180+ digital product ideas to sell online

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Updated 14 June, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
So you think your expertise is profound enough to claim money for it, but you don't know how to wrap it online marketably. Here are the best profitable digital product ideas. They include options for various niches, so you can definitely find your way to make money. You are welcome.
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Types of profitable digital products for all niches

Before listing profitable digital product ideas, we want to give a hint on how to come up with your own idea: start with defining the purpose. A product can:

  • Educate. Help users to become experts like you. Comprehensive courses covering wide topics, tutorials for completing specific tasks, guides, etc. are great ideas of digital products for any niche.
  • Entertain. Everyone wants to have some fun, so give users amusement and engaging activities. These can be coloring books or comics for example.
  • Assist. Users do pay to avoid boring and difficult work. So do the work for them. These can be both products that they use in their projects as-is, like patterns and photos, and products that are to be customized first, like templates.

Think of what is relevant to your audience and what you can create. If you don't have a digital product idea, pick one from the list.

180+ digital product ideas for different niches

Here are digital product ideas for professionals in different niches, from artists and photographers to teachers and lawyers, and others. They are illustrated with examples of selling pages.

All the pages are made on Taplink, it is a convenient tool that provides 60 page templates so that you can create your page quickly. Then, you only need to upload your digital products and add payment methods, PayPal for example. You won't have to pay a transaction fee to Taplink.

For visual artists

If you create amazing visuals, you can monetize them. Whether you use merely painting and drawing software, or use AI tools, you can find your option among these digital product ideas for artists:

  • Courses, tutorials, guides. Teach how to paint a particular picture, develop art skills, work in a particular technique, use shading, lighting, and perspective, work with painting or drawing software, use AI for art creation, create characters for comics and animations, etc.
  • Coloring books. They can be both simple pictures for kids and more complicated pictures with a lot of objects and small details for adults. The pictures can be on various topics or just be abstract figures: cats, cars, or mandalas.
  • Comics. Create a story and show it in pictures. Illustrate time traveling or cosmos adventures, or a pet's daily life, which is not as trivial as it seems.
  • Images. These can be pictures for posting on a social profile, adding to a landing page, website, presentation, or any other design. They can be for various niches like medicine, well-being, sports, etc., and topics like nature, holidays, etc.
  • Digital wallpapers. They can depict literally anything until they are aesthetic. For example, you can sell wallpapers with flowers, animals, or abstract shapes.

Here is an example of a page on a website made with a Taplink template, an artist sells a coloring book on it.

A page selling a coloring book on an online store powered by Taplink

If you are an artist who creates visuals on a computer, you may find these digital artist's social bio ideas useful.

For photographers

If your specialization is photography, here are great digital product ideas for you. You can monetize both your photo capturing and editing skills.

  • Courses, tutorials, guides. You can teach people to take photos of a particular style. Sell a course on portrait, landscape, nature photography, etc. Another digital product idea is selling educational materials on how to edit photos they make. These can be guides for working with a particular software or tutorials for solving a particular problem like removing skin imperfections. You may well monetize your technical knowledge, for example, sell a guide for understanding camera settings.
  • Checklists. A list can include essentials for going on a photo session, things to do when organizing an outdoor photo shoot, or terms to agree on with a model before a shoot, etc.
  • Photos. These can be packs of photos taken in a particular location, or, on the contrary, in various places like the main European attractions, etc.
  • Filters. These can be funny filters like those you see on Instagram — turning a photo into a painting or adding an object to a photo — bunny ears and nose, for example.
  • Presets. Here are digital product ideas: sell presets that give photos a romantic or gloomy mood, or make them saturated with a particular color.

Here is a Taplink page that sells Lightroom presets as an example. If you like it, use this website template to create a similar one. Also, read how to create a photography portfolio website on Taplink that help you get more clients.

Lightroom Presets that are sold as a digital product on a site made on Taplink

Spoiler: if you want more clients, you need to link to you selling website from your social bio, we explain this below. Also, you need a bio text that catches attention and encourages users to follow the link, here are some good photography Instagram bio ideas.

For musicians

Next, here are digital product ideas to monetize your composing skills and perfect hearing if you have them:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. Share your knowledge and skills in courses like Writing a chart's top song, Developing guitar skills, or a course covering other theoretical and practice aspects of creating complementary sounds. You may as well teach people the technical aspects like recording music live or using software for music creation.
  • Samples. These can be short pieces of audio like loops, dialogues, or noises that one can hear in a cafe, outdoors, etc. They can be newly recorded or cut from songs, films, etc.
  • Songs and tracks. You can sell instrumental music, beats, voiceovers, etc.
  • MIDI and sound banks. Create sounds for virtual instruments like guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, etc. They can differ in the techniques they imitate. For example, it can be a short sound produced by a sharp hit or a lasting sound after a light hit. The sounds can also have effects like echo, and many more.
  • Sheet music and tabs. The notes can be short parts like guitar licks and solos or a whole composition.

