Instagram post ideas. What to post when you’ve run out of content?

Julia Moore
It happens at the worst time that the inspiration’s gone, and you’ve used all the drafts saved for a rainy day. Both beginners and the old hands deal with the problem. We’ve made a list of 20 Instagram post ideas to get through it.
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1. About people and yourself

The first post better be about your company or yourself. Tell the subscribers who you are and what do, why and how created your blog, what people it might be interesting to. There shouldn’t be much information in an introductory post. Save the details for future posts.

Share interesting facts about your brand or life. Instead of a photo, you can make a list of statements and ask the subscribers to guess which of them are true or, on the contrary, false.

Tell about your accounts in other social networks if you have any. Probably your subscribers use Twitter or Facebook more often, but haven't signed up to you yet. You can well draw users to your other Instagram accounts.

Having introduced to the audience, you can tell about others. Those who inspire you, or who’s content you find useful to the subscribers. Repost and explain what exactly you like in their profiles, how you found them. 

Mention and thank people who helped you to arrive at success. Maybe you want to point out  one of the subscribers because of his or her high involvement, donations, support. Or you consider the profile interesting.

Express your love and respect to the nearest people. Wish happy birthday or happy anniversary to the dearest.

People outside the Internet also can inspire. Even if they don’t view the post, you motivate the subscribers to do their best.

In business, there is also a room for a mention and gratitude. Tell about a long-term partnership, its beginning, perspective and the work that has been done. 

2. Stories

Every day something happens to us. The thing can be minor, but what matters is the way you present it.

Got lucky today? Great! Persuade your subscribers that wonders are real! Bad luck happened? Very good, you’ve got another idea for an Instagram post. Share how you dealt the situation. 

You can tell about other’s experiences. Things worth posting happen with nearest, acquaintances, or maybe famous in your community people.

A story can be large-scale, then divide it for several posts. Don't forget to add hashtags or give them the same title. Photos and pictures with similar design are also a good way to distinguish posts of the same story.

What more, a story shouldn’t always be real. You can convey an idea using words, thoughts and actions of a character, not directly. A made-up story coincidentally matching reality is a way to voice your opinion, avoiding the censure.

Stories to post happen even in the most dull businesses. Tell how you freighted а shipment. It is difficult to take a bad seascape. Complete the marine art with the waypoints descriptions and write whether the journey was difficult. Amuse the subscribers with local or sailor’s fables.

3. Daily routine

A routine window sight may turn into a magnificent IG picture due to the editing tools.  And if you add inspiring thoughts in the caption, the post will get no fewer likes and comments than any other one in your profile. Describe feelings and emotions caused by the place you took the photo from.

Post a morning window view picture and thoughts you have waking up. Or a night view from a window of a favorite restaurant. Maybe you are the lucky one who’s got a house by the sea or in a picturesque village, such beauty is to be shared with subscribers for sure. 

A businessman can take a photo of a view from his office in a high-rise building. A picture of a parking lot will please the subscribers of an auto centre. Lucky pet-store staff - photo content with animals always gets a good response.

4. Advice and tutorials

A piece of advice or lifehack can be posted as a text on a beautiful background. Add detailed description in the caption below. Make a video for complicated things. Remember about the limits, upload a video-instruction with the duration of more than a minute in IGTV. Add a post-preview in the feed. 

Post a check-list, clustered information is easier to understand. Long list divide and post as a carousel. Users can add the posts in Saved to have a brief guideline at hand. 

If you promote a brand, you are probably a good specialist. Unique solutions to difficult situations will distinguish you in your field. 

5. Leisure time

Take a snapshot and describe what you listen to, read, watch. It might be things you’ve finished or tackled recently, or options considered for the future. Tell how much you like them and whether they were worth the time you spent. Or advise something similar, more interesting and useful. Several options can be organized in a compilation.

The same is for places to go. Make a post with your latest discoveries or a favorite spot of a city. Tell its story, related events of your life and how you found out about it. Mark the address so that people can visit and appreciate the place.

Business profiles can post compilations according to their topic. A list of books on programming, photos from an office party or a computer games review are all suitable for a computer shop. 

6. Challenges

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in a challenge. Thus, you get Instagram post ideas for a long time ahead. Start your own marathon or challenge to involve the subscribers. 

