30+ photography Instagram bio ideas to copy and paste

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Updated 27 March, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Choose an Instagram bio for photographers that you like. All of the suggested ones help introduce yourself to your profile visitors. And if you are not afraid of a tight photo-shooting schedule, then use the photography Instagram bio tip at the end — it helps to increase the number of clients.
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Perfect Instagram bio for photographers

Here are 35 photography Instagram bio ideas that you can copy and paste to your social profile.

Private Photographer
💕 Freelance Photographer • Capture Your Deep Soul.
Just ask & I'll be your Private Photographer ⬇️ Text for Private Session Photo 💕taplink.cc/lucy_photo
Photographer New York City
👩🏻 [Your Name] 📸 Based in NYC
Booking your photo shoot by the link in bio.© Credit only after buying permission
New York Photographer & Videographer
Clicking you like a celebrity
Photographer for couples, engagements, save the date photoshoots 🌱
New York City photographer 📍 NYC
[Your Name] — USA Photographer
📍 USA, New York City
📪 Contact me for your special shots ⬇️
New York photographer [your name]
Best in New York ✨ best in the World 🕺📸
Experience New York with joyful, breathtaking & timeless photographs of you 👫❤️
My website / prices:
[Your name]
Emotional | Immersive | Natural
📸 Digital & Film 🎞️
⚙️ Presets, Prints & Photo Gear! ↙️
New York photographer
💛 Photographer specialized in Luxury Lifestyle feminine Lingerie Beauty and Skin 💛
New York based Photographer
👇 Check my availability below
[Your name]
Photographer • Speaker • Filmmaker
✨ No fuss, clichés or cheesiness
✨ Artful photographs filled  with genuine moments
Text me for a photoshoot:
Photographer in New York 🌿
[Your name] 🌿
Wedding and Family photographer 🌸
Keep your memories 🌸
WhatsApp me for a photo session:
NYC | Photographer
💫 Hi! I'm [your name]! 💫
Weddings / Elopements / Couples
↠ based in New York City, USA + WORLDWIDE ✈️
INQUIRE & BOOK HERE ⇓ booking 2023/2024
Photographer | [Your name]
🤍 Hey, I'm [Your name]
🤍 Film and digital photoshoots in the US
Family • love stories • cozy weddings
Info and booking ⬇️
Fine Art Wedding Photographer
🤍 Weddings, branding and solo shoots
🤍 I color your life with new pictures and memories
Bookings ⬇️
[Your name] Photographer
Wedding & Elopement 👉 Travel everywhere to tell your story 👈
⬇💞 View more of my portfolio and book 💞⬇
[Your name] | New York Wedding Photographer
📍 New York based
Weddings & Family Portraits
Be grateful for what you have & fearless in what you want
Text me for booking:
New York Wedding Photographer
See America Through My Eye
Behind the lens of some of the most exclusive weddings in the USA and worldwide Published on Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Martha Stewart, Elle
[Your name]
📍 New York City, USA
🔺 iPhone only
🔺 Unique photo tours / mobile photo workshops
🔺 Quickest photographer in your life
Photographer [your name]
📸 New York City
Non-photogenic people do not exist. I can prove it!
Price ⤵️
NYC photographer
✺ Let's illuminate your story ✨
✺ Specializing in family, portraits, maternity, newborns & lifestyle photography
[Your name]
📷 Fashion Photographer
📍 New York, can travel
Capturing the moments that captivate your heart 🌟
Photo shoot booking:
New York Wedding Photographer
📷 Booking 2023 & 2024!
Lifestyle || Portraits || Weddings || & more
🌟 You are beautiful, and I'm here to capture it! 🌟
Prices and booking:
[Your name] | Photographer
🔥 Discovering the real you through self-love focused portrait experience.
👑 Empowering women to embrace their unique beauty and strength. Spread kindness.
[Your name] • Portrait Photographer
📸 Discovering the soul in every smile, every gaze
American Photographer in 📍 NYC
⬇️ More & book ⬇️
Photographer | New York City
📷 Vilnius Portrait Photographer | Posing coach
📍 Based in NYC. Available worldwide
Sensuality & attention to detail 🤍
⬇️ Photo Inquiries + Business Resources/Presets ⬇️
[Your name] | Fashion Photographer
📷 Fashion, commercial & editorial photographer 📷
🌺 Portraits that tell stories, emotions, and memories 🌺
Based in the US, available worldwide
For inquiries:
[Your name] Photographer
📍 New York City
wedding • travel • lifestyle⁣ • love stories are created here
💚 Bringing out the beauty in every face I photograph 💚
For your inquiries:
Wedding & lifestyle photographer 💫 Unposed genuine moments
Based in New York City
Photos after 5–7 days 🔥
⬇️ My official website ⬇️
📸 [Your Name]
Love, laughter, and forever memories in every click 🌟 | Capturing the essence of your special day 💍 | Wedding Photographer 💒
🌆 [Your Name]
Urban explorer and photographer 🌟 | Documenting the city's heartbeat, from streets to skyscrapers 🏙️🏢 
See the city from a fresh perspective. DM for tours and prints!
📷 [Your Name]
Storyteller through the lens 🌟 | Capturing life's moments, one snapshot at a time 📸 | 
Family Photographer 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Fine Art Photographer
🎨 Delving into the ordinary to uncover the extraordinary, I craft visual poems with a palette of light and shadow.
🎨 Explore my portfolio of evocative and thought-provoking artwork.
🎉 Event photographer 
🥂 Infusing events with energy and color, I specialize in capturing laughter, tears, and the essence of celebration 🥂
Let's make your event unforgettable. Contact for bookings!
🌄 [Your Name] photographer
Driven by the desire to chase the sun's golden embrace, I reveal the sublime beauty of Earth's natural wonders.
🌿 Explore my gallery of serene wilderness moments. Prints available!
📸 [Your Name] | Portrait Artist
🎨 Transforming moments into timeless portraits, painting emotions with light, and weaving narratives in every frame.
📥 Book a session, and let's co-create breathtaking art together!
🌟 [Your Name] | Travel Photographer ✈️
Roaming the globe with an insatiable wanderlust, I bring the world's wonders to your feed through my lens.
✈️ Let's embark on a visual journey together! Check out my travel blog too! 🗺️
📷 [Your Name]
Unveiling the poetry of life through captivating visual stories, one click at a time.
For bookings, portrait sessions, and event coverage:

