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Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 02 April, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Every third user seems to be an expert who can teach you how to live or do your work. It's very difficult for people to tell whether they really have the claimed skills and knowledge. This is the reason why people don't trust coaches on Instagram. In this article, we will tell you how to talk to your audience so that to stand out of the fake experts and gain trust, and thus increase your sale. We will also give you marketing tips and a ready-made content plan as a bonus.
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Instagram marketing for building a brand as a coach

Let's see, what's that special about marketing for coaches on Instagram. A business in every niche needs to build a sales funnel for its cold audience and let it through this funnel. When it comes to coaches, it's crucial.

Coaches on Instagram have to work more than most other brands to explain people why they need their product. People are more willing to buy essentials like those an Instagram food blogger sells, but info products are more difficult to be sold since they are not vital.

Besides, there is a trust issue. There are a lot of coaches, and not all of them can prove their qualification. What's more, there are a lot of victims of non-professional coaching on Instagram. All this make people suspicious choosing a course. 

Here are Instagram marketing tips for coaches that help to deal with the difficulties:

  • Work on the image. Not all your clients will be satisfied with your work, and they'll write negative feedback in comments. Besides, the rivals can write bad things on Instagram to damage your image. Always answer to them, but cool your head before. Be calm and prove your expertise with facts. 
  • Post regularly. Courses are not the thing people buy impulsively. Usually, it takes a lot of time to compare various options and make choice. All this time, it's important to remind your future clients about yourself and supply them with reasons to buy your course. 
  • Sound knowledge. This is the base of your content marketing as a coach on Instagram.  Prove you have a lot to give to your clients. Post useful content, answer users' questions and give tips.
  • Make the price reasonable. Coaches on Instagram set their own price, so make it reasonable. We know everyone wants to be paid for their work. But if you set it too high, fewer people will buy your course. But don't deprive yourself with a too low price. A low price is also an indication of low quality for some people. 

Below we explain what coaches should post on Instagram to promote their brand. The right content helps to make more money on coaching and selling courses on Instagram.

Content marketing for coaches on Instagram

We want to offer some types of content for coaches, who sell on Instagram. Use them to plan posting ahead, you can even schedule posts in the Instagram app. These are general ideas, so you can come up with a lot of post. We will also give you exact examples to make everything clear. 

These ideas are good for any niche. Whether you need examples of life coach Instagram content, or any other coaches like business, marketing, or fitness, you can find them here.

However note that topics relevant specifically to your niche give you the fastest follower growth. So you should look for specific topics for the future posting. For example, here are Instagram post ideas for fitness profiles.

Introduce yourself and your course

Content type: advertising.

Introduce yourself as a new coach on Instagram. Explain who you are and what are your skills. Post about the courses you sell, describe what they are about. This is essential when you have just signed up. Thus, you let people know who you are. But it also works later, such posts remind people you are an expert who can solve their problem for money.

Product announcement should also appear in the followers' feed regularly. Post when you are about to launch a new course on Instagram as a life coach, business coach, or some other expert. Post about it several times before the start. If you sell courses permanently, post about it regularly.

Such posts are addressed to followers who are in the last stages of the sales funnel. They've already got acquainted with your product and want to buy it. The announcement pushes them to buy.

Add posts with detailed information in addition to the general. There you explain the value of your coaching. For example, tell Instagram users why you set this exact price for you.

Make the best use of Instagram Stories as a coach. There you can also introduce yourself or make announcements. Saving them to Hightlights is also a great idea. Thus, the most interested new followers can easily navigate on your page. Read about how to create an Instagram story to attract clients.

Here are a couple of good examples, a life coach Instagram content idea, and an idea for a marketing coach.

Make sure you give users an easy way to book your course. Share multiple links in your Instagram bio to give users a choice of how to book. Add links to chats with you in all messengers and social networks that you use. You can also add the book button along with the chat links. As a bonus, you can add detailed information about the course.

Don't forget to tell users that they can book a course in your bio!

Cases, feedback and reviews on your courses

Content type: advertising and engaging.

There is a more gentle way to push people to buy. Prove the value of your coaching to Instagram users by showing how you helped people. It's easier to relate to real examples than to promised benefit. 

Post about real cases from your coaching practice on Instagram. Such format clearly show what you're able to do and how you do that. And at the same time, they cause a feeling of "I want the same" in the clients' minds. Remember, you better avoid real names in your stories unless the person wants you to tell their name to the wide audience. 