Here is an example. A musician sells piano tracks on her Taplink page, she used this template to create her selling site.

Piano tracks on a Taplink page that are sold by a musician as a digital product

For designers

If you can create visuals that are not only pleasant to the eye but also solve a particular problem or task, you have a wide choice of digital product ideas. Here are some highly profitable ones:

  • Fonts. For example, these can be decorative fonts imitating handwriting, graffiti, and also fonts for comics.
  • Brushes. You can sell brushes with the effect of oil painting, watercoloring, brushes for drawing lines, adding textures like iced glass or burnt wood, etc. These can also be brushes for adding effects like shading, lighting, etc., or adding objects like grass or accessories.
  • Mockups. There are a lot of options like phone, computer, and laptop mockups, or print mockups like packaging, clothing, menu, booking, and magazine mockups.
  • Design templates. These can be business cards, presentations, infographic templates, etc. Other options are social media posts, profiles, feed templates, landing page templates, etc.
  • Icons. Here are icon digital product ideas: sell icons for different niches. They can be small icons of a messenger case, coins, graphics, and charts for the business niche. They can be a medical cross, ambulance car, microscope, pill, and tooth icons for the health and wellness niche. And many others.
  • Website themes. You can sell themes for businessmen, lawyers, and financial advisers, for example, they want them with modest colors and simple fonts. Clinics and doctors would like light themes and also simple fonts. At the same time, fitness gyms and coaches usually choose high-contrast, sometimes saturated themes with interesting fonts.
  • 3D models. These can be models for creating videos and games, and also for studying. For example, architectural models — buildings, bridges. Environmental models can include water waves, mountains, etc. Medical models can represent internal organs like lungs, heart, etc.
  • Emoji and stickers. You can sell packs on different topics. These can be weather or sports packs, packs for an event like Christmas or a wedding. You can also create a distinguishable character and create a pack with it.

Here is an example of a designer's website made with a Taplink template. The designer sells a font on this page.

Font that is a digital product sold by a designer on Taplink

For marketers

If you know how to interact with a brand's audience online to make them buy and book, here are some digital product ideas for you:

  • Course, guides, tutorials. You can sell your online courses about promoting a brand on social media or on a specific social network, tutorials on designing a brand account, creating and setting up accounts on advertising platforms like Google or TikTok Ads, guides on setting up an ad campaign, creating promotional posts, etc.
  • Checklists. They can be a list of things to do for launching a product, creating a brand account, a list of marketing tools and services, etc.
  • Templates. These can be content calendars, marketing strategies for different niches, and also email, post, marketing report templates, etc.

Here is an example, this is a page of a marketer's site, where she sells a PDF guide. The site is made on Taplink with this template.

A page on Taplink for selling a marketing PDF guide

For travelers

Fond of exploring locations around the world? Here are digital product ideas to monetize your passion:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. Teach people travel-related skills like how to provide first aid help: treat burns, frostbites, and cuts, or how to survive in wild nature: set up a tent and fire, navigate by the stars, filter water, etc. You can also sell a guide on moving to another country.
  • List. Among various list ideas are packing and document lists for traveling to a specific country. Your audience may also want to buy a list of traditions and customs so that they can behave right in the country they are visiting.
  • Routes. These can be routes for viewing the best attractions or viewing thematic places related to music, theater, art, national cuisine, etc. Other options are routes for a honeymoon trip, calm vacation, or partying every day, etc.
  • Phrasebooks. Sell a book with phrases you personally think people need when visiting a specific foreign country or city.
  • Audio excursion. Tell the listeners about places on a route. So, they can explore a city at their own pace. See route ideas above.
  • Maps. They can have cheap or luxurious places to eat, ATMs, charge or gas stations, medical clinics, hospitals, etc. tagged on them.

Here is an example. A traveler created a site, and now he sells an Italian phrasebook on the page. Here is the site template he used.

