10 ultimate ways to make money on Instagram

Julia Moore
Instagram is a social network with more than a billion active users. Instagram has long been transformed from a platform for instant photo sharing into a full-fledged place for earning and doing business. Still think it's not realistic to make money here? Then it's time to read this article and change your mind.
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Can I earn money on Instagram without investments?

If you want to start earning your first money on Instagram, there is no need for investments. For example, there are ways when you can gain money by doing simple tasks. We'll tell you about them later.

Obviously, you can make only peanuts using most of the methods of Instagram monetization without investments. They suit more for school students and teenagers, who want to make their first money.

How much money can I make using Instagram?

Any aspiring Instagram influencer, entrepreneur, or social media manager is eager to know how much money it's possible to earn on Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no precise answer.

We took the average salary of each Instagram job from Payscale. The data is relevant for the United States for November 2021. Don't forget that figures can differ radically or slightly in various countries.

That depends on the way of earning money:

  • For instance, if you're a social media manager, you can work in an office or from anywhere in the world. According to Payscale data, Instagram managers earn an average $53,000 per year.
  • A freelancer who promotes other social media accounts can gain from $200 to $250 per hour. The total salary depends on the cost of services and the number of accounts that he or she promotes. 
  • A blogger with 100,000 followers can opt for money up to $1000 for a post. No doubt, everything depends on the way people monetize their Instagram accounts. For instance, one can sell information products and advertise well-known brands. The income can reach even several thousand dollars a month.
  • An online store owner can get from $1000 per month for sale of goods. Even if he or she runs an Instagram account only with 2-3 thousand followers.
We're not talking about singers, actors, footballers, and other celebrities. They sign contracts with world-famous brands due to their popularity and high-profile personal brands. Their incomes exceed millions of dollars a year.

What else can I use for increasing sales on Instagram?

As we've said before, Instagram is by far the most effective platform for promoting both offline and online businesses. It's not enough to create just an Instagram page, you need to put a link to a website in the profile bio, where there will be detailed information about you or about your product, ways to contact you, your location, product range, etc.

No doubt, you can say that creating your own website is expensive, at least you need to pay a programmer and a designer. However, we have a solution for you. We're talking about Taplink. This tool allows you to create a landing page in a matter of minutes without design and coding skills. Choose one design from over 300 options and make your Taplink page. If you don't want to waste time thinking through the design, then pay attention to ready-made templates. Everyone will find a suitable option. 

Start creating your stunning landing page right now for generating more traffic and sales.

Now, let's look at each way of Instagram monetization in greater detail. In addition to each method, we will show you Taplink pages that increase sales and the amount of client requests.

Top 10 ways to earn money on Instagram

Now we're ready to consider 10 ways of making money on Instagram using your account and monetizing your professional skills.

#1 — Content & Design Strategist

Sell your knowledge of content and design strategy. Create unique visual content for each account.

What is included in the visual content?

  • Making a profile photo.
  • Creating a catchy bio.
  • Instagram Stories designing.
  • Instagram Post designing.

A content and design strategist can annually earn on average $69,000.

Here you can see examples of visual content on Instagram and Taplink pages.

#2 — Write captions for Businesses

Another way to earn money on Instagram, which involves monetizing your skills. If you know how to write captions for social networks, try to become a top-notch specialist in that.

Write engaging and selling Instagram posts. You can set the price that reflects your skills. It could be $700 for 10 captions, or $1,000 for 20 captions.

#3 — Affiliate programs

If you have an audience, but you don't have your own products, then you can sell partner items. For example, you can try to become a representative of Avon.

After that, you can add an affiliate link to the Instagram bio and advertise Avon beauty products in your profile. If users buy a product after clicking on your affiliate link, then you will receive a percentage of the sale.

Usually, it's about 5%—30% from one sale. It's not obligatory to have a thousand followers. The company wants to see that you communicate with your audience, and followers trust you.

#4 — Become a Brand Ambassador

This way of earning money is relevant for bloggers with several thousand followers. You can become a brand ambassador, for example, Luminar Neo.

Unlike one-time advertising, this is a permanent collaboration. The ambassador should periodically publish advertising posts of the partner brand.

Earnings depend on the terms of the contract: the number of posts per month, participation in special events, or shooting in commercials.

