How to become a social media influencer in 6 steps

Julia Moore
The opportunity to make millions of dollars doing what you love and get a flock of fans is quite appealing. That’s why many people want to be social media influencers. Read the article to learn what it takes. And if you won’t get scared, you can follow the guide’s steps to become an authority on the Internet too.
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Who is a social media influencer

An influencer is a media personnel with an authoritative opinion. They know their subject perfectly, and so they have gained some success. That’s why users trust and follow them on social networks.

The number of followers is a key indicator of an influencer’s success. This is what ranges them into a category. A person may be a:

  • Nano-influencer: 1,000-10,000.
  • Micro-influencer: 10,000-50,000.
  • Mid-tier-influencer: 50,000-500,000.
  • Macro-influencer: 500,000-1,000,000.
  • Mega-influencer: more than 1,000,000.

6 steps to become a social media influencer

You can be an influencer too, here are the steps to follow. Share your expert opinion to gain followers on social media.

Step 1 — Choose a topic you know well

Think about what you are good at and what you can talk about for hours. This will be your niche.

Why are we so sure you can become a social media influencer? Because you are certainly good at something. What do you do in your leisure time? If you travel, you can become a travel blogger and give insights into foreign countries. If you bring up three children and are too busy to travel, you can start a blog about parenthood.

You don't have to confirm your qualification with certificates on social media. Though, they do give you credibility. Especially if you are a doctor or a lawyer.

Don’t worry if you can post only obvious things. They may not be so obvious to others. Remember, some people have only tackled what you’ve spent hundreds of hours on.

You may well become a lifestyle blogger. It’s your case if you have an interesting personality or your life is full of events. When life is like a series, then life updates are always engaging content.

Step 2 — Choose platforms where you can become popular

As an influencer, you need social media platforms that your audience uses. Figure out the platforms considering the audience’s age, location, and interests. Statistics for these and other parameters you can find on such websites as

For example, if you are an influencer who targets the audience of 18-29 years old, turn your attention to such social medi aplatforms as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. According to the research of the 2021 year, these platforms are the most popular among the surveyed Americans of this age.

The more platforms you choose, the wider your audience is. But you shouldn't aim to become a social media influencer posting everywhere. Pick no more socials than you are able to run. You better choose fewer of them, where you can post regularly, than more of them, where you will upload content as luck will have it.

In the example above, we told you about the 5 platforms that give the highest reach for the case. If your time and ideas are limited, you should choose only the most popular socials. They are YouTube and FB in this case.

Step 3 — Switch to Business account

In Business accounts, as a rule, you have more tools for your account development. That’s why we recommend you switch to it where possible if you want to become a social media influencer.

For example, on Instagram, the statistics become only available after you switch to business. This is necessary for tracking your reach and engagement. And they, in their turn, are important for your understanding of what to post to gain followers.

On TikTok, you need a business account to add a website, email, and to launch advertisements. All these are necessary if you want to become a social media influencer.

Step 4 — Fill your profile 

Spare time for filling your bio. Here you can read an ultimate guide on filling a bio for a brand. 

Here is a short checklist for influencers:

  • Name and username should include your first and last name. 
  • Profile picture can be your photo or an image associated with you.
  • Bio should clearly explain who you are and what you do. There can also be your achievements. A call to action is another important thing to add, it should suggest users to follow the link in your bio. Now we will tell you more about this link.

Step 5 — Add multiple links in your bio 

You can place only one clickable link to your account on most social media platforms. For example, on TikTok or Instagram. It may not be enough. One user may need a link to a dialogue with you in WhatsApp, another one may need your Facebook page or a catalog if you sell something.

We recommend that you create a page with multiple links to have more opportunities as an influencer. Then, you won’t have to choose what link to give users. You can give all of them at once.

A page with multiple links can be created in link in bio tools.

On Taplink, for example, you can create a page with your custom design or use ready-made templates.

Here are some examples of the templates that you can use:

Step 6 — Make a content plan and post regularly

Being a social media influencer is not merely enjoying your superiority. It’s also a regular posting because people forget about you if you’ve been out of the spotlight for long.

The answer to the question of how often to upload content depends on the platform. On TikTok, for example, you need to upload content every day, and you better add several videos a day. But if you post that often on Instagram, you will be too much and you will lose followers.