Page with a photo, description, and a link for downloading a traveling PDF guide

For writers

Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, here are some digital product ideas to sell online for you:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. Explain how to organize work to write a novel or short story, etc., how to create characters, how to publish a story offline and online, etc.
  • Extra stories. These can be spin-offs, additional chapters to your main story, etc. Or, this can be a story that happens in the same universe or at the same time but is not connected to the main story.
  • Character profiles. Detailed information about characters in your story, anything from their height and eye color to their favorite drink.
  • Maps. Maps of the fictional world where the main story happens. You can mark the regions, kingdoms or countries, important buildings, statues, waterfalls, battle locations, etc.
  • Encyclopedia. It can explain your fictional world — the magic powers, the history, communities and kingdoms, etc.

Below you can see an example of a writer's selling page made with this Taplink template. The author sells an encyclopedia that explains the fictional world where the main story happens.

Page for selling a PDF guide on an online store powered by Taplink

For finance professionals

These digital product ideas are for those who've managed to get their heads around the finances and taxes to make years of studying and practice pay off:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. For example, if you are a tax professional, you can sell a course explaining taxes every citizen must pay, a guide on understanding tax brackets, and a tutorial on how to fill in the tax forms.
  • Spreadsheets. These can be spreadsheets for expense tracking, individual or family budget planning, debt payoff plans, etc.
  • Templates. You can sell templates of common contracts, agreements, or estate planning forms, and also monthly or quarterly financial report templates, invoices, receipts, financial statements, etc.
  • Strategies. These can be a strategy for saving a particular sum, investment and trading strategies, etc.

Here is an example of a site page where a financial consultant sells a budget planner. This is the site template he used when creating his site.

Taplink digital product page for selling budget planner and tracker

For coders

Here are digital product ideas for those of you who've learned to code:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. Share your knowledge in courses about coding with a particular programming language, guides on solving particular tasks like integrating a payment provider, and tutorials like writing a script for adding a menu to a website or a search bar.
  • Code snippets. These are ready codes that one can add to a website code for embedding content like a video or a song, or a pop-up cookie consent banner.
  • Software. Among software digital product ideas are grammar check or translation plugins to a smart home automation app and AI-powered assistant, etc.

Here is an example of a coder's website page where she sells a course. This is the Taplink site template she used.

Online store page for selling digital products like coding courses

For beauticians

If you have a lot to say on a skincare, makeup, or hairstyle topic, or some other beauty topic, you can find an idea for your digital product on the list:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. Teach people how to take care of their skin, hair, and nails in general guides or detailed guides covering topics like treating dry or oily skin, and treating acne in teens or adults. You may well provide guides on making a particular make-up look or hairstyle.
  • Recipes. You can sell remedies for skin and hair: facial masks, body wraps and scrubs, oil and herbal blends, detoxifying bath soaks.
  • Plans. These can be a weekly plan for hair and skin care that takes 15 minutes a day, play for a home spa day, improving skin in 30 days, etc.
  • Checklists. These can be a list of essentials to take on a vacation, must-haves for everyday skin care, event-ready checklist, daily skin-care checklist, etc.

Here is a page of a beautician's website made with a Taplink template. She sells a skincare checklist.

Digital product page on Taplink for selling a beauty PDF guide

For fashion stylists

If you know how to dress up fabulously, you can help others with this for money. Here are digital product ideas for fashion stylists:

  • Courses, guides, tutorials. Courses on how to find a personal style, create a capsule wardrobe, and dress up for different occasions are among the educational digital product ideas. You can sell guides about body types, how to know your body type, and create looks according to it as well. As for tutorials, you can teach people to modify their clothes.
  • Lookbooks. These can be collections of looks related to modern trends or looks for the coming season, particular body types, styles, etc.
  • Planners. These can be planners for everyday looks or for special events. These can also be planners for shooting suits, for example for bloggers.
  • Color palettes. These can be colors that are good for particular appearance types, for example for people with pale skin and dark eyes.

This is what a page of a fashion stylist's website can look like. There the stylist sells a guide. Here is the site template that was used for creating the site.

Digital product page on a stylist's Taplink site

For life coaches and mentors

Here are digital product ideas for life coaches. If you help people to make positive changes in their lives and achieve goals, then you sure can create and sell:

  • Courses, guides. You can sell courses and guides on how to set goals so as to achieve them, and how to create a plan for achieving a goal. You can also teach how to develop a particular skill like clear and concise speech, self-confidence, positive thinking.
  • Meditations. Record audio affirmations or create pleasant tracks that can help people to achieve a particular state of mind like relaxation, and confidence, or set them to positive thinking.
  • Planners. They can be for planning their way for a particular goal like making a particular sum of money, or developing leadership skills, etc. These can also be time management planners for prioritizing tasks for a day, week, or month.
  • Journals and trackers. They can be for tracking thoughts and mood. They can suppose users write manually or just choose an option. They can also be for marking everyday small wins and achievements.
  • Questionnaire. These are printables that help people to understand themselves better. For example, these can be questionnaires for defining personal strong and weak characteristics, fears, growth zones, or for summarizing year's results.

