16 Instagram tips and secrets to know in 2024

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 17 April, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
We have no doubt that every Instagram user knows how to add posts, stories, leave comments, and send messages. However, do they know how to collab, add a status, set up a reminder, or how to read a message secretly from the sender? In this article, we will share with you 16 Instagram tips and secrets to make you even more tech-savvy.
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1. Keep up with Reels

Obviously, the Reels feature is the most vivid update on Instagram not only in the U.S. but in the whole world. It's not just a capability to record your dancing or lip-syncing and get this video to the recommendations. This is a chance to increase your audience and increase the engagement of the account. Therefore, here is the first tip for your Instagram — don't take a moment away from starting to make Instagram Reels.

2. Use Collabs

The next tip will also boost your promotion. Use the Instagram Collabs feature to increase the engagement twice in your and your friend's account at the same time.

The Collab or co-authoring is a novelty in the Instagram world. Then just join forces with your friend to make a collab post. It will be displayed in both your profiles. Thus, you will get likes and comments not only from your Instagram followers but also from the audience of your co-author.

Highlighted usernames of post authors in the Instagram app

3. Make the most of your Instagram bio

All of us know that it's possible to add only one link to the bio. What should you do if you want to share your Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok, but Instagram makes you choose one link? Don't worry, we will give you another Instagram tip!

Use Taplink to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. Create a WhatsApp linkSnapchat link and other messaging app links. Gain followers by linking to your social profiles. Show your Amazon products and Etsy products to sell them on Instagram. Make the page an actual website by adding photos, videos, geolocation, and a payment form too. 

You can get your page in a matter of minutes thanks to templates. There are various options for different industries. For example, here is a guide on how to use the templates to create a portfolio website for a photographer

That's how your Taplink page can look like:

Travel blogger’s Instagram link in bio page made on TaplinkTaplink page made for a coffee shop with reservation and delivery buttonsInstagram link in bio page with links to a clothing shop catalog categories and a promo campaign section

Follow this Instagram tip and create your page using templates. Here are those you can see above:

You only need to sign up and add relevant information to your page.

4. Watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Do you know you can view Instagram Stories anonymously? There are two hacks how you can do that! 

  1. Go to the page of the user you want to view the stories from and tap the three dots.
  2. Select Copy Profile URL.
  3. Open Instagram Downloads and tap the search bar.
  4. Choose Paste in the pop-up menu.
  5. Hit Search.
  6. The user's account opens. Now, just tap the profile photo and watch stories.
Tapping the tree dot icon on an Instagram profile pageChoosing Copy Profile URL in the Instagram profile menuTapping the search bar on the Instagram Downloader website
Pasting a profile link in the search field on the Instagram Downloader websiteTapping the search button on the Instagram Downloader websiteTapping the profile photo in the Instagram-like interface

By the way, you can also use InstagramDownloads to save Instagram Stories, posts, Highlights. This tip brings the platform's experience to the next level.

5. Secretly read your direct messages

Another tip for those who like to use Instagram without being noticed. You can read Direct messages so that the sender doesn't find out about it. And no, you don't need to use a third-party service for this. Just switch your account to business profile mode and follow our instructions.

  1. Open your Instagram account and tap the messenger icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Find the message that you want to make unread. If you have an iPhone, swipe to the left and hit Unread. If you are the owner of an Android phone, then tap the message and select Mark as Unread in the menu that appears.
Tapping the paper plane icon in the feed in the Instagram appChoosing Unread the Instagram Direct Messages

Done! Now your message is shown as unread.

Highlighted blue dot near a username on the list of chats in the Instagram DM

6. Save mobile data

Have you ever wondered how much mobile data is used by flipping through the Instagram feed every day? The weight of stories, posts, and reels turns into a tidy figure. It's one thing when you use Wi-Fi. 

We are here with another tip to save your mobile data. Adjust your Instagram settings so that the app uses less of it. Here is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open your Instagram profile and tap the avatar in the lower-right corner.
  2. Hit the three lines in the upper-right corner.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Choose Account.
  5. Go to Data usage or Cellular data use.
  6. Tap the slider next to Use less mobile data or Data Saver.
Tapping the profile photo in the tab panel in the Instagram phone appTapping the three bars in the Instagram profile tabChoosing Settings in the Instagram account menu
Choosing Account on the list of Instagram settingsChoosing Data usage on the list of Account settingsActivating the Use less mobile data feature in the Data usage settings

Now, Instagram won't upload videos in advance, so as not to consume your mobile data. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that then you will wait for the videos to load in your feed.

7. Add links to your Stories

If you still believe only users with more than 10,000 followers can add links to Stories, then this life-changing Instagram tip is for you.

Before, only accounts with 10,000 followers could add external links. Now, this feature is available for everyone. In 2021, Instagram released a special Story sticker for links. You just need to add the sticker Link (1) and specify the URL (2).

Choosing Link on the list of Instagram Stories stickersAdding a link in the Link sticker settings when posting a story on Instagram

If you want to increase the number of clicks, add a link to the page with this particular product. You can create such a page on Taplink. Then Instagram followers and customers won't have to search for a product from your stories themselves.

