Best Koji alternative in 2024

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 14 February, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
The news that Linktree has acquired Withkoji may have disappointed you since it means you are losing your link in bio page. Besides, you may think Linktree is not a replacement — it doesn't have enough features. Anyway, there is nothing to cry about. We suggest a better Koji alternative that can replace the tool you miss. Your link in bio page will be better than ever!
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We compared tools for building pages several times before and Taplink always appeared to be the best. It is #1 on the lists of Top link in bio tools and Top Linktree alternatives. Follow the links for detailed comparisons.

So, if you are looking for a good Koji alternative, you should choose Taplink. It's like Koji, but better. We understand you have a strong emotional attachment to the tool that you were using for so long, we like it too. So, we don't expect you to just take our word but suggest you read a comparison below.

Quick start

Creating an account on Taplink is as easy as on Koji. You sign up here with your Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts or email.

Then, the Koji alternative suggests you choose a template. And "template" here means a page with pre-added content and a stylish theme, unlike what it means on Koji. Here is a detailed guide on how to create a Taplink page using a template.

Just imagine — everything's already set up! On Koji, you had to add apps one by one if you wanted a video or an opt-in form on your page. On Taplink, you only need to choose a page template — everything you need is already there.

The wide choice of page templates guarantees you can find a good one for your brand. The Koji alternative provides templates for both simple pages with multiple links and high-converting landing pages. There are landing page templates for 20 niches including health, beauty, marketing, and others.

Business card of a UX Designer made with the Koji alternative tool — TaplinkTattoo salon’s landing page with photos and descriptionsMusician’s Taplink page as an alternative to a Koji page

Of course, you can edit your page after you choose a template. Add relevant texts — Taplink doesn't limit you in characters, unlike Koji. Upload your custom images to banners and carousels, add links to videos from different platforms, etc.

And of course, you can create your page from scratch. The Koji alternative gives you 19 types of elements that you can add to the page including links, long texts, pictures, videos, timers, and others.

Customizing the page to fit your brand's style

The Koji alternative gives you all possible tools for page appearance customization. There are 300+ ready themes and also settings for creating a custom theme. You can upload a custom background image, set colors and fonts, etc.

The theme customization settings are so detailed that you can make each button look different, and you can create several sections with different themes on one page.

Making money with your link in bio page

We've come to the most intriguing part — the part about money. Koji had various apps for making money. There was an app for selling ebooks and another app for selling links, apps for selling photos, collecting donations, etc.

The Withkoji alternative gives you all the same opportunities for making money. The only difference is that features are categorized only by the way of making money, not by the type of product.

This is how you can make money with the Koji alternative:

  • Sell ebooks, links, photos, etc. Add a Digital product block. There you upload your files. Users get access to them after they pay.
  • Collect orders. Add a Form and payments block. It is an opt-in form where users can say or select what they want and pay for it.
  • Benefit from affiliate programs. Add Link blocks. They appear as buttons and can lead users to affiliate product, catalog, list, or any other web pages.
  • Making streaming revenue. Add a Music block. Link to a playlist, album, or a track that is monetized. Then, there will appear a music player on your page. Users can listen to your music and get interested, they will go to the platform to listen to more.
  • Making revenue for video views. Add a Video block. In its settings, add a link to a YouTube video that is monetized. A YouTube player will appear on your page. This also works with other video platforms.

And more ways, these are only examples!

Marketer’s page for selling PDF guidesAmazon shop’s promo page made with a Koji alternative toolPage for movie reviews with YouTube videos

Another benefit of the alternative over Koji is that it has more payment providers — 50 providers including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and others. More providers means more countries where people can pay you.

The 0% transaction fee is also what may make you like the Withkoji alternative. On Koji, you had to give the tool up to 15% from each sale.

The bottom line

Taplink is the best Koji alternative when it comes to building a link in bio page. It has proved to be better than other link in bio tools. And if you compare it with Koji, you see it has the same features and also some more useful ones.

  • You can add to your Taplink page all the same content that you could add on Withkoji. Even better, now you can choose a page template with pre-added content instead of adding links and other elements one by one.
  • With the alternative tool's features, you can keep making money in the way you did. Even better, you don't have to pay a transaction fee now!

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