The screenshot below shows an example of a life coach's site made with this Taplink template, particularly a page where the coach sells planners.

Taplink digital product page for selling printable planner

For sports coaches

If you are good at achieving fitness goals, you can make money on these digital product ideas:

  • Guides. You can explain how to create a fitness program, perform exercises correctly, find motivation, develop healthy habits, etc.
  • Plans. You can sell workout plans for different purposes like weight loss or muscle mass gain, improving physical performance — strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, etc. These can also be plans for doing sports specifically at home, in a sports gym, or outdoors. You can also sell plans for people with physical disabilities and many more.
  • Planners. You can sell printables for setting fitness goals and tracking them. These can also be planners for scheduling workouts or planning meals.

This is a page on a fitness coach site to give an example. The coach sells a fitness workout plan on it. And here is the Taplink template he used when creating the site.

Digital product page created by a sports coach for selling a PDF program with weights

Social media is the best place to find customers online, read how to become a fitness influencer and sell more. The first thing is regular posting, so here are fitness post ideas.

For nutrition specialists

If you know how to plan a menu that keeps you full and healthy, it's time to make money online with these digital product ideas for nutritionists and foodies:

  • Courses, master classes, guides. These can be courses about healthy nutrition principles, how to meet these principles when cooking and planning meals, etc. Also, these can be masterclasses for a specific dish like tomato soup that explains possible variations and gives tips. This can also be a guide on a tricky problem like saving the texture when replacing sugar in meringue.
  • Nutrition plans. You can sell meal plans for people who are too busy to think of what to eat, you can create variations for people with different food preferences. If you have enough knowledge you can also create and sell plans for weight loss, and muscle mass gain, for people with health problems like high blood pressure or gastritis, and others.
  • Recipe book. You sure have your favorite recipes or even recipes you created yourself, so you can sell them. You can also sell recipes for a special occasion like Christmas or Thanksgiving day, or recipes for a diet.
  • Kitchen printables. Tips like how many ounces is a cup, or how many grams is an ounce can be very useful, so you can sell them. You can also sell printables with nutritional value, gluten, and other information for those who keep a diet.

Here is an example of a page that a nutrition blogger has on her Taplink website made with this template, she sells a recipe book on it.

Taplink page for selling keto recipes PDF cookbook created by a nutritionist

You may want to check out these Instagram bio ideas for nutritionists.

How to sell digital products online

So you've got your digital product idea and started your way of making money online. Now, let's see what to do next to get your first million dollars faster.

Step 1 — Create a digital product file

When you've got a digital product idea, you create a file or files. They can be printables, videos, audio recordings, etc. The format depends on what you sell. For example, if you sell checklists, you can create a PDF or a Notion template.

Step 2 — Create a site for selling your digital products

A site is a good way to let users buy your digital product. Create your site using one of the templates we mentioned above or go see all the Taplink templates, they are available after a free sign-up. You only need to customize the texts and pictures, and add your products — you can follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Look how digital product catalogs can look on a Taplink website:

Image carousel catalog with digital products on a marketer's Taplink pageA list of products added to a marketer's online store on Taplink

On Taplink, you have a choice of 50 payment providers, which allows you to set up payment acceptance from all over the world. And this means more clients!

Payment providers available for connecting to a digital product store on Taplink

More good news: Taplink's transaction fee is 0%, unlike the fee on similar services and marketplaces where it reaches up to 20%.

Step 3 — Promote your product on social media

Now your digital product idea has become quite tangible. Users can buy it on your website to download, view, read, or listen to it. Start looking for users who may want to buy, social media is the perfect place for this:

  • Add your product site link to your social bio. Users can easily find this link.
  • Post about your digital product. Tell your followers the advantages of your product, what it includes, what it is for, etc. Make sure you direct them to follow the link in your bio to buy it. Use hashtags to find new followers who will become customers.
  • Benefit from user-generated content. Ask your customers to leave reviews, and repost the reviews to the feed and Stories.

The bottom line

So now you definitely have a digital product idea to start making money online. Create files, upload them to your Taplink site, and set the price. That's it, the files become available to users after they pay — your sales are automated. Promote your product on social media and give users your site link so that they can buy your product.