Can you screenshot Instagram Stories without them knowing?

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 04 July, 2023
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
The question of whether you can screenshot Instagram Stories without them knowing rises again and again. Websites in the top search results for the query tell about a "new" IG feature which is notifying the content authors. It is quite bewildering, so let's figure out where the truth is.
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Whether Instagram sends any notification

In 2022, a user doesn't get the notification when someone screenshots their Instagram Story published on their profile page. Anyone who can see it can also make a screenshot without them knowing. 

Instagram didn’t explain why it canceled the feature. One of the possible reasons is that users kept screenshotting Stories secretly. They realized soon enough to turn on the airplane mode or make screenshots of Stories using a web browser. And if a profile is public, one can download their Instagram Stories.

The notification only comes through when an Instagram Story was sent to one person. Then, the content appears only in DM messages. You and the person can watch it one time each. Add to the screenshot notification, you'll also see a star "burst" icon near the photo or video.

According to the posts in social media, the canceling of the notification raised a lot of emotions in users. 

How to make a screenshot of IG Stories

On iOS, you capture the content by pressing the combination of the keys:
— Home and Power, or power and Vol+.

To screenshot on most Android smartphones, you need to:
— Concurrently press Power and Vol-.

How to screen record Stories on Instagram

iOS and Android 11 and higher have a default tool you can use to record a video from IG. 

  1. Swipe down from the top bar.
  2. Tap Screen Record in the control center.

Earlier Android versions don’t have the tool. Download a screen recorder app. For example this, it has a high rate (4.4) in Google Play.

  1. Tap the blue circle with a camera icon. The app will be recording in background mode. 
  2. View a Story. 
  3. Tap the cross to end the screen recording.

The bottom line

The answer to whether you can screen record and screenshot Instagram Stories is absolutely positive. Capture the images or videos using default tools. Download an app to record Stories if you have 10 or earlier Android versions. 

Instagram doesn't say when a screenshot or recording a Story in profile has been made. So yes, you can do it and people won't know it. Though, IG policy is changing all the time. Maybe tomorrow will be the day when screenshot notifications start coming through again. 

But be aware, users are notified when you capture their photos or videos that were sent only to you in DM!

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