How to add a link to your TikTok bio

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 06 March, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Do you lack opportunities to tell users more about important things? All that you couldn’t show in the short videos you can give on the pages of your website, other social media networks, or WhatsApp. Read how to add a link to TikTok bio that navigates users to them. Share more content, have more communication with your audience, and increase your sales.
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How to put a link in your TikTok bio

You can add a clickable link to a specific website only in a Business account. The web address is displayed under your profile photo. You can see how it looks in the screenshot below. 

Since January 2022, you also have to get 1,000 followers to use this feature. Users with the smaller number won't find the website field in the settings. 
Highlighted clickable link in a TikTok bio of a marketer

Step 1 — Switch to a Business

Before you put a link in TikTok, you need to make your account Business. If you have already done it, go to the second step.

You can switch to TikTok Business from your profile.

01. Tap the three lines.

Opening TikTok settings on the profile page in the app

02. Choose Manage account.

Choosing Manage account on the list of TikTok settings in the app

03. Tap Switch to Business Account.

Choosing Switch to Business Account in the TikTok settings

04. Tap Next.

Highlighted Next button in the TikTok Business account settings

05. Choose a topic for your profile and tap the circle near it so to fill.

Choosing the Media & Entertainment option on the list of business categories in the TikTok app

06. Tap Next

Tapping the Next button when setting up TikTok Business account

Now that you’ve switched your TikTok to Business, you can add a web adress and email. You also have tools for analyzing your audience and content. But there is a disadvantage, not all audio can be used in the videos for commercial purposes.

Step 2 — Put a link in TikTok bio

After you switch your account type on TikTok, you can add a clickable link. It may lead to your profile in another social network or a landing page with multiple links, we will tell you about it further. 

Here is how you can add a web address on TikTok:

01. Tap Edit Profile.

Opening profile settings from a TikTok user's page in the app

02. Choose Website.

Choosing the Website settings in the TikTok profile settings

03.  Enter a web address in the field.

Adding an URL in the link field in the Website settings

04. Tap Save

Saving changes in the Website settings of a TikTok profile
Note, you don’t have to write "http", "https" or "www" in the Website field on TikTok. Your link will look more neat and tidy without them, and it will still work. 
Here is an example:

If you need to add more links to your TikTok bio, create a landing page on Taplink. You can add as many links as you want there. You can also add buttons to other social networks and messaging apps, as well as text and photos to tell users more about you on the page.

Ok, but what does this have to do with TikTok? Put the link to your landing in your bio so that users can follow it and see all your links. 

Below you can see an example of how such pages may look. You can use this template or choose another from more than 20 categories on Taplink. Here we created a photography portfolio website with a template. Or, you can well make a page with your custom design.

Let’s look at a landing for a pets’ beauty salon that is made using this template

The page starts with a photo and the name at the top. The informative part of the landing starts with a slogan. Right under it, users will find a button for booking an appointment. It opens the default dialing app with the entered number on a user’s smartphone. There could be a button for sending messages or emails, or a page for making payments instead. 

Taplink pet grooming salon page with a booking button opened by the link in a TikTok profile bio

By opening the FAQ section, users can know more about the salon. If they still have some doubts, this information will help them to make a decision. 

Scrolling the landing further, users can get more information. They can look at a price list. There is a WhatsApp button that users can tap to ask for an accurate sum and information about other services.

Positive clients’ reviews in the next block will convince potential clients from TikTok or other social media platforms that the offered prices are reasonable. The review block will be of much help for the companies that launched recently, and they are unknown so far.

The pricing and reviews sections on a Taplink link in bio page of a pet salon TikTok profile

Special offers emphasize the clients’ benefit of choosing this salon. Users who are not appealed by the price list above can change their minds after reading this information. 

At the end, there is the contact information. The salon added a map with the address tag, added their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook links. Also, there are also messaging app buttons, the salon added Telegram, Facebook, Discord chat links

Special offers and map sections on a Taplink page of a pet salon's TikTok profileMap, contact details and social profiles sections on a link in bio page of a pet grooming salon on TikTok

TikTok is not the only social media where you can add the link to your Taplink page. You can also put it in your bio on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Read here how to place a link to Instagram bio.

Be sure to tell users on TikTok and all the other networks that they can follow the link in bio to find information and content they are interested in, contact you in messaging apps or on other social media platforms, or place an order and pay for it. Start here for free

The bottom line

You need to switch your TikTok to Business so that you are able to add a link. After that, additional settings appear in your account, including a field to enter a website address. 

We recommend that you add a link to TikTok bio that navigates users to your Taplink page. This is a way to add a longer text and more links in your bio. You are not limited in the number of links, messaging apps and social networks buttons that you can place on it. Using ready-made templates, you can create such landings in a couple of minutes. 

Check if there are landing page templates for your niche on Taplink.