Reviews are a social proof, which makes Instagram followers to trust you as a coach. Post a screenshot with your clients' feedback or review. You don't even have to think about a good caption, cause the text in the picture is what works here.

These ideas are good both for posts and Stories. In Instagram Stories, more potential customers will see the cases, reviews and feedback on your course. So, don't miss this opportunity. Save the Stories to Highlights, then that information will be always on your page. It will come at hand for those who're about to make a decision.

Below you can see Instagram Story ideas for coaches with reviews:

Expert Instagram posts, Stories, Lives

Content type: advertising. 

Coaches should use their skills and knowledge to build the image of their brand on Instagram. This means you should provide some information for free. You can do it in posts, Stories, Lives, Reels, and in comments in your and others' accounts. 

Debunking myths works for building a brand on Instagram, and a coaching brand is not an exception. Think about the stereotypes and misconceptions in your niche, and explain how the things really are in your account. People will appreciate you to tell something new and help them for free. And that will improve your image.

Don't forget about Live videos. Post a video about a specific topic or go Live to explain it. You can even invite another coach or specialist from your niche to make it even more useful. In this case, you have high chances to gain many new Instagram followers, who come from the guest's account. 

Answer followers' questions in the video. Thus, you show your expertise and dispel the doubts. You can answer questions that your clients usually ask, or take those that are asked by followers in the comments.

Show your skills and knowledge in Stories. Here you can visually sort out all the information so that it becomes plain and simple. Save the most significant and interesting answers in Instagram Highlights, so new followers can easily make sure that you are an experienced coach. 

Look at these Instagram Story ideas for coaches:

Contests, games, interaction

Content type: entertaining, engaging.

Coaches use Instagram to sell their services, and the target audience comes there, first of all, to relax and only then to make purchases. So, don't forget to dilute advertising and informational posts with entertaining ones. Then users will watch your content more often.

Use contests to attract new followers. They work pretty simple: users mention their friends in the comments under the contest post or make a repost to get a prize. These friends see your posts and a part of them subscribes to you.

What's more, likes and comments during a contest organically increase reach and engagement in your account. This is a good sign to Instagram. It will be showing your content more often.

Here are some Instagram Story ideas for coaches to entertain and interact. Add "Quiz", "Polls", "Question" stickers to involve users.

With the question sticker you can know what people want you to tell about the course or the profession. Thus, you will get a lot of ideas to post in your Instagram. 

Humor and situational content

Content type: entertaining.

You should also entertain with the disappearing content. These are just some Instagram Story ideas for coaches, you can come up with many more. For example, you can tell a situation from your life and invite followers to share their interesting stories in the comments.

For situational content, holidays and large-scale events are good, as well as any news on which you have something to say.

There is always a room for humor in an Instagram account, even if you are a coach. Post funny stories or popular memes, adapting them to your niche. It will be great if you can present it in a comic way.

Content plan for coaches on Instagram

To summarize all of the above, we have prepared an example of a content plan for two weeks. We made it suitable for various niches so that any coach can use it for their Instagram account.

Just to show you how it works, we took a couching niche of achieving goals, but by analogy, you can easily adapt it for your specialization. It perfectly works on Instagram for life coaches, fitness, marketing and all the other specialists. Tap the link, save a copy, and adjust it as you like. 

Bonus Instagram marketing tips for coaches

Here are some more marketing tips that everyone needs when building a brand on Instagram, coaches should also use them:

  1. Create an About Us website using templates and link to it in your Instagram coach profile. Then, users can easily find information about who you are, and how you can help them. Don't forget to add a call to action and a book button on the page so that users become clients. You can create your page on Taplink, which proves to be better than its alternatives again and again.
  2. Post on other websites, then more people will know about you and buy your course. You can invite them to follow you on Instagram, and thus you will gain followers. 
  3. Don't overdo with advertising. Posts about services with calls to sign up and join your coaching. But you have to know the limit of such advertising to avoid making it annoying.
  4. Write in simple words on Instagram. There's no point to show your expertise writing in difficult words. People won't understand it anyway and won't be able to estimate your skills and knowledge.
  5. Don't promise the impossible. Don't be one of those coaches who promise magical results. To stand out of them, it's often enough to be honest, warn about possible problems that may prevent clients from achieving their goals, and not shout that your methods are 200% effective.

Read 20 post ideas that are good for everyone. You can well use them for your coach Instagram marketing strategy.