Users will see this page if they follow the link:

Taplink page made for a macaroon shop with a photo of a St. Valentine's Day set

8. Post picture with music in Stories

Want more tips for Instagram Stories? Music can be used not only for videos in reels, but also for photos in stories. In order not to post just an image, diversify it with audio. Then the level of audience engagement on your page will be higher.

And it's a piece of cake to do it. Upload a photo to the Instagram story and choose sticker music (1). Choose any audio track (2) and add it to the story.

Choosing Music on the list of Instagram Stories stickersChoosing a song for the Music sticker on the list

9. Make Instagram posts from your PC

2021 was the year of updates on Instagram. Thus, we have more than usual tips for you this year. Along with Collabs, it became possible to make posts from a PC. Moreover, you can use all the photo editing features from the app. Read the guide on how to post to Instagram from a computer to learn more about it.

10. Hide irrelevant ads

If there is anything worse than ads popping up when you are chilling and scrolling the feed, it is the irrelevant ads you are pushed to watch. Enough of it, here is a tip that helps you to hide brand's photos and videos you don't want to see. 

Instagram ads are generated based on the content you like, your followings, as well as search queries. If you see ads that you aren't interested in, then you can simply hide them. The system will remember this and will no longer advise you to buy this product.

You can hide ads both in the feed and in the stories. To do this, just tap the three dots (1) in the upper-right corner of the post or story and select Hide ad (2).

Tapping the three dot icon in the Instagram post in the feedChoosing Hide ad on the list in the Instagram app

11. Create guides

Do you run your blog and want to make it easier for followers to find a certain post? If you answer "yes" to the question, then you'll say "yes" for this Instagram tip.

Just add the publication to the guide. All in all, this is similar to Highlights, which can be combined into folders by topic. The guides are also collected in folders that you can scroll through and view the added posts. 

This is how the guides look like:

Instagram Guides tab on a profile page

12. Switch on two-factor authentication

It's unlikely that any of you want your account and all the data to fall into the hands of hackers.  Therefore, the next Instagram tip is for your account secure and privacy. 

To avoid such troubles, just enable two-factor authentication. We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

  1. Open your Instagram profile and tap the profile photo in the lower-right corner.
  2. Hit the three lines in the upper-right corner.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Then move to Security.
  5. Go to Two-factor authentication.
  6. Tap Get Started.
  7. Choose the method through which you will receive a 6-digit code (Text message, WhatsApp, or an authentication app).
  8. Add your private Instagram code to the input field
  9. Hit Next.
  10. To finish installing two-factor authentication, tap Next again.
Switching to the profile tab in the Instagram appTapping the three bar icon on an Instagram profile pageChoosing Settings in the Instagram app
Choosing Security in the Instagram app settingsChoosing Two-factor authentication in the Instagram Security settingsTapping Get Started in the Instagram settings
Tapping Get Started in the Instagram settingsActivating the Text message feature in the Two-factor authentication settingsEntering a confirmation code when adding a number in th Instagram Security settings

If you use a phone number for the two-factor authentication, make sure you keep it updated. Then, you will always be able to confirm you are the owner of your account, and get access to it. Read how to change a phone number in your Instagram account.

13. Add line breaks

One more essential posting tip for your Instagram. You are writing a post and want to start the next sentence from a new line, but instead of the usual Enter button, you see a hash key on the keyboard. What do you have to do? Is it reasonable to add a bunch of spaces in order to move the sentence to the next line? Sure, you can, but there is an easier way.

When it comes to line breaks, just press 123 (1) and then return (2).

Tapping the 123 button on an iPhone keyboardTapping the return button on an iPhone keyboard

That's how your caption looks like with a line break:

Highlighted line break in the post caption

14. Turn on notifications

Stay updated with another Instagram tip. Are you constantly checking Instagram so as not to miss a new post from your favorite idols or blogs? You can stop doing this if you just turn on notifications of new posts. This feature will help you not to miss any posts of accounts that are important to you. To do this, simply go to the right account, tap the bell icon (1) in the upper-right corner and move the slider next to Posts (2).

Highlighted bell icon on an Instagram profile pageActivating the Postnotification feature in the Instagram app

15. Pin Instagram posts

Important posts will never be lost in the flow of your grid pictures and videos. With this app feature that appeared in 2022, you can pin posts to the top of your Instagram profile page. Isn't it what we all have been waiting for? You can now save your best shots or large banners. Whether you promote a personal brand or want to increase a company's sales, you can benefit on it. 

Instagram profile page with pinned post creating a horizontal picture togetherInstagram profile page with pinned post creating a promo banner together

16. Screenshot without them knowing

If you ever wonder whether an Instagram user can tell that you capture or record their content, we are here to give a clear answer: "no". You can screenshot other's Stories and posts without them knowing. The user won't be notified, neither will this fact be stated in the account statistics. 

Let’s recap

Now you know 16 juicy Instagram tips and secrets that will raise you to the PRO level in the eyes of friends. Instagram often adds new features, but the most significant ones of recent time have undoubtedly been Reels and Collabs.

If you want to gain followers and get more likes, then look for the solutions here: how to promote your Instagram account.

We hope that you have found something useful and interesting for yourself in our Instagram guide. So, don't postpone the moment to use at least a couple of these tips.