How to post multiple photos on Instagram

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Updated 30 May, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
No more struggling to choose the photo that conveys a photoshoot’s concept and shows your photography skills best. From this article, you will know how to add and post multiple pictures on Instagram at a time. Because all of them are masterpieces and worth attention.
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On Instagram, you can post a series of photos, then, each of them will be a single picture in a sequence. You can also add them to your profile as a collage. Both ways are applicable to posts and Stories. 

How do you post a series of multiple pictures on Instagram

First, let’s see how you upload and post multiple photos to Instagram posts and Stories. They will be separated pictures that one can swipe through.

Carousel for multiple pictures in one Instagram post

If you want to add more than one picture to one Instagram post so that people can see each one in full size, you create a photo carousel. There you can add up to 10 pictures, each will be a slide. 

Multiple pictures are added to an Instagram carousel in the same order that you mark them. You can see a sequence number on each image when you add them.

The first photo determines the size of all the others. If the first photo is a rectangle, the rest of the photos will be of the same shape. If the originals have different sizes, they will be cropped in the Instagram carousel. You can choose the displayed area for each slide. 

You can make and post an Instagram carousel from multiple photos that are stored on your phone. 

  1. Tap the plus from your profile page.
  2. Choose Post.
  3. Tap Select Multiple.
  4. Choose photographs for your post and tap next.
Tapping the plus in the feed tab on InstagramChoosing Post and tapping Select Multiple in the Instagram posting menuChoose multiple photos for ab Instagram post and tapping next

You can change the order of the multiple photos you are posting to Instagram. Tap and hold a pic and drag it to the right place in the IG carousel.

You can delete a picture, press and drag it to the appeared trash icon.

Post with multiple photos in the Instagram editor

The slides of Instagram carousel are edited independently before posting. You can use different Instagram filters, editing tools such as Fixthephoto, and change the displayed area for each of the multiple photos.

After you’ve created the carousel, you post it. 

05. Tap next.
06. Tap the tick.

Tapping next in the Instagram post editorFinishing posting multiple photos to Instagram

Post a series of multiple pictures in Instagram Stories

You can also post multiple photos in Instagram Stories. Each will be a single publication of 5 seconds duration. You can post up to 10 Stories at a time. 

Mark multiple photos when uploading them to Instagram Stories from your phone.

  1. Tap the plus from your home page. 
  2. Choose Story
  3. Tap camera roll
  4. Tap Select Multiple
  5. Choose photos and tap Next.
Tapping the plus on the Instagram home pageChoosing Story and tapping the camera roll in the Instagram cameraSelecting multiple photos and tapping Next in the Instagram Stories editor

You can also create multiple Stories using Instagram camera. Choose Multi-Capture to take up to 8 pictures, they will be a series of Stories.

Highlighted Multi-Capture feature in the Instagram camera

When you’ve added all multiple photos you wanted to Instagram Stories, it’s time to post it. 

06. Tap Next.
07. Tap Share

Tapping Next in the Instagram Stories editorPosting multiple photos to Instagram Stories

How to post multiple photos as a collage on Instagram

Another way to post multiple photos on Instagram is to create a collage. Then users will see them all at once. Now we will tell you how to make a collage for posts and Stories.

The number of multiple pictures you can posts as an Instagram collage is not limited, but keep it reasonable. If you add too many images, they will be small, and the details will not be distinguishable. 

Add a collage as an Instagram post

One of the ways to make a collage of multiple photos is to create it in Instagram Stories and then download. We will tell you about Story collages later. 

Read how to save Instagram Stories when creating one, or Stories posted in your or someone's profile.

Another way to make a collage for an Instagram post is to use collage apps. We will tell about them first. 

Create collages of multiple pictures in the Layout app

Prior to all the apps, we want to suggest an official Instagram app for posting multiple photos, which is Layout. You can add up to 9 pictures to a collage in it. Images can be both uploaded from your phone gallery or taken right in the app using its camera.

Layout offers options for the multiple photos’ position. Choose what you would like to post in your Instagram. After that, you can edit or change them, add borders to the whole picture. Be aware, a collage made in the app can be only square. 

Picking multiple photos for an Instagram post in a collage app

You can post your collage to Instagram right from the app. Posting multiple photos to other social networks, including Facebook, is also possible. 


Create collages from multiple photos in Canva for Instagram posts

The second app for posting multiple photos to Instagram is Canva. You can add pictures and videos to a collage, and even of both of them together. Use media files from your phone or the service’s libraries. There are also ready templates. We wrote how to create a post in Canva here

You can post a photo collage on Instagram right from the app, or website, if you are working on a computer. 

Canva’s templates for Instagram post with multiple photos
If you want to make a video collage for a post, you can make an Instagram reel with the Layout feature. Make sure the Also share to feed feature is active when posting. 

Add multiple photos to one Instagram Story

You can make collages for Stories in the same apps we wrote above. You can also create them right in the Instagram app, then you use Layout mode. One more way to post multiple pictures to one Instagram Story is to add the photo stickers. 

Add multiple pictures in Layout Instagram Stories

Choose Instagram Story Layout mode to create and post a collage from multiple photos. You can alter the pictures' position. 

Highlighted Layout feature in the Instagram camera

You can upload multiple photos to Stories from your phone gallery or take new photos using Instagram camera.

