30+ digital artist bio ideas for your social profiles

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Updated 26 March, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
We understand that you're about expressing through visuals rather than words and writing a cool bio text that converts users into clients may take too much from you. So we've posted a list of digital artist bio examples here. You only need to copy one of them and paste it to your Instagram, TikTok, or other social profile.
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The digital artist bio examples include names, texts, and a link. You can copy a name and text. But you need to get your own link. It is important to add a link that leads to a page with comprehensive information about your art works and buttons for buying them or requesting a custom one. Only then, you can convert more profile visitors into customers.

Below we explain how to get the page for your digital artist bio. You can get your page in a matter of minutes whatever your goal is — sell artworks, art books, or brushes, collect donations, or gain followers.

Ideas for a digital artist bio

Here are examples of a digital artist bio that you can add to your Instagram and other social network profiles.

Art Savant
Brushing pixels to life. Let's create your next masterpiece together! 🎨💫
Commission your dream artwork now! Link below.
Pixel Pioneer
Crafting digital wonders, one stroke at a time. Dive into my world of imagination! 🖌️✨
Own a piece of digital magic today! Tap the link.
Artistic Byte | [your name]
Where creativity meets technology. Let's collaborate and make something extraordinary! 🚀🎨
Digital Dreamer
Transforming ideas into pixels. Let's make your vision a reality! 💡🎨Bring your imagination to life! Tap the link to commission.
Artistry Aura
Painting dreams into reality ✨Transform your space with my bespoke wall art! 🎨 Explore prints here:
Pixel Palette
Where pixels meet passion, magic is created. Elevate your style with my art on your tees & totes! Shop now:
Brush Whisperer
Dancing colors, whispering brushes, crafting wonders. Dive into a world of creativity! Grab exclusive Photoshop brushes:
Sketch Saga
Every stroke tells a story; dare to craft yours.
Unlock your artistic potential! Explore drawing guides & workbooks:
NFT nova | [your name]
Join the digital art revolution, where scarcity meets creativity.
Own a piece of the future! Discover my exclusive NFT artworks:
Ink speaks louder than words; let's make it sing. Send artful greetings! Browse my printable card collections:
Pixel Perfectionist
NFT | Digital treasures are here.
Get timeless digital art:
Digital Canvas Magic
Where imagination meets the digital realm 🌌 Take home a piece of my universe! 🛍️ Order custom prints & merch.
Digital Delights
From screen to scene, let's make magic happen. Order your personalized artwork today! 🎨💌
Visual Virtuoso
Painting possibilities beyond pixels.
Unlock the secrets of creativity with my art books! 📚🎨
Artful Adventurer
Digital artist, designer, dreamer
Immerse yourself in the world of digital art with my instructional books! 📚💫
Sunny Craftsman
Share your love! Send unique greetings with my printable cards! 💌🖌️taplink.cc/digital_art_creator
Digital Alchemy
Immersing art into every life. Unleash your creativity with my coloring books! 📖🎨
Start coloring the world:
Brush Brigade
Digital artist, creator, innovator. Experience the power of digital brushes! 🖌️✨ Level up your artistry:
Cyber Surrealist
Get closer to the art in the digital space with NFT collectibles! 💻🎨Explore my NFT gallery:
Art Vibes | [your name]
Fusing imagination with innovation. Personalize your space with my printable art prints! 🖼️✨ Find your perfect piece:
Pixel Pulse Line
🎨 Where ideas come to life in pixels.✨ Let's create something magical! Order your custom-designed artwork today:
Digital Delight
Where imagination meets technology. 🚀 Dive into my digital realm and let your mind soar. Experience the art of tomorrow. Tap the link to purchase exclusive pieces for your collection!
Cyber Sketcher
🖌️✨ Where technology meets imagination, art thrives. Explore my collection of printable pictures:
Code Canvas | [your name]
I don't draw lines, I draw emotions 🥰 Make a difference in the art world by donating to support my digital creations.
Neon Nexus Creations
💥 My art speaks volumes in the language of pixels. 💥 Make a statement with my art decor:
Mystery Code Art
❤️‍🔥 Crafting dreams in the language of code and color. Your generosity sustains my art, investing in the digital creativity future:
Digital Brush Master
🖌️💻 Coloring outside the lines of reality. Bring your vision to life through custom digital art, you navigate — I crate Request me 💌⬇️
[Your name]'s Vivid Artworks
Embracing the chaos of creativity in the digital realm. Vibrant and mesmerizing digital art prints from my portfolio:
Mr. Digital Easel
💻🎨 My art is a reflection of the pixels in my soul.
Support independent digital artists like me; donate today to keep the art alive.
Solar Inspiration
☀️🌞 My canvas is virtual, but my creativity is real ✨ Find the perfect accents to complement your interior:
Digital Dimension Creations
💚 Turning pixels into poetry 💚🌌 Elevate your cozy or business space with my captivating digital art:
Neon Strokes
🔥 My pixels groove to the fantasy beat. Discover the power of personalized digital art — place your order and see your idea come to life! 👇
Arty Frog | [your name]
🤩 Digital disco for your eyes 🐸 Get your unique digital artwork that reflects your style and individuality 👇
[Your name] Pixel illusionist
🔥 In command of the pixel platoon🔥 Get your slice of futuristic art — buy my NFTs:
Dazzle Drawings
Taming canva pixels 🎨🔥 Get your piece of unique artistry through my NFT:

