikTok and stay around your couch in real life. Then you can create a video about the best apps for sport — trekkers or workout programs. Or you can show people how to exercise while staying in bed. Let’s say, lift your legs 5 times after every third TikTok video.

Post videos in popular TikTok genres

Know famous TikTok genres. In their research, Semrush gives a table with the genres, and also the number of the views, likes, reposts, and comments for each one. You can see the information below. Look at it, and you’ll find that TikTok users, as everywhere on the Internet, go to social media for memes and cats. 


If you post in these genres, you have higher chances to become TikTok famous. Whatever your profile is about, you can always adjust to them. 

It’s simple when you create amusing content for TikTok. For example, you make musical videos. Then, you can sing your favorite songs and dance mugging for the cameras, or invite your pet to the creative process.

But if your profile is about cars what should you do to get TikTok famous? Then, show funny situations on the road, show you dancing in a traffic jam or near your car outdoors, and sit your pet on the passenger seat, preferably in a stylish hat. 

Try putting songs on your clips

Use the app sounds to get TikTok famous, they make your content way more interesting and catchy. According to Semrush statistics, more than a half of viral TikTok videos have a song as an audio track. So, you’d rather try this format to go famous fast. 

You can get currently popular TikTok songs in the posting menu.

  1. Tap the plus.
  2. Tap Add song.
Tapping the plus in the TikTok appTapping Add sound in the TikTok camera

You will see the songs divided into categories.

Song categories in the music menu in the TikTok phone app

You can find songs that are used on TikTok most often on the desktop Discover page. Follow this link. You will see the most popular songs, hashtags, and accounts.

TikTok page with the most popular songs, hashtags, and accounts

Be honest to be TikTok famous

Be authentic to be famous on TikTok. Be true to yourself and always post what you like, and say what you really believe in. This is not the only, but the best approach when you want to get popular on TikTok.

Followers will appreciate your honesty, even if you look hilarious or dump. You won’t have to struggle thinking about what your audience will like, if you’ve gathered an audience that likes you. 

Expand your TikTok audience

When you've shot your marvelous content, and maybe even posted some, you need to let others know about your pieces of work. You won't get TikTok famous without users watching your videos. Now we will tell you about the best ways to expand your audience. 

Post regularly to get famous

One video a day is a bare minimum to fuel users’ interest in your profile. But it is usually not enough to get famous on TikTok, so post more.

Besides, the more you post, the more people you reach. We advise you to make a content plan ahead of time so that you always know what to post. 

Go live to get TikTok famous

Lives are a good way to draw users attention to your account which helps to get TikTok famous. People who don't know about you yet may see you in the lives tab. Besides, interaction with them and your followers makes a close connection. Read our guide on going live on TikTok with any number of followers. 

Add hashtags to your clips

Hashtags are another tool to use to expand your audience and get TikTok famous. Use hashtags, then users who are not subscribed to you will be able to find your videos by them. You will gain more reach. And if your content is of good quality, you will gain engagement too. The higher these rates in your TikTok account are, the more famous you are.

On TikTok, there are no limits on how many tags you can add in a publication caption. You are only limited with the number of characters in the caption, which is 2,200 characters. 

Think twice about the text and check it before tapping "post" because if you want to edit a caption on TikTok, you have to re-upload the video. You will lose the statistics the video has got. This may slow you down when you want to become TikTok famous, especially if you have to edit the captions often.

Use TikTok statistical tools

Track the statistics of your content. This gives an understanding of what you should post to get famous on TikTok. You don’t even have to switch to a professional account to get it, as you do on Instagram. Go to the Creator tools section or Analytics in a single publication to find the figures. 

Highlighted Creator tools in the TikTok app on a smartphoneHighlighted Analytics in the Creator tools in the TikTok app

Use the statistics to understand what videos your audience enjoyed watching most of all, and what it didn’t like. Make content similar to what has the highest reach and engagement, so you will get TikTok famous. 

Read how to check Instagram Insights, the metrics there are similar to TikTok analytics metrics.

Repost to other social media networks

If you have become famous on Instagram, then you can get the same popularity on TikTok. Entice your followers from one platform to another. 

Repost one of your videos to your Stories or feed.

  1. Tap the three dots
  2. Choose Instagram. Or you can choose Stories at this step. 
  3. Choose Feed or Stories
Tapping the three dot menu in the TikTok feedChoosing Instagram in the TikTok sharing menuChoosing Feed in the TikTok sharing menu

IG users will see your TikTok username, and find and subscribe to you on this social network. 

Highlighted TikTok username in a reposted video in the Instagram feed

You can also place your TikTok profile link in your Instagram bio. Then, people won’t have to search for you by the username. Be thoughtful about this and more people will follow you, which means you will get TikTok famous faster. 

We recommend creating a page about your brand using templates on Taplink. Add all your social profile links on it. If you are actively promoting your TikTok profile now, place its button at the top. Make it animated to draw users’ attention. Below you can put buttons to other social media platforms, for example, Pinterest, Twitch account link, YouTube channel link and dozens of others. 

Taplink page made for musician’s social profiles on TikTok and Instagram

Like this page? Follow the link to get the page template after a quick sign-up. You only need to replace the template information, and then your page is ready!

Put the link to your Taplink page in your bio on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Tell about the link in your publications so that users follow it. Start with free signing up.

We wrote a step-by-step guide on how to add a link to your TikTok bio. There we also explained how this helps you to become famous.

Leave comments under popular TikTok videos

Appear to users in their accounts to get TikTok famous. Make yourself known in the comments under popular videos. Try to write funny or interesting comments.

How this will help you to become famous on TikTok? You will draw users’ attention. Besides, the most liked comments are displayed above all the others, which means more people see them. Some of these people will go to your profile and watch your videos.

Collaborate with other TikTokers

Collaboration with TikTok creators running accounts of any size will be beneficial for you both. You can get famous on TikTok.

  • Mega macro influencers. If you haven’t got a million followers or a million of dollars, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell to get it work either. But you can try to become friends with mega-macro influencers or ask them politely. 
  • Users like you. Such collaboration will be beneficial for both of you. Your followers will know about them, and their followers will know about you. So, you two get a few new subscribers. 
  • Less famous than you TikTokers. If you’ve already got some fame on the Internet, they, not you, will be asking for collaboration. Don’t turn down the offer, whether it’s free or for money, even if a TikToker doesn’t have many followers. There are still those among them who will subscribe to you.

Launch ad to become TikTok famous

It will be some time before these free methods start working. If you want to become TikTok famous fast, launch ads using TikTok Business. The reach rate will increase significantly in a day. 

The bottom line

It's always a lottery when you start your way to becoming TikTok famous. You may surprisingly get TikTok famous overnight. The clips sometimes get many views and likes just by accident. On the other hand, it may take years.

If you haven’t been lucky enough with the good accident, you can get followers by posting good content regularly. Create videos with interesting ideas and high resolution, post them every day. Promote your videos using tags, reposts, and ads. Then, you’ll get TikTok famous fast!

In any case, you may face unpleasant surprises occuring on your way to success. Don't rush to give up your dream, don’t delete your TikTok account, try solutions from the troubleshooting guide instead. 

If making money with your account is one of the reasons that you decided to get TikTok famous, we suggest you sell virtual items. Here are 180+ digital product ideas for various niches. The earlier you start, the more you will be able to sell in the future.