How to see who views your Instagram profile and stalks your account

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Updated 06 March, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
If you think you have secret admirers or enviers who spend their time monitoring your social media updates, you may be right. There is no feature that allows you to see who views your Instagram profile. But there are some tricks on how to figure out who stalks you, read them below.
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Find your stalkers in Instagram Stories

Stories can tell you who views your Instagram profile but does not follow you. Let's start by defining the ways how users can view your stories:

  • In the feed. Subscribed users can open Stories on their feed and watch everything that was posted by the accounts they follow, including yours.
  • On your profile page. Subscribed and unsubscribed can go to your Instagram profile page and tap your profile picture to open your stories.
User's Instagram Stories in the feed in the appUser's Stories on the profile page in the Instagram app
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If an unsubscribed user watches your stories, this user definitely stalks your Instagram account. There is no way they viewed your stories by accident or while watching other stories in their feed. They had the intention and did specific actions for this.

So, when you want to see who views your Instagram account without subscribing, you should post a story for unsubscribed users only and then check the list of viewers. Below are detailed instructions.

1. Hide your Stories from your Instagram followers

First of all, you need to hide your stories from your followers to see unsubscribed users who view your Instagram profile page:

01. Go to your profile page.

02. Tap the three-line menu.

03. Choose Settings and privacy.

Switching to the profile page tab in the Instagram appOpening settings on the Instagram profile page tabChoosing Settings and privacy on the list of settings in the Instagram app

04. Find the section "Who can see your content" and choose Hide story and live.

05. Tap Hide story and live from.

06. Check all the accounts.

07. Go back.

Selecting Hide story and live in the settings in the Instagram appOpening the list of users to hide Instagram Stories fromHighlighted checkmarks near usernames and the arrow for going back to settings

Now, you can post a story and be sure only unsubscribed users will see it. If you need help, here is a guide on posting an Instagram story.

2. Check the list of Instagram story viewers

After posting a story on Instagram, you can see who views it. Bear in mind that your story is visible for 24 hours after you post it. So, you better check the list of viewers at the end of this time — your stalker may wait for the last moment.

Follow the steps to see who viewed your Instagram story:

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Open your story.
  3. Tap the profile photos at the bottom.
Switching to the profile page in the Instagram appOpening Instagram Stories by tapping profile photo in the appOpening the list of Story viewers who stalk the Instagram profile

You can see the list of viewers. Since the story is only visible to unsubscribed users, you can be sure these viewers purposely went to your page before viewing.

Highlighted list of Instagram story viewers who stalk the account

Unfortunately, stalkers' Instagram accounts are often empty or fake. So, it is impossible to identify who the account belongs to.

Also, you should know that your stalkers may view your Instagram page without viewing your stories, they may check only your posts for example.

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FAQ on how to find out who views your Instagram profile

If you still have questions about figuring out your Instagram stalkers, you can find the answers in this section.

Can I see who views my Instagram profile in the Activity tab?

In short, the Activity tab is not likely to help you. It notifies you about users' likes, comments, and new followers. But Instagram stalkers usually leave no likes or comments and do not subscribe. Still, you can go check the tab for unfamiliar accounts that are not subscribed to you. Stalkers may like your photos without intention.

Opening the Activity tab from the home tab to see who views the Instagram profile page

Are there apps or services that reveal Instagram stalkers?

There are no apps or services that can tell you who views your Instagram profile page. Instagram never reveals this information to any users. So, there is no way to develop apps or services like this.

Don't be deceived! You may see apps and services that promise to tell you who views your Instagram profile, but they do not work, and, most importantly, they are not safe. These may be hackers trying to steal your account data. Do not use them to find out your Instagram stalkers.

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What can I do about my Instagram stalkers?

If you don't want particular people to view your Instagram profile — block them. This hides your following and follower lists, photos, and videos on your profile page from them.

Open a person's page and disclose the three dots on the right.

  • The "Block" option offers to block the existing account or every one the user will make in the future, or you can block the user's page. A blocked user can't find your profile, posts, Stories, and send messages. The notification about blocking is not delivered.
  • The "Restrict" option limits the user's interactions with your profile. Comments of this user will be shown only for you two. You can manually make any of them visible to other Instagram users, or delete them. Messages from a restricted user appear in Direct requests.
Blocking or restricting an Instagram stalker on Instagram

One more method to avoid Instagram stalkers viewing your profile content is to make your account private. Thus, unsubscribed users will not be allowed to see your posts and Stories.

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The bottom line

You can see who viewed your profile on Instagram without subscribing to it. You need to hide your stories from followers and post a new story for this. Then, you check the list of the story viewers. These viewers stalk your account.

If you don't want a particular user to stalk you on Instagram, you can block it. If you don't want to get rid of all your stalkers, make your account private.