You only need to copy a photographer Instagram bio you like and paste it into your profile settings, you can also customize it. Below we give a photography Instagram bio hack that helps to bring up the number of clients.

Photography Instagram bio hack for boosting your business

A good photography Instagram bio caption can attract the attention of your potential clients. However, the clients may never get to the booking even if they like your portfolio.

You lose clients when the booking process is an obstacle course which takes a lot of actions, much thinking and awaiting time. Here is an example, you have a contact button in your photographer Instagram bio, current prices in pinned posts, answers to frequently asked questions in Highlights. Then, a client has to rush all over your profile, and then wait for you to respond.

☝️🤓 Make the booking simple — and you will get more clients. Your Instagram link in bio page is what does the trick.

If your clients can find everything that they need for booking in your photographer Instagram bio, they certainly complete the booking. They can make a decision quickly, and then, driven by the fresh and strong enthusiasm, choose a date and pay.

A link in bio page can make the booking simple. Here is an example of a wedding photographer page (view the full page here), it was made on Taplink using a template in less than 10 minutes:

Highlighted link in an photographer's bio on InstagramPhotographer link in bio page with an opt-in form made on Taplink for Instagram

You can tell a lot more on your link in bio page than on your photography Instagram bio. Do not deny yourself adding to your bio page:

  • texts of unlimited length and different structures.
  • booking and payment forms.
  • messenger and social network buttons, including Behance, 500px, Flickr, and other buttons.
  • unlimited number of links.
  • photos, videos, GIFs, and other media files.
  • countdown timer for a limited offer.
Image carousel in the portfolio section on a photographer's link in bio pagePricing section on a Taplink link in bio page made for an Instagram photographerFAQ and contact options sections on a photography Instagram link in bio page

Source of screenshots: photographer Taplink example.

Creating a photography Instagram link in bio page is easier than setting up action buttons, orders and payments on Instagram. All you need is to:

  1. Sign up on Taplink.
  2. Choose a template and customize it. Here is the template we used for creating the example above.
  3. Get your page link.
  4. Add your page link to your Instagram bio.

Follow this link to create your photo portfolio page right now or read the detailed guide on how to build a photography portfolio website.

That's all, once you have your photography Instagram bio page in your profile, the booking becomes easy, and more of your IG page visitors convert into clients.

The bottom line

Choose your photography Instagram bio caption that is best for you. Copy and paste it into your profile settings. Create and add a photographer Instagram bio page to avoid losing clients interested in your photography services. The page will make booking easy and so your clients won't leave.