A sports goods shop profile can run an everyday marathon of squats or pull-ups. A bakery can offer its subscribers to cook and post a dish from a set topic - desserts, salads, drinks, or it might be national dishes from around the world changing the country week by week.

7. Goals

Set goals for a day, week, month or year. Tell about them in your account and report the progress regularly. 

Show a project in process, intermediate results of a big task. Write what’s been done and what lies ahead. If you are painting a picture - photograph it and show what it looks like now.

Round off results. Choose the figures that present you in a positive light. In a personal profile one can share the number of steps or miles they’ve walked or run, or increased number of subscribers. 

Graphs of growing sales and number of affiliates are good for harmless flaunting in a business account. Photos of the building process maintain the subscribers’ interest in a new project - show a design of a completed part.

Post an announcement of a live stream, an offline event or new product launch. To get a higher audience involvement, give a hint and ask subscribers to guess what you are planning. What chips flavor is hitting shelves of the supermarkets soon? Where will be the building of a new affiliate? Who is the star-billing of the next show episode? Where are you going next weekend?

8. Achievements

Even on the most boring day, there is a victory to share with the subscribers. Because sometimes getting up in the morning is a real feat. And if then you managed to do all you had to do, you are a superhero of the day. But do not overfill your profile with such routine feats.

Comparing “before” and “after” is another easy Instagram post idea. Emphasize the difference in the description, especially if it is not obvious. For brands, it’s an opportunity to show an example of a work to attract more clients. 

A company can also post about signing a big contract. Tell how great your presentation or negotiation was. Or maybe you succeeded to purchase materials at a good price and you can offer a discount for your subscribers? This will be interesting to them for sure.

Even if you failed a presentation, you should tell about it. You not just lost a good deal, but have gained some experience, so share it with the subscribers. Give a post about the mistakes and conclusions made, add some advice.

9. Trendy post

Don’t forget about current events and newsbreaks. Holidays, sports competitions, Coronavirus, new iPhone release concern everybody, or at least your subscribers are aware about them. You can draw the public’s interest and debate in the comments.

Make a banner with the most urgent topic for your business. Share a post in a film or computer game theme with a reference to them before premiere night. Before a football match, create an advertisement in a sports theme. No matter what you do, your product can always be related with the talk of the town.

10. Fun content

Try out a funny mask, post a meme or joke on the profile’s specialization. Ask a riddle or suggest a puzzle. They shouldn’t be difficult, users use Instagram to relax, not to think hard.

Among posts of your good offers and discounts, among photos of beautiful breakfasts and architecture, there is a room for a joke. Memes and fun photos are not a content option only for those who deliberately keep their reputation solid. 

11. A minute to relax

Let your subscribers take a breather and post a beautiful picture. A photo with large objects, smooth lines and neutral colors gives eyes a rest. 

Suggest users to deeply breathe in and out so that they take their mind off the problems and relax. Video and nature sounds, or slow music calm racing thoughts. 

Business accounts can post relaxing content related to their product. Purring cats and chirping birds are good for a pet shop. Choose a video of a fire or river for a camping equipment store. 

Content to post here and now

You can post on Instagram right now even if you can’t take a photo. 

12. Old photos

Look for photos in your smartphone or computer gallery. Certainly, there are a couple enough Instagramable ones. Describe what things and people in the shot mean to you or your company. Even if the picture displays nothing special, it probably has significant events lying behind.


You don’t have to post your own photos. Every day users share almost 100 million photos and videos. There is at least one relevant to your subscribers. Add to that, you can repost your Instagram Stories to the feed. Read more about reposting in the article How to repost on Instagram.

14. Q&A

Answer questions from comments, DM or messages from other social networks. A picture with a question text is suitable to replace a photo. Write your answer in the caption or on the next slides of the carousel.

Dispel subscribers’ myths and false assumptions. If you face negative, accusing or false suggestions, dedicate a series of posts to make the issues clear. 

In a post you can also ask subscribers’ opinion on a particular thing, or help in making a decision. After all, ask what they would like to see in their Instagarm feed. You don't have to take a photo in this case either. A thematic picture or text on a good-looking background will also work.

More ideas for brand promotion

In addition to the Instagram post ideas above, a business can add photos in its profile specifically for promotion. Such content increases loyalty to a brand and its sales.

