How to add a Snapchat link to your Instagram bio

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 16 April, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Instagram disapproves of inviting its users to third-party apps. Therefore, there is a problem with adding Snapchat links to your bio. However, there are two ways to hack the platform, which we will tell you in this article. We’ll also give some useful tips on how to get more subscribers.
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Shortening services for your Snapchat link

So, Instagram does not allow you to add the profile link copied from Snapchat to your bio. One way to get around this limitation is to shorten the link so as to change what it looks like.

This is a good option, but only when you are just starting to gain followers on Snapchat. Instagram users do not trust such links and rarely tap them. Therefore, it will not bring a lot of people from Instagram. For those who are determined to gain a large audience, we recommend the second method.

You can shorten links in TinyURL or other similar services. Copy the link to your Snapchat profile, go to the TinyURL website, and follow the steps:

  1. Paste the Snapchat link.
  2. Optionally, specify the unique link part. Otherwise, it will be random numbers and letters.
  3. Tap Make TinyURL.
  4. Tap Copy.
Shortening a Snapchat link on an online service websiteCopying a shortened Snapchat link on a service website

Add the link you get to your Instagram bio. You can read how to do it here.

Link in bio tool for Snapchat links on Instagram

There is another way to share your Snapchat link with users, you will need a link in bio page. It is like a simplified About Me website. Instagram allows users to add links to such pages without problems.

Create a link in bio page and add a link to your Snapchat profile there. You can also put links to your profiles in other social networks beside Instagram, or to any other web pages.

In addition to links, you can add text, photos, music, WhatsApp and other messaging app buttons, and also share PDF and other files. They will help you tell more about yourself, motivate Instagram users to go to your Snapchat profile and subscribe, and to keep in touch with your followers.

Such pages are created in Instagram link in bio tools. One of these tools is Taplink. We recommend choosing it because it:

  • has templates and designs. You can create link in bio pages without design skills.
  • has a variety of elements to add on your page. These are both text and media files, which we mentioned above, and business tools, such as price lists and opt-in forms. The tools will help to increase sales, read about it here.
  • is designed to be used from mobile devices. It makes creating web pages from smartphones convenient. Plus, the pages created in Taplink will instantly load on the users’ smartphones when they open them.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see how the pages for Instagram bio created on Taplink can look. Both of them have Snapchat buttons.

Instagram link in bio page with Snapchat and contact buttonsInstagram link in bio page of a travel blogger made on Taplink

If you like the examples, use the templates to create a similar page with Snapchat links for your Instagram bio:

The templates of the Instagram bio pages with Snapchat links are available after a quick sign-up.

How to create a link in bio page for Instagram with a Snapchat button

Get started with signing up. It's quick and easy.

We’ll create a page for Instagram with a Snapchat button as an example, using free and paid tools. You can create a page with links and text for free, or upgrade to a paid plan and use everything we talk about in the example.

After signing up, you will get to the page with templates. You can choose one of them or tap Empty template to create a page from scratch. We will choose an empty template for our example.

Choosing empty link in bio page template on Taplink

Now, let's set a profile photo. The best option is to choose the same one you have on Instagram or Snapchat:

  1. Tap the photo.
  2. Tap Upload image and select an image.
  3. Then, tap Save changes.
Tapping blank profile photo on a Taplink page in the editorUploading  a photo in the profile picture block settingsSaving profile photo changes in the block settings on Taplink

Add a branded Snapchat button

Links on Taplink are added as buttons. The service offers branded buttons for over 60 platforms. They have the colors and logos of the platforms.

Add a branded Snapchat button:

  1. Tap Add block.
  2. Select Social networks.
  3. Select Snapchat.
  4. Enter your username or paste a link to your profile.
  5. If you want to put links to other platforms, tap Add new item and fill in the username field in the same way. We added a TikTok button as an example.
  6. Tap Save changes.
Tapping the button for adding a new block to a link in bio page in the Taplink editorSelecting Social networks on the list of Taplink blocksSelecting Snapchat on the list of social platforms in the branded buttons settings
Writing a Snapchat username and adding a new social platform link in the block settingsSaving changes in the Social networks block settings

Snapchat and TikTok links look like this:

Instagram link in bio page with Snapchat and TikTok buttons in the Taplink editor

Add links to web pages your Instagram followers may like

Maybe, you have your own blog, or provide content to download for your Instagram and Snapchat followers. You can add them or links to any other web pages using the Link block:

  1. Tap Add block.
  2. Select Link.
  3. Write the text that will be displayed on the button.
  4. Paste the link.
  5. Tap Save changes.
Tapping the button for adding a new block on a Taplink pageSelecting Link on the list of Taplink blocksAdding a text and URL in the button settings

If you want to add another button, you need to repeat steps 1–6. We put one more button to give an example.

This is what buttons navigating to web pages look like in editor mode:

Instagram link in bio page with Snapchat, TikTok, and booking links made on Taplink

Now you have several blocks, you can move them on the page. Tap the gray rectangle next to the block and drag it to the right place.

Highlighted three bars near a block for moving an element on a Taplink page

You can use branded buttons to direct users to other websites too. Read how to add Twitter linksYouTube and Spotify links, or Amazon links

Add more elements to your Instagram link in bio page

Tell Instagram users where they will be taken by tapping the buttons. If you sell on social media, you can also design a trade offer. You need to add more blocks for this, for example, a text, FAQ, or a timer. There are 18 of them on Taplink:

The first 12 Taplink blocks on the listThe last 12 Taplink blocks on the list

These elements are added in the same way as Snapchat buttons — select a block and fill in the fields.