If you are a nano-influencer with less than 10,000 followers, you can get paid up to $100 per post. In case you have about 50,000 followers, you can take $500 for one post.

#5 — Publishing sponsored ads

If you are an influencer with an audience of 10,000 followers, you can start promoting sponsored ads on your account. That's one of the most common ways to monetize your Instagram account.

How does it work? You get an email or Instagram Direct Message from the advertiser. He or she asks you to advertise, for example, an online wallet store. You tell the person that one ad post costs, for instance, $100.

The advertiser pays you, and then you publish a sponsored post. The more followers you have, the more expensive one advertising post on your Instagram account is.

It's simple math: let's say you have 50,000 followers. The price of one ad post is $500. If you aim to earn $5000 per month, you have to make 10 ads posts.

Macro-influencers get contracts with brands easily. Usually, advertisers write them via Instagram Direct or WhatsApp. If you're a nano-influencer with an audience of less than 10,000 followers, then you have to look for advertisers yourself. Find at least 5-10 online stores and offer them cooperation.

#6 — Editing videos for Instagram

If you know how to make cool videos in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, then you can monetize your skills. Make videos for bloggers, business accounts, or brands.

You can search for clients on special freelance services. Freelance video editors earned an average ​$38,000​ per year.

Offer your services directly: write to experts, bloggers, and brands. You can offer making the first video for free to draw potential clients' attention. Don't forget to add your works to Instagram in the format of Highlights or posts.

#7 — Social media virtual assistant

Our next most popular way to earn money on Instagram is professional account promotion. You can monetize your social media manager skills. If you are a complete beginner, then you are unlikely to start making money on the promotion of other people's profiles. You need to master the skills of an Instagram marketer.

What hard skills do you need?

  • Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising.
  • Writing engaging posts.
  • Promotion through hashtags.
  • Creating visual content.

The salary of a good specialist ranges from $95,000 to $131,000 a year. This is a very popular profession: large companies are constantly looking for Instagram marketers.

#8 — Sell your items

Instagram perfectly suits for selling your goods and services. You can start your own online store, sell information products or full-fledged online training, offer photography or manicure services.

In addition, this can include a franchise business: if you bought a franchise, for example, a pizzeria, then create an account for your business on Instagram and start attracting customers from your city.

Earnings depend on your niche.

  • Online store owners can gain more than $50,000 a year.
  • Influencers who sell info products earn more than $100,000 a year. No doubt, everything depends on the number of followers.

#9 — Coaching

This is relevant for expert accounts. Let's assume that you are a Social Media Manager. In addition to the promotion of Instagram accounts, you can sell paid coaching services.

For example, one hour of session may cost $50-$75 per session. If you're an experienced specialist, your hour can charge $100-$200 per session. During this time, you help clients create a company brand and develop a social media strategy without investments.

You can start selling sessions even if you have 500 followers. The main thing is to prove yourself as a good specialist and gain the trust of the audience. To do this, you need to create useful content: write expert posts, livestream on Instagram and answer questions, record video tutorials, etc.

#10 — Getting money for comments and likes

As we've said before, you can earn money on Instagram without investments. For example, you can like and leave comments under Instagram posts. You complete tasks and get money for it.

You have to know that this isn't the way for you if you want to gain a thousand dollars. On average, you can get $0.5 per comment. Still, for a start in the field of online earning money, that's not bad.

We have to say, that we don't support this method of making money. Dishonest cheating of likes and comments will eventually play a dirty trick with those who use such services. This can even lead to the deletion of an Instagram account.

How to start making money: 4 tips

Let's talk about how to start earning money on Instagram.

  1. Choose the monetization method you like. For instance, promoting Instagram accounts or sponsored posts. 
  2. Master useful skills. No doubt, if you want to have a high salary, you need to know how to set up targeted advertising, how to make visual content and write catch captions. For example, learn the profession of a targetologist. 
  3. Don't be afraid of experiments. Try different ways of getting money. That's how you can find the best method for making money on Instagram.
  4. Keep your eye on the ball. Constantly follow the latest trends on Instagram, New ways of making money appear every year.

Let's recap

Now you know how to make money on Instagram. We have reviewed the top 10 methods: choose the one that you liked the most. Remember that you can earn money without investments, but not without effort and constant training. Don't forget about creating a Taplink page and adding it to your Instagram bio.

What way of making money on Instagram is more preferable for you? Write in the comments below!