Hope the examples helped you to get a text idea for your digital artist bio. Now, let's move on to the link that you need.

How to get a page for your digital artist bio to have more customers

The text in your professional digital artist's bio catches users' attention and raises interest. And a link is what lets users buy or request your artwork.

The perfect link in a digital artist bio can answer all the users' questions and give them buttons for purchasing your digital art or a form and contact buttons for requesting a custom art work. This is the link that can bring the most sales.

The link in your digital artist bio can do all these if it leads to your landing page. Look at an example of a landing page made on Taplink:

Digital artist's page made on Taplink for an Instagram bioDigital product catalog on a digital artist's Taplink pageOpt-in form on a Taplink page made for a digital artist

See the full page here.

A landing page link is the best link for your digital artist bio whichever way of making money you choose:

  • Digital products. You can sell them right on your page. Taplink's transaction fee is 0%. Connect to one of the 50 payment providers which include PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others. Here are some digital product ideas for artists.
  • Art requests. Let users fill in a form or contact you to request a custom picture.
  • Print-on-demand. Direct users to the websites where your art is put on T-shirts, totes, stickers, mugs, etc.
  • NFT. Direct users to NFT websites with your catalogs.
  • Donations. Direct users to tip and donation websites like Patreon or Ko-fi.
  • Growing your accounts on platforms for artists. Invite users to follow you on platforms for artists like Behance, DeviantArt, etc.

You can get your landing page in a matter of minutes if you use templates on Taplink. The page above, for example, is made with this template. You can choose the same or another one:

  1. Sign up on Taplink.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Customize your page.
  4. Publish the page.

Add your landing page link to your digital artist profile bio on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social networks.

You can find a detailed guide on creating your Taplink page here. Also, you may want to read a detailed guide on the Digital products block that you need for selling art on your Taplink page.

How to create a custom digital artist bio

Sure you can use the digital artist bio examples given above. They work well to catch attention and encourage users to buy. But a custom bio text works even better. It is made to trigger particularly your narrow audience, considering its specific interests and pain points. So, consider creating a custom text.

Here are a few tips on how to create a custom digital artist bio for your Instagram or other social profile:

  • Describe. Tell users what art exactly you create — printable art works, NFTs, comics, or something else.
  • Add a quote. This can be your motto or just a cool phrase you heard. You can choose from these cool Instagram bio quotes.
  • Call to action. Tell users what you want them to do. Invite users to follow the link in your bio to buy your art works, request custom artwork, buy your brushes, etc.
  • Include emoji. They will make your digital artist bio more vibrant and catchy.
  • Add your Taplink link. Link to your landing page with all the necessary information about you and your art, and buy or request buttons.

The bottom line

Hope you find your best digital artist bio text from the examples above. Now copy and paste it to your social profile.

Remember, that the link is also an important part of a digital artist's bio. You should add the link that leads to your landing page. Get your page on Taplink. Then, you can make more money with your art.