On the example page, we added text, Media and text, a timer, delimiters, another button, and another block with social networks. Here's how they look in editor mode:

Instagram link in bio page with booking buttons and a timer made on TaplinkPage with Snapchat, TikTok, and other social links made on Taplink for an Instagram bio

Customize the design of your Instagram bio page

You can change the design of your link in bio page at any time. Look for page design inspiration here. Taplink provides various tools for this, for example Sections for dividing and emphasizing information. Or you can choose a ready option to make all the elements look harmonious together in a couple of clicks.

Apply a design:

  1. Tap the three-line menu.
  2. Select Design.
  3. Choose a type (Simple, Advanced, Animation).
  4. Choose a style. Scroll to the right to see all the options.
  5. Choose a color palette. Scroll to the right to see the palettes.
  6. Tap View under a ready design that you like.
  7. Select Choose.
Opening Taplink profile menu in the editorSelecting the Design tab in the Taplink profile settingsSelecting a design theme category and palette in the Taplink profile settings
Choosing a design theme for an Instagram link in bio page Applying a design theme in the preview mode on Taplink

Below you can compare how the page changed after we applied a design to it. Screenshot on the left — before, on the right — after.

Instagram link in bio page with the theme of the empty templateInstagram link in bio page with a new applied Taplink theme

If you want a custom design, change the look of each individual element on the page. You can even edit the branded buttons. We decided the Snapchat button looks good on our page and didn't change it, but we customized the Social networks block at the very bottom.

The bottom of an Instagram link in bio page with an applied themeThe bottom of an Instagram link in bio page with customized social network links design

Post a page with a Snapchat link and add it to your Instagram bio

You are one step away from having your Instagram followers subscribe to you on Snapchat.

Publish your page:

  1. Tap the arrow.
  2. Complete the website address of your link in bio page. It can be anything, for example, your username on Snapchat or Instagram.
  3. Tap Connect.
  4. Tap Copy link.
Going to the link in bio page publishing menu on TaplinkSetting an URL for an Instagram link in bio page on TaplinkCopying page link on Taplink

You now have a link to a page with a Snapchat button that you can add to your Instagram bio.

Here is a link to our page that we made when writing this article.

Tips on how to get more followers on Snapchat using Instagram

With a link to Snapchat in your Instagram bio, you will definitely gain followers faster. But there are a few more things that can speed up the process. We recommend using them.

Write your Snapchat username to your Instagram bio

In addition to the link to your link in bio page, add your Snapchat username to your Instagram bio. Be sure to explain what this word you wrote is, and how to subscribe to you.

Add the ghost emoji, as a rule, Instagram users understand that it means Snapchat. This saves the limited characters in your Instagram bio. Thus, you can write more about yourself or in a call to action.

If you mention your Snapchat username in your Instagram bio, people will definitely notice that you have an account on this social network. After all, your bio is one of the first things they see when they come to your IG page.

Instagram profile with a Taplink page link in the bio

Put your Snapchat profile link on Instagram Stories

Not all followers visit your Instagram page, where they could see a link to Snapchat in your bio. But most of them definitely view your Stories. Therefore, you should tell about your profile in one of the stories.

Think about how you can interest your Instagram followers so that they go to your Snapchat profile and subscribe. Perhaps you post unique content there or run a giveaway. Tell about it in Stories.

Don't forget to add a link to the story that Instagram users can easily follow to subscribe to you on Snapchat. Use the same page you created on Taplink for your bio. In Stories, like in bio, you cannot put a Snapchat link directly.

Instagram story with a clickable link sticker that leads to a page with Snapchat links

Save the story with a link to your Snapchat in Instagram Highlights so that it will be available to users even after 24 hours. The Highlights should be dedicated to your contacts or social media profiles. Then, users who are interested in following you on the platform will easily find it.

Post your Snapchat QR code on Instagram

The QR code, like the link, directs users to your Snapchat profile. You can post it in your Instagram profile.

Open the Snapchat app and follow the instructions:

  1. Tap your profile photo
  2. Tap the QR code.
  3. Select Share Snapcode.
  4. Choose Instagram.
  5. Select Stories or Feed.
Tapping the profile photo in the Snapchat appTapping the QR code on a Snapchat profile pageChoosing Share Snapcode on the list of QR code options
Choosing Instagram on the list of options for sharing a SnapcodeChoosing Stories on the list of options for sharing a Snapchat QR code on Instagram

QR code in posts and Stories will tell Instagram users that you have an account on Snapchat. But don't expect it to bring a lot of new followers to you on the platform. It’s unlikely because users will have to screenshot the code, and then upload it in the Snapchat search. This is too difficult for the majority, and they won't do it.

More users follow you on Snapchat after seeing your QR code if you give them the link. In posts, you can tell that it is in the bio, or use other ways to add links in the Instagram post grid. In Stories, you can add a Link sticker. Remember that the link must lead to your link in bio page.

Instagram post with a Snapchat QR code as the visual partInstagram story with added Snapchat QR code and a clickable link sticker

The bottom line

There are two ways to add a Snapchat link to your Instagram bio.

  • Change the look of the link with shortening services to get the first followers on Snapchat.
  • Add a Snapchat link to your link in bio page, put the page in your Instagram bio. This will bring more followers.

Make more Instagram users subscribe to you on Snapchat following the tips:

  • Write in your Instagram bio your Snapchat username and a call to follow the link below to subscribe.
  • Mention your profile in Stories and put the link there.
  • Post QR code in posts and Stories.

You can direct users to your profiles with visual content on other social networks too. Read our guide on how to add Pinterest links to your Instagram bio.