Multiple pictures are uploaded to Instagram Stories from your phone gallery are added one by one:

  1. Tap camera roll.
  2. Tap a photo.

Repeat steps 1-2 to upload one more multiple photos to Instagram Stories. 

Tapping camera roll in the Instagram cameraChoosing a photo for posting to Instagram Stories

To take a photo using Instagram camera, you tap the button in the center. They will be added to the Instagram Stories collage. 

Highlighted button for taking photos and recording videos in the Instagram camera

When you have added all multiple photos to your Instagram Stories collage, tap the tick.

Highlighted button for finishing Instagram Stories collage

You get to the Instagram Story editing menu, where you can put multiple photos using stickers and then post all them.

Photo stickers for posting multiple photos in one IG Story

The stickers allow you to add multiple photos to one Instagram Story that you’ve already created. You can add and post as many pictures as you want, put them on or near each other.

  1. Open the stickers menu.
  2. Choose a sticker. Tap the one with the camera icon to take a photo. Tap the sticker with the plus to upload an image from your phone gallery.
Tapping the sicker icon in the Instagram Stories editorChoosing one of the highlighted Stories stickers

By tapping the photo you've added, you can change its shape. It can be square, rectangle, round, in the shape of a heart or a star.

Collage with multiple photos posted to Instagram Stories

You can move the image that you put on your Instagram Story. Tap it and then move to the right place, keeping it pressed.

If you want to change the size of the picture, put two fingers on it. Pinch in to minimize the pic, and vice versa, stretch the fingers to maximize it.

If you want to rotate the picture, put two fingers on it and turn them in the direction you need. 

Now that you've uploaded multiple photos to Instagram Stories, you can continue and post them.

Taplink for sharing multiple photos and videos on Instagram

If you often need to post multiple photos or videos on Instagram, you will like Taplink tools. Create your page and post as many images as you need. You can add the pictures one by one or in the carousel format. 

In a Taplink carousel, you can change the pictures' size and add up to 15 slides. You can turn on their automated swiping and even set the time for showing a slide.

Unlike Instagram, you can add links to your multiple photos and write as many text as you want. For each slide, you can write a headline and description, add a link. You can change pictures in the slides, and their order.

Add other blocks near your carousel to make your page more beautiful and informative. You can add text, music, links, maps with locations. You can even repost from other social networks. For example, read how to add Pins to your Taplink page.

Here is Taplink editing menu. On the Instagram bio page, you can see how posted multiple photos in a carousel look.

Image carousel with multiple photos on a Taplink pageImage carousel settings in the Taplink editor

Put your Taplink page link in your bio on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter so that users can follow it and look at your photo collections. Sign up for free to create your Taplink page.

How to use multiple photos in Instagram posts

We know you have an amazing idea to post multiple photos in your Instagram and you are looking for a way to add them. But we will give you some more ideas for your Instagram posts and Stories that you probably don't know. Even if you don’t want to try them right now, they may come in handy in the future. 

Comparison. Post multiple photos to compare differences between "before" and "after", pros and cons, or two similar products in a collage or a sequence of images. These ideas are good for Instagram blogs with any topic. 

The first photo in an Instagram carousel postThe second slide of an image carousel posted to InstagramThe last slide with one of the multiple photos posted to the Instagram feed

Riddles. You better post it as a carousel or a series of multiple Instagram Stories. On the first picture, you write a riddle, and on the next one, you give the answer. Thus, users can think before they see the answer. 

Slide with a riddle posted in an image carousel on InstagramSlide with the answer to a riddle posted in an image carousel on Instagram

Text. Another idea of how to post multiple photos in your Instagram profile is to share a part of an article from your blog. Use it in a carousel or a series of multiple Instagram Stories, then the text will be readable. It may be a long story or description to several photos, or it may be some main points to which you want to draw users’ attention. Very long texts can be posted as several carousels and then grouped in an Instagram guide.

One of the multiple photos posted to the Instagram feed as an image carouselPart of a divided text posted to Instagram as an image carouselInstagram carousel slide with a part of a text

Lists and checklists. They are good for posting multiple photos as an Instagram carousel or a series of Stories. Add a separate picture for each point from a list. You can flesh out them.

The heading of a text posted to Instagram as multiple photosThe first item on a list posted to Instagram as a photo carouselThe second item on a list posted as an Instagram image carousel

Instructions. An instruction is usually a short text with one or more pictures. To make sure Instagram users can see the images well, post instructions as one photo carousel or a sequence of Stories. Each step should be in its own picture, and you better add important subtleties. In the end, you can add a general video guide. 

Instructions posted to Instagram as multiple photos in a carouselThe first step added as a slide in an Instagram image carouselThe second step of instructions posted as an Instagram image carousel

The bottom line 

Same looking pictures in the feed may irritate or bore your followers, and they will unsubscribe from you. Or they mute you on Instagram in the best case.

Group such multiple photos in an Instagram collage or carousel, then, if a follower is interested in your photos, they will view them all in one post. And if they are not, they don’t have to scroll for long in order to skip them.

You can post multiple photos on Instagram to your Stories and posts. Add them as a series of pictures that a user can swipe through to view. You do it by creating an Instagram carousel or uploading a series of Stories. You can also create a collage to show users all pictures at once, download apps or use Stories Layout for this. 

Remember about the picture quality when uploading multiple photos to Instagram. Post and Stories size should be 1080 pixels at least.