Here are the numbers on how many publications a day users usually add to their profiles:

  • Twitter: 3 tweets.
  • TikTok: 3 videos.
  • Facebook: 2 publications.
  • LinkedIn: 1 publications. 
  • Pinterest: 5 publications.
  • Instagram: 2 posts.

You need to keep one topic in your profile. If you want to say something on a different topic, make sure it will be interesting to your audience. Use the words they can understand and examples that they will relate to. Make the new topic connected to the main topic of your profile.

If you want to be an influencer, you need a content plan. Make it ahead to avoid problems when you don’t know what content to make.

Here we offer ready content-plans for:

If your topic is different, you can adjust these plans. For example, "What has changed in flights around the world" becomes "What has changed in the film industry".

How to run your social media accounts like a true influencer

Having finished the steps above, you are all set and good to go. You have to sing for your supper, and you have to work on your account to become an authority. We already told you about regular posting. Now we will tell you what else you should do if you want to be an influencer on social media.

Interact with your audience

Invite users to voice their opinions under your photos and videos, or to react in Stories. Then, you get more chances for communicating with your audience.

Be active in both your and others’ profiles. Comment and like others’ photos and videos, reply to others’ comments. The more actively you interact with others, the more people know about you.

Choose your audience’s profiles for the interaction. Then you will get more attention from those who may get interested in you, go to your profile and subscribe.

Make sure your comments are meaningful. This communication is an opportunity to show your expertise. Then, your authority will grow.

Avoid commenting controversial content and remarks of users, don’t like them. For example, steer clear of publications that provoke aggressive behavior. Then, you will keep your influencer's reputation good.

Become an honest social media influencer

Speak what you believe in. Don't advise what you personally don’t like or approve. Use your sound knowledge to explain your opinion. Users appreciate that.

Know your audience

Use your account statistics to understand your audience. This is necessary to be a successful social media influencer. The figures will appear in your account as you add content. We wrote how to use Instagram Insights here. Working with the statistics on other socials is similar.

The statistics give you insights into your audience’s interests, what’s relevant to it, and what content it likes. By choosing interesting and urgent topics, you get more likes, comments, and followers. Your authority grows, and so you become an influencer on social media.

How influencers make money on social media

Finally, we come to the most important part of being a social media influencer. Let's look at the opportunities to make wealth when you are a popular figure on the Internet. The more fame and followers you get, the more money you make.

Sponsored posts and collaborations with bloggers are the main source of a social media influencer's income. For example, a sponsor sends them a product, asks to post a photo with it, and pays money for it. If you want this too, we recommend that you create a media kit.

How to create a media kit for making money in socials

Your media kit is a summary for potential sponsors and other bloggers. It should include:

  • What is your profile topic. State the topic of your profile. You should also write some other topics you can post about. They are for the case when you are considered to be invited for making content for other profiles or platforms. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, you can post on a different topic sometimes. For example, when you want to add a sponsored publication to your profile.
  • Where you post. Add links to your profiles on other socials. Then, sponsors and bloggers will know what platforms they can use for collaboration with you.
  • Proofs of your authority. Here you need to persuade users that your opinion is valuable. This may be your degree, certificates and awards. You may also want to show examples of your work, like paintings or desserts photos.
  • Account statistics. Sponsors and bloggers want to know what they can get working with a social media influencer. Add your reach and engagement rates, and the number of followers in your accounts on each platform. You can also give other figures to present yourself in a favorable light.
  • Your terms and conditions. You can add essential requirements for collaboration. If your potential sponsor is not ok with them, neither you, nor them will waste time.

Influencers' media kits are usually made in PDF. You can place a link for downloading the file on your page in bio we told you about above.

Here is how it may look:

But we recommend that you create your media kit on Taplink. Then, you won’t have to think where to upload it. You won’t have to free up space on your online file storage either. Create a page for the summary and place its link to your main Taplink page.

Here are examples of such pages made on Taplink:

The bottom line

Everyone has a chance to become a social media influencer. Choose a topic you are good at and create accounts on social networks. Create a content plan to make high-quality content posting an ongoing process.

Don’t forget to communicate with your audience and be honest. Then, very soon you will become an influencer with hundreds, and then millions of followers on social media. We believe in you!

What will you post about on social media? Write in the comments!