15. Shoppable posts

Business accounts have a tool to place catalog links on a post. Create a fashionable look or make-up, tag on the photo the products you used for building a look. Set up a workplace or room using your store’s assortment. Things might look not so attractive separately, but everything changes after you put them in the right decorations - they look appealing to buy.

16. Show your product in work

Post pics where you show advantages, often and not obvious situations to use your product or service. A series of photos might be enough for simple things like building supplies, clothes, household appliances. But a video is always more usable.

Post instructions. Describe the features few people know about. Of course, a printed version of instructions is an essential attachment to your product. But very few people open it before something goes wrong. It’s easier to swipe a carousel or watch a video than to read tiny letters on the paper. Get even more sales posting an instruction on how to purchase your product. 

17. People’s opinions

Repost or photograph clients using your product or service. Thus, using users generated content you show the good is popular and in demand. It’s even better if there are influencers’ among your clients.

Post quotes and passages from authorities’ interviews. A positive opinion of a specialist gives more credibility to your brand. 

Add reviews from social media, apps, websites providing services ranks or your own website to prove the trust. If your clients write reviews in a paper guestbook, take a photo of the feedback and post in your profile. 

18. Contests and raffles

Social media is a good place to host a contest or raffle. They make it easier to take part than when hosting offline. Brands like raffles as a real way to gain more subscribers. 

19. Special offers for subscribers

Discounts and special offers one can know about only from the social network is another good Instagram post idea and a method to get more subscribers. Tell people offline about the profit they get when subscribe to your profile.

20. Team and backstage

To be closer to the audience, introduce your team members to it. Emotional connection is possible only if subscribers think about a  brand as of certain people, not a logo or building.

Show employees working on a production, tell interesting specifications about every stage. Interview staff or film their work in process. Subscribers are curious to see what's out of the public eye. They want to know not only about attractive wrap, but also about insights.

A company can dedicate a post to every employee. Tell how he or she got into, what their job, interests and hobbies are. 

Content plan

Keep along a specified theme to easily come up with what to post on Instagram. Subscribers expect to see more of what caught them initially. Don't disappoint a user subscribed after a good car review with green thumb advice. 

Where to look for Instagram photo ideas

Having decided on a specification of your profile, go for inspiration and photoshoot ideas to users’ profiles with similar content. Not only on Instagram, but other social networks too, websites, forums.

Use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to learn about users' most popular queries in your field. 

Bookmark our article to go back here when you don’t know what to post on Instagram. 

Make a content plan

You won’t have to think about Instagram post ideas every day if you plan content to add in your profile ahead.

An easy way to deal with the issue of what to post on Instagram is to define a subject for every day. If you have few Instagram photo ideas, make a content plan for a week. For example:

  • Monday - week goals
  • Tuesday - advice for high productivity
  • Wednesday - a film to watch tonight
  • Thursday - inspirational quotes
  • Friday - funny video or pic
  • Saturday - a recipe or cafe to have a perfect weekday breakfast
  • Sunday - a place to go

There are more post and photoshoot ideas for profiles with a broad theme. Then the ideas can be repeated not weekly, but monthly. And if you add content rarely, they will be repeated after longer periods. 

On the Internet you can find various content plans. To give just one example:

Bonus! Turn one photo into 9 or 12

A series of the same photos come at hand when you’re in lack of Instagram post ideas but need to make a content plan for several days or even weeks. Choose a photo. Divide it into 9 or 12 pictures and post one by one. It’s important not to post other pics between them. Then the whole picture appears on your profile page. 

Every part of the main photo should be an independent image. Remember, they are shown separately in Instagram feed. Abstract photos with something incomprehensible will confuse users. 

Use online services like ImageSplitter to separate a picture into a series of similar parts. Or applications for iOS and for Android

You can write anything under such photos. It can be unrelated things within the profile topic. Or a block of information divided into parts. Users are more likely to read them than a big text. 

Taplink for Instagram

Sign up on Taplink to create landings. On the pages you can display detailed information that hasn't fitted in the photo caption. Send users to link in bio for product instruction, work examples, discounts, announcements or to make an order. 

On a Taplink landing you can place unlimited number of links, pictures, your HTML blocks, chat app buttons. Beautiful design can be applied to the pages, make your own or choose one of more than 200 ready design themes.

The bottom line

Don't worry there’ll come a day when you’ve run out of Instagram post ideas. Every moment can become a photo worth sharing. Choose a content idea your subscribers are interested in to get more likes and comments.